Monday, April 17, 2017


Donna, from the wonderful blog "Gather" commented on my last post with the 
Two Square Dogs wearing bunny ears for Easter.
"either you are a dog trainer or the breed is a natural for it"
To answer this I think terriers are very smart and Scotties are the best !

I guess I am a trainer because from day one I train them. I make it fun.
I play with the gud puppies or dogs as soon as we become a family.
I used to get down on the floor (if only today) and play but play time is teaching time also.
the best teaching tool is chkikin'  magic chkikin'.

As you know I have been trying to get Oliver and Media use to thehamish.
Chkikin' is the answer. 
Oliver is always out and about and is interesting in food.
In the morning I head for the fridge to get thehamish's meds and food + chicken. 
Oliver has learned open fridge means chkikin' and he loves chkikin'.
When we walk out from the bedroom in the morning, there is Oliver waiting for us. 
He walks in front "leading" us to the kitchen and plants himself in front of the fridge.
So now he get a tiny piece of chkikin' and thehamish gets a small piece.
thehamish is so gud, he just sits there and waits for his chkikin' while Oliver will be almost 
taking the chkikin' out of thehamish mouth. 

Peace through chkikin' !

Notice thehamish eyes never leave the . . . chkikin'.


Here is your pretty for the start of the week.

Princess whoop-ass don't mess with me Merida

chkikin' . . . parsnip
music. . . Is It Any Wonder,  Keane


  1. Our cat thinks all human and all cat treats are poison, wants nothing to do with them. She does like catnip, otherwise known as Bernice, and we use it to train us to do what she wants. It's an odd relationship.

  2. All I can say for over 50 years CHKIKIN' is the answer for me.

    cats be crazy !

  3. My hat is off to you Gayle. It takes a lot of patience to train your animals. Do you hire out? If I tell Sister, my weenie, to chase the squirreley, she heads the other way.

    1. Dachshunds are stubborn gud dugs. For some reason Tucson has a lots of Dachshunds. I alway see lots of them at the Farmers Market. Even the Lady who pushes hers in a baby stroller.
      Mum had hers so well trained that Heidi would stay in the yard with the gate open.

  4. You could train me with cake!

    Thanks for the adorable card...


    1. You could train me with cake too.

      Glad you liked your card.

  5. You are so right, Parsnip. Teaching while playing works so well. It's training by stealth. LOL
    Peace through chkikin'. You crack me up!

    1. chkikin is gud for everything much like Windex

  6. My gud dugs love the chikkin, too. And they only want the really expensive kind, too! Hahaha. Spoiled rotten, those two.

  7. I'm wondering if that's the first time you've caught Hamish in the same shot as one of the kitties!

    1. Oliver is "near" but now he is chewing the same piece of chkikin with thehamish

  8. Great photos of thehamish and Oliver together! I can totally relate - I play food game with Goro & Niko and it has helped them bond better. Chicken has a great power :-)

  9. Have you got Oliver trained, or has he got you trained?

  10. I like seeing them in the picture together.