Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday in Tucson. . . Watson remembered

Monday was a tough day for me and my son.
It has been a year since Watson died and it really hasn't gotten any 
better for us. 
I see thehamish sighing and sometimes trying to nap on my foot or toy
much like he did with Watson. He grew up with Watson always around
and he misses Watson as much as we do.

Sometimes when it is very quiet in the house I can still hear Watson walking
checking the our home.
Every night till he got very ill at the end of his life, he would get up and 
walk all around the house checking on everyone and then cuddle back to sleep.

As much as I have love all my dogs, Watson was just a perfect old soul.
Here are a few random photos of Watson and some with thehamish.
No matter where Watson would nap thehamish would find him and cuddle in.


 My sweet old love.

 I love this photo of Watson.

 He loved Mia and ever since she was a baby he was very protective of her. He rallied  
last summer when they visited. The last time he will have seen her.
Watson died two months later.

 One of the last photo I took of Watson.

The famous two headed Scotty of Tucson.

Watson put up with so much from thehamish.

love. . . parsnip
music. . . Breathe.  Alexi Muroch


  1. He looks like a lovely doggy. I love the photos of thehamish sleeping on him, so cute.

    It's been 4 years since my Callisto died, and I still have some mornings where I expect to see her sleeping curled up next to me.

  2. Oh, Gayle. I have no words except I'm sorry. Hugs to you and Hamish.

  3. Gayle, I am so sorry you are marking this sad anniversary. Watson and thehamish were best friends - bookends. It is easy to see why you loved Watson so much and miss him to this day. Thank you for honoring his memory with this post.

    I also want to wish you well as that rare tropical storm passes through your region. I hope all is well in Tuscon. God bless!

  4. He is missed by many. He was such a character, and a very good dog.

  5. Difficult to believe it's been a year already...and William is right. We all miss him.

  6. :`(
    our furkids are always with us.
    I like the next to last pix; what a smile!

  7. Such wonderful photos! He was such a sweetie.

  8. Such a good but difficult post to read through. My heart aches for you so much. Strangely, me and hubs were just chatting a short while ago this evening as to the state of thePips quality of life since we lost Buzzy in April. *sigh* Just not sure what to do...adopt a new needy rescue dog in need of a home? Or just let things ride? No good answer. Hugs to you. X

  9. Aw...Love Watson's hat pic. He and Sir Poops are hanging out having chocolate cake somewhere in heaven right now.

  10. He was the perfect soul. Sorry for your missing him. It's not easy. We still miss our older dog. In fact, had a dream about her last night. She was much smaller than the dogs we have now. But had a much bigger attitude. And we loved her to bits.

  11. This made me cry. For you and for the loss of all the beloved pets and their heartbroken humans.
    He was a dear boy ... you had him for a long time ( in dog years) and it was a gift.
    Loss of any loved one, human or animal, is difficult to deal with. I have found the best thing to do is to channel that sad thought to the happy ones, remember him but remember him playing, as a puppy, not as an old boy now gone. Remember as best you can the times that made you laugh.
    I know, I deal with it every day .. it is difficult. It will get better, so they say. <3

  12. All our doggies are special but some are extra special. Watson, clearly, was extra special. I know how it feels to miss a dog so much. Hang in there Parsnip and Hamish.

  13. I am afraid that it is the downside of owning dogs Gayle - their lives are so much shorter than ours and when they go we miss them terribly. I am sure Hamish is a great comfort to you and likewise you to him.

  14. Dear Parsnip, these photographs are sweetness itself. xo

  15. A difficult day for you. So sorry.

  16. It makes me both sad and grateful to see all these photos. Grateful because Watson lived a very happy life with wonderful family who loved and cherished him deeply. Glad he could meet Mia one more time before he made his final journey. Sending hugs and warm thoughts to you. xo

  17. Your post brought a tear to my eyes, it is amazing how much love these precious dogs bring to our lives.I know how much you miss him.It is so hard. I think though that the grief for our little (and big!) Dog companions is a bittersweet price to pay for all that unconditional love that we receive during their time with us. Sending a big virtual hug. Xx

  18. Thank You all for the lovely and heartfelt comments.

    cheers, gayle and thehamish

  19. My Katie has been gone for 4 years and I still miss her. They leave paw prints on your soul and I think we have been blessed to be loved by such a being. I love all these pictures...very cherished memories

  20. Anniversaries are so hard. But you have some lovely photographs to enjoy along with your lovely memories of Watson.

  21. Sweet bitter memories as time passes by. The photos says it all.
    Take care Parsnip.

  22. Lovely to have these photos Parsnip. Harvey has been gone a few years now and it still makes me tearful, so you are not alone in your sadness, nor is there any lack of understanding on just how painful it is when a wonderful pet dies.