Monday, September 19, 2016

Gud dug imperialistic cats and some other stuff

Well here it is another Monday following an non-action packed weekend of
gud dugs, imperialistic cats and some other stuff.

Remember the new window that replaced Watson's smaller window ?
thehamish is using it now.
I heard thehamish gurrrrrrin' very low and see him looking out the window.

When I look out my window, above his, there was a herd of Javelinas walking
through the citrus grove.
Since we have had so much monsoon rain this summer they are fat and happy so just
stopped long enough for a quick drink and kept on moseyin'

Look at the top right and you will see a javelina drinking at one of the ponds.

A bum, two legs and a part of a head.

yesh bord bord bordin' i thehamish is waitin' for dinner
so hard hard hard for a gud dug like i thehamish

little buggie botherin' i thehamish

not tastin' gud
defently' no chkikin'

le sigh

i thehamish is hungry need fud

Son took this great photo of Oliver sitting in the screens, as cats will do.
Yes, he has named kitty boy Oliver Winston. Kitty Girl stays Merida.
Even though Winston was my first pick and then we came up with Oliver,
which is an easier name and sounds happy. 
Plus like Frances said it has three syllables and I also like that sound.


Of course just because I can here is your pretty to start the week.

 One of my entries to John's Flower and Veg Show, that didn't win.
It is the angryparsnip eating the dreaded carrot.
Like everyone who picks carrots instead of the tastier parsnip !
Naughty !


yeahaw. . . parsnip
music. . .  Skin Is, My,  Andrew Bird


  1. Would the Ham chase a javelina? Do people eat them?

  2. Those javelinas really do capture Hamish's attention!

    1. No and yes... The group would made a circle and the young ones and babies inside protected. The big male would charge to within a few feet and hackles up he would show all this very sharp teeth. The minor males would help if needed.
      The gud dug are on this side of the fence barking.
      If really threaten the herd will scatter (no babies) and run right at you, (about 35 mph)they really don't see that well. As they run they leave their scent so they can find each other again and regroup.
      They don't like yapping dog who charge them. Their bites cause so much damage.
      But I love them so much, plus they were here first and I leave them alone. I leave as much of my land wild for them. They are my people and my tribe as I was born in the year of the boar.

    2. sorry William I answered Donna on your comment.

  3. Greetings to the Hamish, I must admit that I have been eating lots of his chikken.

    1. I love the Japanese Chicken so fresh. No fish yet ? even tempura veggies.
      thehamish is very gud and always shares just like Watson taught him.

  4. Greetings to the Hamish, I must admit that I have been eating lots of his chikken.

    1. I am dreaming of fresh ramen in a pork or miso based soup.
      Oh my goodness all the great food I envy your trip.
      You can see where my mind is FOOD !

  5. it's SO HARD for the gud dug (and cats) to wait for fud.

  6. Parsnip, the silhouettes that you have photographed and shown us here are dramatic and show thehamish's profile well.

    Of course, seeing the daylight scenes are also a pleasure. Perhaps, like hereabouts, you all might be having a bit of relief from recent heat?

    Your flower show entry made me smile. Before encountering your posts, whenever I saw the word parsnip, I thought about making some soup. True. xo

    1. That was some hard photos to take but you were able to see the javelinas like the gud dud.
      We were and sorta cooling off. But yesterday was back up to 101. Today is humid at 92 with another storm coming in from Baja. Hurrican Cain.
      My friend always mashed up parsnips with her mashed potatoes. So good. I like them with carrots roasted and I make chips too.

    2. Thank you for more parsnip inspiration. 101 is just too hot, but 92 with humidity is just as uncomfortable for me. Stay cool in side with the sweet trio. xo

  7. I love the pics of Hamish in the window contemplating chikkin and Javelinas.

  8. Javelina bum is so cute :-) thehamish looks so fascinated by them!
    That's really a great photo of Oliver. His tail is gorgeous! Wonder what kitties think about javelinas :-)

    1. Javelinas babies are so cute you just want to pick them up but they also have teeth !

  9. Finally, I can see the angry parsnip--very clever!

    I would leave the javelinas alone, too. I'll bet they're fun to watch--but then, so is the Hamish!

    That really is a good photo of Oliver.

    1. I thought it really cute !
      Adam took that photo and I really like it !

  10. I love the angry parsnip and the carrot! :) And Oliver is a nice name for a cat.

  11. Great blog again and love those photos of Hamish watching that Javelina having a good time in your garden. Cats love to hide behind curtains and sit there to watch what is going on outside. Hope they will not damage your window screens.

    1. Thank You...We will replace the screens soon but the kitties have been very good about sitting there.

  12. Fabulous! Love thehamish as always and the carrot-eating parsnip! X

  13. Sorry you didn't win. Great photo though.