Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday with dogs and cats !

Episode 1
Star Date 2016
Day 5
Hour 12.6
Minutes 7.5
Seconds 16.2
Year forever
Happy Happy Joy Joy living with dogs and cats it is a sort of purrgatory.

As I said Friday thehamish knows that there is something in Adam's room.
So today the door was open and the gate was put up.
thehamish is ecstatic ! Sniffed and  laid down at the gate. 
The cats would have nothing to do with him. 
Merida was under the bed and Winston was just around the desk, peaking around the chair.
Winston did come out and moved into thehamishe's line of sight but no closer.
Treats were put down near the gate but this is going to take a long time.
The cats can come out and explore a bit but when they see thehamish and me walking towards
them, zoom and the most elegant jump back over the gate.
thehamish stays with me in the studio most of the day.
He usually spends most of the day with me but now it is somewhat sad.
 i thehamish wants to come in

 Merida is behind the Japanese Shoji screens at Adam's window.

 She is squished in, can you see her left eye looking back ?

 Winston is watching her. 
Hey I am suppose to be there not you !
Meow !
So as you can tell the cats names are:

Winston (Churchill) or Oliver (Cromwell).

I came up with Winston and son liked the name but son out of the blue
started calling him Oliver today.
We couldn't figure out why that named popped into his head.
Then he remembered I was streaming "Monarchy" a few days ago.
Adam walked in when the chapter on Oliver Cromwell was playing.
We had a great conversation about him.
So that is the question, a Prime Minister/Statesman  or a Puritan Parliamentarian.
Which name do you like ?

Merida is from the movie "Brave" we both like this name.

As always just because I can here is your pretty to start the week.

hey i thehamish liken' kitties
why the kittie not liken' i thehamish
i thehamish is gud dug who loves' chkikin'
kitties can have chkikin'

awwwwww poor gud dug thehamish I love you.

help. . . parsnip
music. . . Chicken Fried,  Zac Brown Band


  1. Don't worry Hamish, those cats will come round in a week or two and then you will have two lovely playmates and furry things to cuddle up to.

  2. Ah, thehamish, I knows you a gud dog and will be friend to kitties. Kitties are pretty. I like either name. An English bulldog used to live across the street from us. I couldn't understand not naming him after Churchill. He looked exactly like the man.


  3. Replies
    1. We love Cromwell but I think Winston is winning so far.

  4. It'll take them a wee bit of time to get used to the Hamish!

    Winston for me.

    1. Yes, he is leaving the gate up for as long as it takes.

  5. Ah...same process I used many years ago while introducing our rescue kitty, "Bill Underfoot" to Buzzy. It took a few weeks of peeking around the gate, but in the end, they were good friends. Now both sadly missed but leaving behind good memories of dog and kitty shenanigans to remember. Love the names. X

    1. I am sure all will work out, I just want it to be NOW !

  6. Priceless last photo..made me tearful x

    1. I look at that face and just melt. He is such a gud dug !

  7. ithehamish is so damn cute! as for winston or oliver, I like both.

    1. He is so photogenic. Not bad for 12 years old.

  8. Cute names for the kitties!

    Poor Hamish. Maybe once they get to know how sweet he is, they'll change toward him.

    Gayle, have you seen the trailer for Godzilla Resurgence?

    1. Awwwww it is ok all will be resolved at sometime.
      Yes I saw the trailer.... and saw all the actors I know.
      Pretty great poster.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Gotta love Godzilla! I was disappointed that, when Japan made their presentation at the end of the Summer Olympics, Godzilla wasn't included. Anime, video games...but no Godzilla???

    4. I know gotta' love the big guy !

  9. Oliver is a cool name. This is not due to a famous Brit but because when I was a kid, I had a snake named Oliver.

    1. I too love Oliver but just because it is such a cool name.
      Nice that you have great memories of your snake.

  10. Kitties sound cautious, but no hissing or growling? I think that's good!
    Merida is a beautiful name. I love both Winston and Oliver. Maybe one for first name and the other for middle name :-)

    1. The girl kitty hisses at the boy now. We think it could be stress from being caged so long that now she wants space ?
      I sorta know dogs but not cats so much.

  11. I would choose Oliver, for perhaps the odd reason that there are three syllables, like Merida and thehamish. More poetry!

    It will be fun to watch the transition as these three become comrades. xo

    1. I also like three syllable names and Oliver is very sweet name.

  12. Oh, I am a Winston but my grand boy is Oliver (ollie), so it's a draw.

  13. How exciting, new members of the family. Our cats and dog live happily together.

    1. When we had cats they just walked in from the street and our dogs loved them.
      So this is very different.

  14. Great blog parsnip. That poor Thamish "behind bars" make we wonder how he feels about the new members of the family. I do hope he and the cats will get along well soon.

  15. he has the run of the house except Adan's room
    so he is ok

  16. New kitty friends for theHamish! It will be so interesting to see how they get along together. I've only had cats but I would love to have a dog too someday. That last picture of Hamish is so cute!

  17. That poor pup. I hope it gets easier for him.