Friday, September 9, 2016

Square Dog Friday. . . a suprising day

Today is the best day of the week, Square Dog Friday,
and thehamish has some interesting news.
So let's wurf !

i thehamish is gud dug
i thehamish gots' new squeaky'
i thehamish workin' hard at being gud dug
but something is strange at my home that ithehamish 
not knowin' but i thehamish is sniffin'
and then i thehamish gots' new squeaky
whot is happening not understandin'

i thehamish is suspicious

nice tall person who feeds us is tellin' me it is a surprise
i thehamish has to wait  i thehamish not liken' waitin'
that is forever i gots a new toy but wonderin' what 
is nice tall person who get chkikin' has in his room

Yes, there is a surprise for thehamish living in Son's room.
but not the kind of surprise I was looking for.
 A sister and brother !

Son volunteers at the Humane Society and works with cats, getting them ready to be adopted.
Except for Scotty's Son loves cats. Over the years we have adopted abandon cats 
that we took in from the streets.
Son has fallen in love with several kitties that he worked with but they always 
were adopted fast. 
I wanted some big and I mean big huge old old old couch potato cat.
The cat I wanted was Captain Cookie Jar. He was adopted before we could get 
on the list. He was bigger than thehamish.
Then Son keep noticing the older bonded pair of 11 year old black cats. They have been
at the shelter for a very long time. 
Older bonded cats and black cat have a hard time being adopted. Why ?
So we now have a brother and sister for thehamish. 

 They have lived for a long time in a double but small crate.  So they lived their first day 
at our home in his (big) closet and bathroom.
When the door open kitty boy just zoomed under the dresser. I love his sweet little head peaking 
out and his foot and tail exposed.

 Later they were allowed out to the bedroom and immediately took possession of the bed.
Again I love his foot and tail hanging out !

 This is kitty boy again. 
His sister looks just like him except for 3 white hairs on her bum by her tail.
When Son let them out kitty girl just walked every where while kitty boy 
just found a high shelf in the closet and stayed there for most of the day.
Now he has taken over the exploring the bedroom while she is resting most of the day. 
I hope she is OK. Their first visit to our vet is next Friday.

Son has not named them yet and I think that all animals need their name.
It makes them feel like family. It feels like love.
Since these cats are his first of many adoptions he is naming them.
I wanted Boris and Natasha !
Moose and Squirrel live at our vets so I couldn't pick them.
I also like Winston and Gwendolyn or Gwenny for short.
Son is looking at Celtic names. I think they need their names soon so they can 
settle down and be happy.

Saturday or Sunday we will introduce them all, oh dear !
Installment two coming on Monday.


As always, just because I can here is your pretty to start the weekend.
When friend Debbie came she took this fabulous photo of the 
Tucson sky and clouds on my outside table.


Again, Thank You all for your lovely and heartfelt 
comments on my Wednesday post.
Sorry I just could not comment back.

heart. . . parsnip
music. . . Stoplight Kisses,  The Cactus Blossoms


  1. Well, well, well... what a pair of darlings! I'm looking forward to what Hamish thinks of them!

    1. hahahahahahahaha me too.
      after the first sniff and hiss I think all will be fine
      thehamish has been very sweet to all the dogs in our meet and greet even if they were not so nice.Watson had a cat Jabba (abandoned street cat) they were very sweet together.

  2. Oh my...OH MY! Right now am having a verklempt moment! So happy! They are beautiful and so deserving of a good home at last! All that space for them...the newly expanded window to the world and...LIZZERDS! Double hugs. X

    1. They will live in the house so no lizzzzzerds for them. We are cat proofing the side yard garden so they can go outside for some fresh air.

  3. This is exciting!!! Has Hamish ever met cats before? Have the cats ever met a Hamish before?
    Looking forward to the first meeting.
    We're mostly packed and just fiddling around waiting to go.

    1. thehamish has not net a cat before so we are taking it slowly.

  4. Hi, Gayle!

    I smelled a rat, (cat?), so to speak, as soon as I read that thehamish was sniffing and sensing something unusual going on at your house. How wonderful that he now has two black animal companions! God bless you for opening your heart and giving those old kitties a forever home. They're beautiful and I'm so glad they are settling down and making themselves comfortable - so much better than being crated all the time! I can't wait to learn their names and find out how they and thehamish are getting along. It should be a very interesting weekend around your house, Gayle! :)

    1. thehamish knows that something is in Adam's room.
      Just wait till he finds out what it is !

  5. Replies
    1. Well thank You but I personally like animals better than people.

  6. Oh my gosh. So pretty. Glad they have a happy home. The names will come. Sometimes the pets have to show themselves and then pop, their name comes right to us.

    Excited to see more installments.

  7. They're so cute! And Boris and Natasha would be good names....

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Oh no, my friend is becoming a cat person!

    1. Oh No .... We have had bunnies, snakes, birds, lizards, fish cats and dogs. Plus they are my sons cats.

    2. Okay then. That's good. Snakes? Yikes.

  10. Wonderful news! I hope the three if them become the very best of friends! I'm so happy for you all. ♡♡♡

  11. Fantastic! They remind me so much of my old black cat ebony xx

  12. I do hope thpose lovely cats settle in well and that Hamish learns to love his two companions. They sound to be getting on alright so good luck.

  13. What lovely cats! Time to celebrate. Pass out the chicken!

  14. Your kitty boy has just the same expression as my sweet boy-cat except he's black! I hope they'll be great company for Hamish once he gets used to them.

    It's great Son chose an older couple, too. Kittens are so cute they usually get adopted right off but older cats, not so much. The sweetest cat I ever had was an older cat when we got her. She was the one that turned my cat-hating guy into a cat lover!

    1. awwww I hope that it is OK that you saw the same expression. He is very sweet.
      Son and I really do not like kittens. I never have. they are skinny, have thin legs and claw for paws. No No No. give me an older cat any time !

  15. Now that is a surprise. The cats are quite beautiful, and I love Boris and Natasha as names, too. You took me to a great bunch of memories.

    Wishing you and thehamish and your son and the kitties a fine weekend. xo

    1. We have always had lots of strange and wonderful animals in our lives.
      I think he has picked the names will tell on Monday.

  16. Replies
    1. They are really very pretty and super nice. Plus they like me. They know, cat radar, that I am allergic ! So when I walk into the room it is kitty time !

  17. Congratulations on your new family members! I'm so happy for all of you :-) Kitty boy looks very relaxed on the bed. I hope kitty girl is feeling comfortable in her new home, too. And I really home they will get along well with thehamish. Looking forward to more posts about them :-)

    1. I always have treated my cats like dogs, so far it has worked out just fine. But if I need some help I will ask you.

  18. So pretty! One of our cats is jet black. She's not the smartest cat we've ever had... but awfully sweet.

    1. They kitties are super beautiful and so far very nice.

  19. Love those two cats. Great job to give them a good home. I do hope thamish will accept them and visa versa.