Friday, May 29, 2015

Square Dog Friday and Cephalpod Coffeehouse.

Oh My Lord !
Thank goodness it is Square Dog Friday. I need the happy.
Playing catch-up with my life, The Square One's, friends
and everyone's blog and my artwork.
Overwhelmed at the moment.
But it is Square Dog Friday and you know the drill,
so lets woof it !
Woof !
The Square Ones at work in the vegetable garden.

 i thehamish is checkin' out the growin stuff.
remerberin my growin fud
 im' seenin carrots but where the chkikin strips
were were were
 murfffurghggger  carrot OK where is chkikin' growin' needin' chkikin
 chkikin' chkikin chkikin is gud
carrots gud but chkikin' better 
 hungry thinkin bout chkikin'
oh woe is me where is chkikin'
woe is me

 awwwwwwww Watson my sweet baboo,  he is the best gud dug ever.
Everyday is a joy to be around him. 

 I just love this gud dug !
 He is sitting by the Japanese icebox watermelon plant that is going berserk.
 Oh sweet Watson.
 ummmmmmm what bout mememememmemememe me memember me 
i thehamish me me me
 Where is my chkikin' strips growin'
 no watermemloon chkikin'
 i thehamish is wantin' chkikin
chkikinchkikinchkikin why not growin'


The Cephalopod Coffeehouse.
 Hosted by The Armchair Squid.
Last Friday of every month The Cephalopod Coffeehouse meets 
and post about the best book we have read this month.
My books this month are Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies.
By Hilary Mantel
I am a crazy history person. 
Vikings, the Roman Empire across Europe
 to the Kings and Queens of England.
I have read too many books on the life of Henry The VIII and his sad Queens.
From the Plantagenet's, Richard the III to Tutor Henry and Ann Boleyn.

Both these book chronicles one mans deluded desire
to crash and burn everyone and everything in his quest to have a legal son.

The books are written from the perspective of Thomas Cromwell.
A blacksmiths son who became a mercenary for the French,
studies Law, spoke many languages, minster to Wolsey
then makes his way through the backstabbing court to become
one of the most powerful men in Henry's Court.

He is the main character, with all the typical character of Henry's court
as planets revolving around Cromwell.
What the books show that Henry was the Golden Prince along with
Cardinal Wolsey until this  golden world falls apart in the quest for a son.
The main focus of the books, the events leading up to Henry's marriage to Ann
and then the downfall of Ann and the Boleyn family.

Henry wanted what he wanted and he wanted it right now and Cromwell
works to give it to him.
Surviving all the back room dealings, political intrigue,
philosophical and religious debates.
But his higher goal and his influences is what led to the
creation of the Church of England.

Living today I think we do not understand what a huge undertaking this was.
The Pope ruled everyone and everything and to question his power
was to be excommunicated and sent to hell.
I enjoyed both books but I didn't love them enough to go back and reread them.
There are several gems that will stay with me, especially in her handling of Ann.
We all know the victors get to write or rewrite history.
As usual women are used and abused as pawns to be moved across a chess board.
Families fortunes rose and fell with the birth of a baby.
If you watched the PBS miniseries of Wolf Hall it followed the books nicely.
But the star was actor Mark Rylance playing Cromwell. 
Quiet, eyes watching everything a look here,  you could just see his mind working.
He was perfect as Thomas Cromwell and really became the Cromwell of the book.
Congratulations to Vanya Shivashankar and Gokul Venkatachalam for
co-winners of The Scripps National Spelling Bee.
They had to be named co-winners because they ran out of words.
I mean just how cool is that !
I couldn't say any of the words let alone spell them. What a hoot.

And just because I can here is your pretty to start the weekend.
thehamish trying to catch pool water.

Tucson had the most wonderful May, temperatures at lest 10 degrees below normal
but it all stops now.
We are back to high 90's and will hit 100+  this weekend !
Pool time !

queen . . parsnip
music. . . Wrapped Around Your Finger,  The Police



  1. Love all the photos but there was one that made me laugh.

    Great stuff.

  2. Great doggle pictures! This reminds me that I need to put more things on my porch in pots.

    I like to read about the exact same things! I'm totally obsessed with history and more so with Tudor history. I'm related to the Plantagenet line and that's pretty interesting to follow, too. But not as much as those crazy Tudors.

    1. I love history. I related on my Mum side to the Polish Line. But nothing bets the crazy Tudors !

  3. Seems to me those Square ones have only one thing on their mind -chicken strips!!
    I had both Wolf Hall and Bring up the bodies as birthday presents when they came out - I love them both and have read them several times.
    I have just been to Lincoln Castle to see their copy of the Magna Carta - it was just so moving. Wish you were over here to see it - the original, written in sheep's gall 'ink; and still so visible.

    1. When I read your blog on the Magna Carta I wanted to be there.
      I have been so lucky to visit many historical places in England and Scotland. It is so wonderful for me.
      Truly enjoyed both books but not so sure I would reread them. Especially with my brain problems right now.
      Who knows I just might read them again later. But I need a cheat sheer to follow who is who.
      The Author keep jumping back from the given names to the political names.

  4. Hilary Mantel clearly enjoyed a great month at your house!

    Happy weekend to you and the boys.

    1. Well it overlapped months.
      Still getting a hang of reading and concentrating again.

    2. I think it's wonderful that you're reading again - well worth celebrating. So glad you joined us this month.

  5. Hello Parsnip, great captures of your little helpers in the garden. Just lovely.

    Wolf Hall, we just finnished watching the TV series on the English television BBC. Enjoyed it tremendesly.
    Here a link:

    1. I love my helpers. But as it will be over 100 now and since they are Little Black Square Dogs they get very hot.
      I should make them little sunhats.

  6. I DVRed Wolf Hall and will watch it if I ever have time. Reading the book would be fun, no doubt. Please tell thehamish I'm having chicken noodle soup for dinner. I'll share with him.


    1. Both will love the chicken but Watson loves carbs and he would especially like the noodles.

  7. Yes, pool time here as well. Nice book reviews but I don't like historical fiction. I do have a recommendation though for a book about Hawaii. LOL (Why did the chikin strip cross the road?--Because theHamish looked so cute and adorable it couldn't resist crossing.)

    1. Pool time oh yes !
      You know your are now thehamish's favorite comic !
      Stay cool !

  8. I'm not familiar with the book or miniseries but sounds interesting. I'm so behind reading books of any kind!
    It's great to see square dogs. I hope they are doing well. And I hope lot of chkikin strips will grow in a pot :-) Well, they may not actually see a chkikin strip coming out of soil, but I'm sure they'll have it on their food dishes :-)

    Happy Square Dog Friday and have a fun weekend!

    1. hahahahaha I am sure thehamish might just find a chkikin' strip growing one day.

  9. My dog loves carrots. She's so cute when she lays down with one between her paws and gnaws it till it's gone.

    I think I am not interested in more stuff about good old Henry.

    1. What was interesting about these two books was everything that when on besides Henry just chopping off heads,
      The book is about Cromwell.
      The whole breaking with the Pope and starting the Church of England it was pretty interesting.

  10. Hamish with his tongue out looks so cute! I hope he gets lots of chicken strips to grow!

    I read Wolf Hall but haven't read the other yet. I saw the miniseries, too, and enjoyed it. It occurred to me as I watched it that Henry wanted desperately to hold his kingdom together and felt that a man was necessary to do it, that a woman wouldn't be able to deal with all the factions. Of course, Elizabeth proved him wrong, but I wonder if that wasn't his kingdom wasn't his driving motive behind wanting a son.

    1. Oh your so right. He wanted to hold the Tutor claim to the kingdom.
      There were several other families who had very strong claims, so a son was important.
      He wasted his best "fathering" years between Katherine and Ann.
      It was a job and he messed up big time.

  11. Love the pool water action shot!

  12. I love that dog! He is so cute! I may have to add Wolf Hall to my summer reading list. I would like watch the BBC series, but I may try to read the book first. I'm an Anglophile of the first order!

    1. A very interesting time. Those Tutors.... they be crazy ! ! !
      Yes thehamish is cute and a hoot. He is 12 and Watson will be 17 soon.
      Scotties rule.

  13. Super pictures, as always. With such adorable subject matter, you can hardly go wrong, but the way you even captured the water splash in that last pic, you must have a really nice camera, too.

    Good reviews! I'm glad you're able to read again. It'd drive me nuts (um, okay... nuttier) if I couldn't read.

    Happy weekend! Enjoy your pool. It's pretty warm and sunny here today, so I should probably get outside and do some car-washing... in a "little while"... maybe... :)

    1. Your so funny.... "in a little while....maybe"
      I could read and comprehend at short amount of time because I get so tired.
      I use to read three books at a time, talk about a game changer !
      I have a really small Japanese Casio, Exilim. Small, light, simple and a updated point and click.
      It is hard for me to hold up items. So this one is good for me.
      As for the pool captures. I take short films and pull out the best photos,
      If I had a better computer photo program I think I could do more with my photos.

  14. For another perspective, watch a MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, based on the play by Robert Bolt.

    As far as I can tell, none of those folks, be they on Henry VIII's side or the Pope's, believed in what we moderns call "pluralism."

    1. I love a Man For All Seasons.
      He does not come off as wonderful in these books.

      How is your writing coming ?
      Is spring finally appearing were you live ?
      Hope your well.

  15. I'm still writing, parsnip. If I squint I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    I think it's a lightening bug.

    1. hahahaha I love lighting bugs !
      Glad to know your alive !

  16. I can't believe I missed Square Dog Friday! Still, seeing these two is always good for a lot of smiles....

    1. You didn't miss it. Your here today.
      I miss quite a bit and still trying to catch up.

  17. We've got tomatoes, zuchinni, peppers, and Swiss card and herbs and marigolds growing. Yum,yum.

    1. I am so envious.
      I have some tomatoes, herbs, and the leafy green parts of my carrots, parsnips and radishes.
      But I have a very tiny garden in some pots that all.

  18. Just arrived from Sue in Suffolks blog. I bloody well LOVED this post!! What adorable pooches! I'm crossing my fingers thehamish finds chicken growing soooon!

    1. Hahahhaahha I love your comment.
      Anyone who uses"bloody well" in a comment is OK by me.
      And he will find some chicken....

  19. I just crashed in too, with a bump, from Chickpea's blog. Love those square dogs - and aren't they looking good for their ages? My boy is 12 and a half now and slowing down quite a lot, but after the vet prescribed a wonder drug for his painful joints, he's once again enjoying his walks (moderated by moi so that he doesn't over-do it.)
    You expressed a desire to see fields of bluebells - and I have them on my blog, as well as other beautiful flora, garnered from a recent walk around Rame Head in Cornwall, not far from where I live.
    I have added you to my blog collection and I 'see' you regularly on John Gray's 'Going Gently'. ;) xx

    1. I will have to jump over and see you. I love reading blogs fron some of my favorite visited plaves in the world.
      I don't always comment but I do read.
      What wonder drug ?
      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. The wonder drug is Metacam - it's made such a difference to him that I want some for myself to cure my painful knees!! I don't think the vet will treat me, though.

  20. what a perfect sight of your loverlies on this grey savannah day! thanks, sweetpea. my basil plants seem to be doing well, but we shall see. xoxoxox

    1. The garden does not get enough sun but if I planted in a sunny area the critters would devourer everything
      I don't get a lot of anything but it is fun and good for me to get out and work a bit.

  21. I loved Wolf Hall and I have Bring up the Bodies. History can be so fascinating and Henry was quite interesting guy. I don't think I'd want to be his friend, though.

    1. I know !
      I think I would be like ...oppps I think I have leprosy I need to stay here away from London.

  22. Your doggy is a total cutie! Looks like a real character :)

    I have visited Tucson before - back in 2007. I went there especially for a Smashing Pumpkins concert!

    I haven't read much historical fiction, but I know from my undergrad studies at uni that it's fascinating stuff!

    One of my fave miniseries was the Pillars of the Earth - but I haven't read the books.

    1. I loved Pillars of the Earth. Great book but I only saw the first 2 parts of the series.
      I need to netflix that.

    2. So prepare yourself for another hefty book with the follow-on "World Without End", another brilliant read. So completely different to his previous best-sellers that his publishers tried to dissuade him from publishing them and didn't even publicise them at all. No displays in well-known bookshops - nothing. And still they sold, just by word of mouth and recommendations.

    3. OK Thanks a lot.... just learning to read and concentrate again and I realize that I haven't read this one !
      I knew about it but just forgot about it.
      Amazon here I come.

  23. Isn't Mark Rylance fascinating? BTW Gayle - I can't be sure but I rather fancy Hamish would quite like some chicken strips:)

    1. I thought he was fabulous in the series.
      And yes I think you may be right about the chicken strips.
      And yes thehamish will find some growing later with the carrots !

  24. So are these historical or historical fiction?
    I tend to get crabby re: abuse of power, so I'm thinking these aren't for me, per se.
    Still, they sound fascinating.

    1. I think they are historical fiction.
      But, I think she researched diligently.
      Something I think she got wrong ? but I live in America so what do I know ?
      I like the fact it is about Cromwell point of view. dealing with Henry and Ann.
      I am just starting to read again and retain so I would read in 15 or 20 minutes at a time through out the day.