Friday, May 8, 2015

Square Dog Friday and a Squid Movie Review.

Best day of the week is here.
Square Dog Friday. Lets woof it !
A Mock Squid Soup Movie review !
 yesh i thehamish is artist
i theamish is doin' performist art
i do art with fud.
the life of artist is hard so hard so hard hard
life filled with struggles,  hardship, woe oh woewoe and woe
 this is latest art piece
i am callin' it
escape # 5
quail escapin' from coyote 
run run run run fast wee little ones
 and then when you done with art and suffering after all your woe
herecomein' the critic
oh woe oh woe is me

I love my Dr. Watson !


Now for The Mock Squid Soup Movie review.
click the link and see his outstanding review today.
Plus the other reviewers.
 My movie choice for the month of May was
Acclaimed director artist,  Hayao Miyazaki,
Princess Mononoke.

What I like about animation is the it opens new worlds.
Movies are the physical world but Animation shows a spirit a feeling
wonderful sights that we are not able to see in our world.
Animation frees the mind and opens the eyes to possibilities.

Hayao Miyazaki is a great artist and story teller.
His animated movie Princess Mononoke is a great movie.
It is on my top 10 best movies ever.
If you have this weird feeling that all animation are cartoons or bad teen game-boys.
Do not let that idea keep you from seeing this breathtaking movie.

This is a story of man vs nature, a very timely problem today,
with our weather changes, droughts, earthquakes and over population.
This movie which came out in 1997 and is set in  medieval Japan at the beginning of the
Iron Age when some people were still living in harmony with nature
while others where trying to modernize it.

This is not an easy story of good vs evil, black or white, but of nature, forest animals
gods and humans try to understand the new order of the world.

 As with all Hayao Miyazaki movies the main character is a strong female.
Mother earth symbols.
The male characters are almost secondary.

 On one side we have San a young girl raised by Wolf Gods, who defends the forest,
natures beauty, living with the gods and spirits.
On the other side is Lady Eboshi who wants to control the forest and support her people.
To go beyond the old gods and embrace the new world.

The art of Princess Mononoke is beyond beautiful. A masterpiece.
The extraordinary sights, breathtaking beauty and horrid destruction.

There is no happy Walt Disney ending but a small sliver of hope.

When this movie came out in Japan it broke all record.
As Squid commented in my three clues last Friday it was mania when released.
When I first saw this movie it was dubbed, I like to see movie as the director
envisions the mood and characters voices.
I had to watch this movie several times so I could really feel what
Hayao Miyazaki wanted to tell.
Take a chance and see what wonderful animation is like.
This is not Disney's "Frozen"  it is amazing.


And just because I can
here is your pretty to start the weekend.

Dr. Watson is wishing everyone a lovely weekend.

animation. . . parsnip
music. . . OST Princess Mononoke


  1. Oh, the eyes of both Square Dogs are huge today!

    1. There is something about dogs eyes. They look at you with love.

  2. Sounds like a movie worth watching. And I am learning to tell the Squares a part. Thanks for the description.

    1. The movie is wonderful but not for little ones.

  3. Despite our family devotion to Miyazaki, we've only watched Princess Mononoke once. I get it confused in my head with Nausicaa which I know better. I look forward to watching it again sometime.

    And of course I agree with everything you say about the power of animation and Miyazaki's unparalleled mastery of the medium.

    1. He is a treasure.
      I adore Nausicaa.
      One year at comic con daughter and I made her the outfit that Princess Nausicaa wears
      She looked fabulous.

    2. His work has been a wonderful discovery for us as a family.

  4. I love that last photo! It's perfect.

    1. Is that the best photo ever.

    2. Do you ever use them as screen savers? Or computer wallpaper?

  5. Great blog of the square dogs. Great work of art LOL.
    Have a nice weekend Parsnip.

    1. Yes, thehamish thinks he is making art.
      Your photos on your blog today were wonderful.

  6. Thanks Dr. Watson. Same to you!

  7. Now that I've seen Hamish and Watson, my weekend is complete! Love these guys!

  8. So relieved to see BOTH dogs Parsnip. I know I've been absent but your canines are always at the back of my mind. Much love to all of you. x

    1. thehamish is now eating again but I have to calculate his fat intake.
      We will be getting a dry food to add to the canned food he is only eating now.
      It is a diabitic food good for his bladder too but a shade high on fats. We now have monthly blood tests to check
      his diabetes, bladder and pancreas.
      I also chop plain chicken, grate carrots and chop green beans to add to their dinners.

  9. Now your doggies are so cute but my doggie would have eaten those little tidbits in 2.3 seconds:) I have heard of this film and I know Japan takes their animation very seriously and they do not make Disney version s but true works of art. It sounds like it would be sad since we know that mankind has taken over and nature seems to be second place. We do underestimate Nature though....always

    1. Well they didn't care too much for that food. Watson liked it better but thehamish had to eat it.
      now that they both have less fats in their diet they are hungry.

  10. I love the performace art followed by the critque. These little guys are just so cute. As for your movie choice, I am completely intrigued. I try to expose myself to as many different artist expressions as I can and always see to find that I'm delighted in some way. This movie is diffinitely one I'll have to add to my TBWl list.

    1. Art is his life !
      hahahahahahahahahahahahaaha can't believe I wrote that.
      The movie is wonderful. Try Totoro od Kikie's Delivery Service.

  11. Oh thehamish, you are such a great artist! I love your "escape" art very much :-)
    That's a great review of the movie. It reminded me of one of Miyazaki's movie "Nausicaa." I watched it when I was a kid and I think it was about nature and human as well. I guess that's one of the messages he always wants to send in his movies.

    1. I loved Nauicaa.
      I could watch the beginning every morning. It is so beautiful.

  12. What lovely art Hamish does! He should ignore the critics!

    Nice review, too, BTW!

    1. hahahahaha... so nice of you to say.

  13. Aw...happy weekend to the Hamish and Dr. Watson.

    1. awww you too.
      I hope you get some time to rest and put your feet up.

  14. OMG, that last photo has me trying to squeeze a chicken strip through the computer monitor!! LOVE!!

  15. I like your dog... tell him we have extra chicken nuggets!

  16. Give the boy the nuggets! How could you deny that little face??

    This movie is a real keeper. I need to fire it up for my son; I just realized he has never seen it.

  17. This was on my "To Watch" list forever! Our local video store had it but I never got to see it before the store closed....I'll have to hunt it down...