Friday, June 7, 2013

Square Dog Friday... Dr. Watson

Friday already ?
Well lets woof it !

Many years ago in a land far far away their lived a
Small Perfect Princess Little Black Square Dog named Kirby.
And even though she was named after a vacuum cleaner, as was the tradition of her kingdom, she was beautiful, very sweet and ruled her kingdom in the land of Laguna Beach.
As she got older her servants brought in Dr. Watson to help with the everyday running of her kingdom.
Dr. Watson is noble, kind, understanding and very wise.

Noble  Dr. Watson.
Watson is a very sweet old gud dug. Besides being very smart he is very handsome
but for some reason he doesn't like having his picture taken.
So I have to sneak some photos of him in the morning.

He has a little pink dot in the exact middle of his very stylish black bottom lip.

ummm nerfttt snort yawn...

............. sleeping here

ummmmmm what is that in your hand ?
Not another nose shot again !


rrrrrrrrreally I'm trying to sleep here !

oh woe is me
Yesh !
 old gud dug watson is gud dug but
whats' about me?mememememe gudest dug thehamish
i likes gettin' picture of me.......

yert !


Here is your pretty to start the weekend

Now that we are hitting triple digets every day,

we are watching for the correct dew point  before the summer monsoon can start.

Let summer begin !

guddugs. . . parsnip
music. . . Laputa : Castle In The Sky,  Joe Hisaishi
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  1. Doctor Watson is a gud dog indeed! And very noble.

    Wonderful sky shots!

  2. Watson is so handsome, too bad he doesn't like to get his picture taken like the Hamish does. Lovely dog and cloud images. Some rain sure would be nice!

    1. He always puts his head down so I have to sneak photos of him.

  3. yert! let him sleep honey! roche' doesn't like it when i do that either! lol

    smiles, bee

    1. Because he is almost deaf when he sleep he sleeps ! So I have to wake him gently so he doesn't startle

  4. Hisaishi is *perfect* for those images of cloud and sky! Also, I dig the tartan plaid throw. Love to the square dogs.

    1. Yes we have many different plaids in our home but the red ones are the best !

  5. What amazing sunset photos, the last one looks like aliens landing or something! :) Have a good weekend, Parsnip, and the dogs too.

    1. Or the aliens are just vacuuming us up into the mother ship.

  6. Love the sky shots...but nothing beats a lot of Square Dog pics!

    Happy Square Dog Friday!

  7. I could really really hug that dog Parsnip.

    1. He would love that. He is very social and loves meeting people.

  8. Oh I just love those nose shots. What a handsome boy is Watson. That very last cloud shot kind of looks like there's rain in it. Hope it comes soon to cool you off.

    1. The last photo is of a rain storm or aliens

  9. Was the last photo the Hamish?
    They both are looking well and happy.

  10. Yesh !
    it is i thehamish in last photo gud dug thehamish

  11. More great photos of the sky and what's with not wanting pictures? Fiona doesn't like them either? Wonder what the real mystery is behind that....

  12. «Louis» always his Friday gud dog® update - even when he gets it on Sunday night...

    Fabulous sky shots!