Monday, June 10, 2013

parley view parsnip... summer

Monday already, what happened to the weekend ?

The gud dugs waiting for the filtered water from the frig.

 Oh what have I done ?
 I use to just put some crushed ice on the tile floor in the kitchen for them,
they love to eat ice.
But now the Gud Dugs have decided they love the filtered water from the frig with crushed ice, better then the usual tap water next to their food bowls in my studio.
OK, I can understand that. Tucson's ground water has a high mineral content of calcium and magnesium.  So they like me like the filtered water.

But then something like this happens....

Here is thehamish drinking water off the brick walk
while standing in the overspray from the sprinklers getting really wet.
thehamish despises being wet ! And yet here he is dripping wet
drinking the puddled water.
They have a water bowl outside too, filled with the same fresh water every morning.

Some days I just can't win or even understand ?

Big yawn.

Prickley Pear cactus

The fountain where Mrs. Blanding the Morning Dove sometimes sits waiting
for me the turn on the water.
Some days I can see her tiny head peeking over the rim.
She is a hoot.
All the animals who visit me regularly have been named.

Sundial made from bike parts.

Covey of Quail cooling off in the well of the orange tree.
They are all squished in together.

Prickley Pear blossom.

Some Prickley Pears pads with fruit/seed pods.

Quail and young bunny  in the Switzerland
of the cool damp earth where the drips are.

Summer sunset

The leader Quail watching over the covey.

Bird of Paridise bloom.

Saguaro blooms.

More bunnies cooling off.

summer . . .parsnip
music. . . Summertime,  Billy Stewart

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  1. Delightful photographs Parsnip. The day we understand our dogs will be a great day indeed. My Tess will sometimes go a whole day without eating and then the next day when I am rather late feeding her she is indignant because I have kept her waiting. I will never understand them - just love them.

  2. Great photos! Snippet will only drink rain water out of old buckets around the garden. I pour water from the butt into a bowl for him which is JUST about acceptable, but from the tap? NO.

  3. So many delightful photos, I love the feelling of summer in your neck of the woods, Parsnip. I used to love eating ice then a lump broke one of my teeth, no kidding. It's strong stuff!

  4. So many beautiful pics...but I still like those of the Square Dogs best!

  5. Beautiful pics! The quail and the rabbits seem to be dealing with the weather...

    And the Square Ones aren't meant to be understood, just appreciated!

  6. an amazing day at your house! roche' likes filtered water with crushed ice too! yert to the boys!

    smiles, bee

  7. Oh my, you've outdone yourself with the photos today. I love the bunnies and the quail. They look so sweet together.

  8. Some things seem to like the heat.

  9. Your pictures are priceless. It's unlikely that I'll ever visit your neck of the woods to see those things in person, so it's especially thrilling to see them through the lens of your camera. Thanks!

    Our cats don't drink tap water. We drink filtered water, so why shouldn't they?

  10. We have a place in Phoenix and seeing your wonderful photos makes me wish I was there and not in the cold wet UK!

  11. There is just no accounting for little square ones:)