Friday, June 14, 2013

Square Dog Friday. . . another day

This week has been a blur of days for me.
Between the  dentist and the Oral surgeon today feels like a Wednesday for me.

 But not for The Square Dogs. This is their day ! It is in their contract no matter what is going on there will always be Square Dog Friday and chkikin' strips, many chkikin' strips.
The new amount of  chkikin' strips are in negations right now.
So no matter what day I think it is, Friday is always Square Dog Friday
so lets woof it.

The June center fold shot of  thehamish helping in the garden last summer
he is planting chkikin' strips.

yesh it is i thehamish who is helpin' in the garden iams protectin' the tomatoes
becausin' lastyear teh bad packrats eat it all even my chkikin' strips
so now we gots a safter place to grow stuff
iam hopin for a gud crop of chkikin' strips not carnin' about tomatoes
they just squishie red balls not gud for playin'

ummmnerf see i am lookin' nobel strong andbusy

buts i gots so tiredand fell asleep

Yes, it is Dr. Watson's nose.
When  I took this photo it was with my phone and my hand slipped.
Later when  I looked at it getting ready to delete
what did I see but some old gud dug perfect nose.
Must not delete !
Ever !

awwwwww gud old dug Dr. Watson.

Puppy Paws !

What a sweet Watson's booboo face I woke up to this morning.

 And just because I can here is your pretty for the weekend.
Son just came back from Japan. Last minute gift bought at Kansai Airport.

From Up On Poppy Hill.
Koruriko-zaka kara
Studio Ghibli
Goro Miyazaki 2011
It was in very  limited play in the US but I was able to see it a month ago on the big screen
and it was wonderful.

Just look at this lovely cover art.

Japanese with subtitles. You have to have a region free player.

I like getting a Japanese copy because the subtitles are so much better that the water down Disney release ones you find in the US along with the dubbing by big name stars.
The cover art even gets the Disney touch not always a good thing.
I heard it will have a US released in three months so I will buy another copy then.

Just lovely.

friday. . . parsnip
music. . . Ue o Muite Arko, Shall  Walk Looking Up,  Kyu Sakamoto
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  1. The Square Dogs are both much too adorable. Chicken strips all around!

  2. The Hamish does look very noble indeed, and Doctor Watson lying on his back seems very comfortable!

  3. i am looking at that same photo for june! love my gud doggies! yert!

    smiles, bee

  4. Hammish planting chikkin strips. LOL! Love it!

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. brilliant sleeping photos Parsnip!

  6. Good dogs, Hamish for guarding the tomatoes and Dr. Watson for being his sweet self. The artwork on the Japanese Poppy Hill movie is so beautiful, what a nice gift for you! I hope you are recovered from oral surgery by now. :)

  7. I do love how dogs sleep with their eyes open.

    That nose shot is perfection Parsnip.

  8. No matter how rotten my day is otherwise, I always get a smile on Square Dog Fridays!

  9. Ouch the dentist. Hope you feel good so. The square ones have a great idea about lying around....

  10. Can they actually get up on your bed I wonder?