Monday, June 24, 2013

parley view parsnip... inquiring minds

Many inquiring minds wanted to know Dr. Watson's fortune from Fridays post.
"Change your thoughts and your change the world"
Were chicken strips involved ?

Weaver asked if he had four cookies ?
No, he only gets one cookie. But I broke it in my hand so I could take more photos.
Holding a camera trying to focus the shot and feeding Dr. Watson,
 one needs two more hands.

He always reads his fortune.


His last three fortunes.
"Others take notice of your radiance"
Fits him the best.


I only have a small point and click but I thought I would try to take some "Super Moon" photos Sunday night.
I kept changing the setting so that explains the color and size difference.
And even though I wasn't able to get some fabulous photos, I had a wonderful time sitting outside and watching the moon rise over the Rincon Mountains.



It has been very warm here in Tucson 102 to 108.
The birds love the fountain.

I have posted photos of Mrs, Blanding and many of her friend who come to visit
my fountain.
She is always waiting for me every morning to turn on the fountain.

It has been so hot that she has taken to laying in the water.
It might get to 110 this week.... too hot for everyone !

When I moved into this home, I didn't want to look out to a  blank wall in part of the back yard.
So I had a bench built and a "window" cut into the wall for the fountain to flow out of.

Twilight and the lights come on.


Here is your pretty to start the week.

One of my cactus blooms.

evening. . . parsnip
music. . . Moondance,  Chris Botti
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  1. it is just LOVELY at your house!!!!! yert!

    smiles, bee

  2. So much to comment on Parsnip. I am sure those square dogs
    think carefully at all times - particularly about chickin strips.Those
    moon photographs are exquisite. And I adore that fountain. It is
    rarely warm enough to sit outside here in the evening. We are usually
    in with all doors and windows closed - and sometimes even have the log burner

  3. The very last pic of the moon thru the fountains opening was gorgeous. Anyway, Dr. Watson is quite talented like my boys.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. I agree that his last fortune fits him perfectly, too, p. Beautiful, nourishing images -- as always.

  5. Beautiful shots! Watson looks ever so handsome.

  6. I don't think anyone notices my radiance. Lovely moon pictures and I expect night time is a relief, temperature-wise!

  7. Flowering cactus - I inherited mum's. Never survived! Yours are beautiful - what's the secret?

  8. Au contraire! Your moon photos are bee-yoooo-ti- ful! Makes me wish I'd gone outside and tried to capture it with a camera, too. Your cactus bloom is also gorgeous. And that's only ONE of them? Are they all that pretty? It's pretty hot here in Georgia, too, but not over a hundred. I don't care how "dry" it is... a hundred is way too hot for all God's creatures. (Especially THIS one!)

  9. Moon pics came out pretty well. An is it that small cactus putting out such a big bloom?

  10. Wonderful moon shots!
    Mine were miserable.....
    Watson has a very suitable fortune....

  11. I think your house and garden plants have all blended in perfectly with your surroundings.
    I really enjoy seeing cacti - for instance - in the right setting.