Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday catch-up

Just a few photos of what has been going on around my home.
One last (?) monsoon storm blew in near sunset.
The bright sun plus the very dark clouds with some rain drops made for some spectacular skies.

Unfortunately that is not a spaceship zooming in from the north but a reflection of my light.
le sigh !

My phone had a hard time with the very bright sunlight deep shadows and all the colors 
through my studio window.
You can see how green the hills are and where the bright sunlight is. 

Tucson has the best skies. Just think how wonderful this could have been with a better camera and 
not shot through my studio window.
Sunday morning a new small herd moseyed through my side yard.
Several mums and babies with the new and most handsome leader.
He is very spiffy and he knows it  !
Strutting his walk.

and he has a nice young lady follower.

I found this at Trader Joe's.
I was going to pick up some lox to have the next morning.
But I picked this up instead and it was very good. 

No onion or capers but this was very tasty with the last of the tomatoes.
I had 2 count them 2 open half faced sandwich on a plain bagel instead of a
one half of a whole grain one.
I put a scrape of whipped cream cheese, tiny tomatoes on both sides with salmon.
So lovely.

Now here is what you have been asking for
here she is. . .  MERIDA !

Of course she is sitting right in front of sons monitor.

Oh My Goodness she looks cross eyed but she is staring at 
thehamish who just walked in the room.

She is not happy with thehamish she hisses at him if he gets close.
Even when she is up on a bed or desk.

Steely concentration !

Eye on the enemy.

I love cats strange eyes with the clear extended part. 
Both Merida and Oliver have huge beautiful  lime green eyes.

They are hard to take a photo of.

This is not a happy cat watching the sweet thehamish. 
He just sits there and waits for the kitties to like him.

This is why Merida was really watching thehamish. 
He was taking her place on Adam's lap.

And........ just because I can here is your pretty for the start of the week.

Yes, that is Merida squished in between the shoji screen and the window.
This is her favorite place to watch the world and lizards while sitting in the sun.
There is a side opening.
She has to back out but you can find her there everyday.
One day she was backing out and Oliver would not move from the opening.
She was not happy, so she just backed over him till sorta standing on his head.
She got her footing and sorta fell off onto the pillows. 
Siblings ! 

kitties. . . parsnip
music. . .  Waltz for Lumumba,  The Spencer Davis Group


  1. Now that's a pretty kitty. Your skies are beautiful. Hugs and kisses to thehamish.


  2. Hope she learns to love the Hamish, I mean how could she not!

  3. Merida is a beautiful girl. I know she'll learn to trust and lurve thehamish someday...hopefully soon. X

  4. such sky that a javalina (I have never seen one)...smoked salmon - YUMMY YUM!...merida, ithehamish will not hurt you; you are a beautiful little girl!

    1. Yes, that is a Javelina how is not a pig but a peccary and in the family of a hippopotamus.

  5. I do admire your ability to take the close up photographs of the feline beauties. Their eyes are truly something.

    Eventually the patience of thehamish will win two new buddies. He will cast a spell on them, as he hums Annie Lennox's version of that great tune.

    That incoming storm cloud formation is pretty dramatic in your photographs. Shall I now admit that I might not be comfy with that family taking a stroll through a garden of mine.

    I am much more comfy at Trader Joe's even though the neighborhood shop is one, and two, floors below street level. I try not to think about that while I listen to the music playing over my head in the snaking check out queue. Not exactly express.

    I learn so much here. xo

    1. I love their eyes ! I wish I could take a better close up.
      I am not sure I could shop in a cramped underground Trader Joe's with all the people.

  6. Hi, Gayle!

    I am amazed at the dramatic dark clouds above your lush green lawn and cactus display. The skies above Tuscon look like impressionist watercolor paintings.

    I'm happy to see that your other cat, Merida, finally came out of hiding and allowed you to snap pictures of her. She's a beauty. I hope someday, somehow, thehamish and your cats will be besties. It's funny how Merida likes to crawl into that cramped space and needs to back out of it.

    Thanks for the updates, dear friend Gayle, and enjoy your week!

    1. I also love the pix of the peccary herd!

    2. That was a terrific evening. The sun was so bright and the clouds so dark made the evening very special.
      I have two different herds walking through.

  7. Wonderful pictures! Merida sure is pretty. I hope she warms up to Hamish, at least a little.

    Suddenly, I have a hankering for a bagel with salmon, cream cheese and tomato.

  8. Such a beautiful sky. Colors nature creats are just amazing!
    It's very lovely to see Merida. She is such a pretty girl! It took a while for Goro to accept Niko, but time certainly helped. I hope she will eventually warm up to thehamish :-)

    1. She is a very pretty lady. But she knows her mind !

  9. picture number 2 is amazing. How cute are those little pigs. Do they grow very big?

    1. They are Javelinas, they look like pigs but are peccary related to the Hippopotamus.
      I love them.

  10. You have such a beautiful home, Gayle--and all of the photos are beautiful, too.

    Merida is such a gorgeous kitty. I do hop she and Oliver learn to like the Hamish.

    1. Oliver seems to be warming up to him, he seems interested but Merida is another story.

  11. I'm surprised Merida wasn't sitting on the salmon instead of the monitor. Lol

    1. She hasn't made it as far as the kitchen.

  12. Really beautiful - and isn't darling Hamish good the way he is just sitting and hoping they begin to like him.

  13. That javelina does seem to be strutting!

    Merida is a cutie. Hamish will just have to be patient.

  14. Hello Parsnip, beeing away again to France. therefore sorry for not responding on all your post. But I enjoyed them now. Glad to read Hamish is doing fine. Great also to see the two cats are setling in. The photos are great and so caracteristic for cats. Those cloudy skies are again stunning.

  15. Oooo, what a pretty cat! And those photographs are gorgeous!

    Doesn't it make life so much more fun when we live in a beautiful place with some interesting critters?

  16. Lovely post. Enjoyed every bit of it.

  17. Oh My Goodness she looks cross eyed but she is staring at
    thehamish who just walked in the room.
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