Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday hell

After reading this I threw up.

I saw on my yahoo news a ABC news twitter feed about china's
two newborn baby pandas. Everyone was saying how cute.
Oh happy ABC news so happy 
So happy I don't watch you.
Because at the same time in northern china
this is happening.
I clicked on  someones comment about the 
Yulin dog meat eating festival.
Which is now removed !

The photos showed a Golden Reviver back leg cut off 
and cooked while the dog who was still alive laid there.
 Then his other leg were cut off, he was tied to a pole and skinned ALIVE !
In front of a wall of dogs crushed into small cages who saw, smelled the blood and fear.

This is a festival ?
This is a country and people who we buy goods from ?
California accepted their low bid for sub-par steel and slave labor
to build the extension to the Golden Gate Bridge over an American bid !
The extension that has sub par steel, already has strength problems,
 rivets popping out or breaking off.
A country who has no problem poisoning the milk their children
drink for money.


I did not sleep at all last night.
I cuddled my dogs.

No need to reply just had to get this off my sad mind.


  1. Replies
    1. But they are not trying to take over your country by showering liberal Hollywood and California with money.
      Buying off anyone and everyone. Greedy America.
      And yet this kind of Barbaric action is everyday OK.
      I live in a border town and I have seen lots of this coming across the border to women, children and animals.
      But this is just horrific.

  2. It's fucked up. So much so. No care. Just horrible.

  3. I am horrified. Just so very repulsed beyond words tonight. What kind of horrible culture would continue this atrocity? They protect endangered pandas but carve up live dogs? sick. The brutality is beyond words. The bastards. I'm going to hold my pups ever closer tonight.

    1. The ones they don't carve up live they beat to death, while the poor other dog watch.

  4. you're right! the response i've always received is that we are spoiled and have made "things" that are food everywhere else in the world our pets. that we try to impose our values on others. my response has always and will continue to be that there is a level of barbarism that has no place in the 21st century! economists talk about the eminent collapse of the chinese economy because it is propped up by the government. look at history and then study the present day actions not only here, but especially in africa. this "festival" is just one of many sad and unsavory actions taken by the chinese government/military. be well, friend. you are not alone. xoxoxo

    1. You have said what I wanted to so much better.
      Living in a border state you see all sorts of abuse. Horrible.
      But this is just barbaric !

  5. To horribel to see. I do not know what it is in the mind of these Chinees that they are able to do this. Not only to dogs they behave like this. All animals are treated so bad and they will eat annything if they can get it on a plate. Therefore they are hypocrits to act as animal lovers with their Pandas.
    Luckely there are now Chinees who try to buy dogs to save them because it is now fashion in China to own a dog.

  6. I hope any sorts of animal abuse will stop. It's too sad to see animals suffer.

  7. This kind of cruelty to dogs and other animals goes on in so many parts of the world - it is so hard to bear and I can understand your distress parsnip.

  8. I knew about this. I've been posting links to articles about it from animal rights organizations for a while now. It has to be stopped.

    I found one piece about a woman who bought 100 of the dogs to prevent them from being eaten.

  9. I've also heard about something like this and dog-meat has been an ingredient in some Asian dishes for many many years. The worst dog story I've ever heard-even worse than this--if you can imagine worse--is that I've heard of dog brothels where men use dogs....Blech. Thanks for spreading the word about animal cruelty. It's a felony!!! Hugs to you and the square-tops.

  10. Yes, it is absolutely and completely disgusting. No other way to express it.

  11. I've seen some articles about companies and organizations boycotting everything Chinese because of these horrors. I'm sorry I can't say more. It makes me not be able to breathe and I cry. Terrible things are done to horses and donkeys here in the U.S.