Monday, June 8, 2015

parley view parsnip.... i'm back sort of

It is Monday and I am giving up on playing catch-up.
You will all have to take me as I am, slow and slower !
As according to their contract, here is. . .
Square Dog Friday on Monday.
Thank goodness I didn't have to go to arbitration again.
So lets woof it !
 Son and Watson had their hais cut on the same day.

 Watson sure needs a Herbal Body Wrap
He looks like he has been running around the moors !

 Taa Daa !
 Beautiful and looking so cool with summer cuts !

 It was a very hot day, 103.
So they are happy to be cooling off at home.

 Handsome Watson.

 nononono no Watson let me take a photo of your beautiful face before you chew your ice.

 accccck !

 Ok, not so bad.
Still so handsome Dr. Watson

 Blurry photo of thehamish almost falling asleep in the ice bowl.

i thehamish seein' somethin

 ummmmm maybe not seein'  but i know him out there
but i thehamish is sleeping now

 I am so happy that I put Watson blanket on my bed.
I see he really used it !

 Good Night sweet Watson !

And here is your pretty to start the week

I can not believe it either.
Adopt today.
I just saw a 12 year old fluffy lady gud dug
that I am calling on today to see if she is still there.
That is to old to be in a shelter. She had a pink dot on her nose.

scotty. . . parsnip
music. . . Manic Monday,  The Bangles
Read at you on peril !
 hahahahahahaahahah now for me.
For the last two years I have been going downhill fast.
What I thought was the affects of several mico strokes that everyone my age has
but affected me more, was not true.
Feelings of despair, bone tired fatigue, not able to concentrate or read,
huge weight gain, word loss and memory loss.
Hello Alzheimer or Dementia  !
Turns out I have a problem getting enough oxygen to my brain at night.
I am 10 points below the very lowest number the doctors want you to have.
Can you say whoops ?
I am on tract for early onset alzheimers and dementia, woohoo lucky me ?
So I have started an oxygen treatment. Every night I have to wear 
a  nose mask tube thingie that is connected to a machine that pumps 
the right amount of warmed moist air into my nose. There is a cycle
of correct oxygen being sent to my brain.
I haven't been able to sleep for over 30 years. 
For years between babies/children and the x who snored 
I usually got about 3 to 4 hours a night at best.
All that added to the lack of oxygen to my brain and fatigue sets in along with 
all that yucky other stuff.
I am so excited to be able to finally get this treatment. No more waking up 
with a headache that encompass your whole head every morning.
When I would say my brain hurt I guess I was telling the truth.
Plus the utter fatigue when you wake up, just like you never slept.
It will take about a month or so to get started but I am happy !
cheers,  parsnip  


  1. Please use your machine. A lot of people won't because it bothers them. Dying might be more bothersome. It's only ninety degrees here. Franklin likes ice, too.


    1. Well dying isn't the problem it is all the dementia type problems before dying that I don't want !
      This year has been so bad. I am so excited they have them finally figure out
      What the hell is wrong with me.
      Beside the three other auto immune problems I have !

    2. That is three problems too many. Do you know why your oxygen is so low?

  2. So relieved for you to finally get the proper diagnosis and start your new treatment program. It sounds excellent and life changing! My goodness those are two very handsome gud dugs! Watson has the most wonderful eyes ever. And thewatson snoozing in his ice bowl is so sweet. What's the quote circling his lovely soft bed?

  3. Yes, fatigue from not sleeping brings much horrible with it. Glad you're on the mend now. This is wonderful news.

  4. The boys are looking quite distinguished.

    Sleep's important- and learning this is good- it's a step forward.

  5. It's totally ok to have Square Dog Friday on Monday! I'm sure thehamish and Watson approve :-) Love the "Taa Daa!" photo. They both look very handsome and so happy! thehamish almost falling asleep in ice bowl is adorable. Maybe it's comfy because it's cool with ice. And Watson is so sweet napping on the blanket!
    It's great you've got diagnosis and start the therapy. I hope it will bring the very best result for you. Sending hugs and warm thoughts to you xoxo

  6. Gayle, I hope the machine helps. I had no idea sleep deprivation could cause such problems. I hope it helps.

    Hmmm...Square Dog MONDAYS? Twice a week would be very nice!

  7. Do what ever you need to do to be the best, most comfortable you...we need all the square dog we can get.

  8. Hope this new treatment helps you out. Sorry so much time was wasted on a wrong diagnosis.

  9. Hello Parsnip I sure hope the treatment will help you a lot. To bad it had to take this long to find out what was the matter.
    The dog look so good with their haircut. Very handsome indeed.
    Take care,

  10. Hopefully this will help you feel a lot better, keep us updated.

  11. so happy to hear about the oxygen treatments. Very cool.

  12. Such handsome boys!

    Hope you are feeling better.

  13. The doggies' haircuts make them look exceptionally handsome!

    Hate your diagnosis but happy you got diagnosed! Maybe now the more worrisome problems will be helped.

  14. Hi Parsnip, Watson and thehamish look adorable with their summer cuts! I hope the oxygen therapy helps you sleep better.

  15. Thank goodness the doctor was able to diagnose your problem, so you can start doing something about it. Good luck with the oxygen treatment. I hope it helps you sleep like a baby. No, not like a baby... like a contented little square dog. Wuf!

  16. I'm happy tooo Parsnip at

    I'm happy too Parsnip that you have found what looks like a remedy. I am familiar with your symptoms - apart from sleeping - and it us quite worrying - especially when you live alone. All my wishes for a good outcome.