Friday, June 12, 2015

Square Dog Friday. . . cabana boys but no movie review

You all know what day this is.
It is Friday so that means,
Square Dog Friday.
The best day of the week.
woof !

Well, Hello Cabana Boys !
hubba hubba
 awwwww who me i thehamish
 yesh i thehamish not knowin' what is cabana boy
does that mean i thehamish get chkikin' 
 yesh i thehamish is dreaming of chickin chickin chkikin
is gud for me
 yesh i thehamish is restin'
all thinkin'dreamin' is hard
woeis me
 meanwhile back at the ranch.....
Watson is napping in the sun on the cool tile floor in an air conditioned home.
 ummmmm No Cabana Boy for me today.
It was 90 at 11:30 so not feeling it today.
 I think I will just take a vacation day and nap the morning away.
 Goodness feels so good !
Thank you nice tall person who feeds us.
 thehamish was asked what the pillow says.
If my dreams would come true, bones would rain from the sky.
or for thehamish chkikin'


And just because I can here is your pretty to start the weekend.
Granddaughter just turned 5 years old.
I sent a box for her birthday, filled with gifts for everyone.

For the Birthday girl,  some workbooks, stickers and two play dresses.  
We use to call them fairy dresses. 
All tulle, silk flowers, and sparkles. Now they are called  "Frozen" or 
Disney princesses dresses. Son and I do not like branding.
So these dresses were just very pretty with no pictures of Disney princesses.
No names !
That way Mia can be anything she wants to be while playing with her friends.
 I am voting for artist-heart surgeon-airline pilot-animal sanctuary owner.
Among the wrapped gifts were a few treats for her to find. 
A small bag of popcorn with colored sprinkles, a tiny tube of small chocolates, 
and a saguaro and prickly pear lollypop. 

Here she is with the saguaro lollypop made with agave syrup.
If only to be 5 again.

cabana. . . parsnip
music. . . How Big How Beautiful,  Florence + The Machine

up date:
this month has been unusual (found out I am killing off brain cells
and I don't have any to spare)
So I was not able to write a movie review.
I will be back next month.
maybe ?


  1. Your doggies are so sweet looking and I love how the one is in the spotlight:) The pool edge looks refreshing. Your granddagther looks so sweet and I am certain she loved her package from Grandmom

    1. Sorry no book review. Just couldn't make it this month.
      That is Watson favorite napping place. I must have 50 photos of him there.

  2. You have the cutest cabana boys ever!

    Mia is adorable, as always!

  3. Oh Hamish, bones raining from the sky? Whatever next!

    1. CHKIKIN'
      chikin chikin chikin is gud for i thehamsih

  4. Such wonderful Cabana boys! And thanks to thehamish for letting us know the pillow quote. Yesh...bones are gud but chikin' is better! Buzzy McDuff would like spaghetti to rain from the skies...which would be messy. X

    1. "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" a very fun movie !
      Buzzy would love it and yes it was messy.

  5. They know the value of good air conditioning with temperatures like that!

  6. I'm sorry you didn't have time for a movie review but I certainly understand. Life happens. I hope all is well.

    1. I had the movie and clues and picked out.
      Just got so ill.
      The oxygen treatments are working. In 4 days I have woken up with my brain not hurting.
      and the feeling of hope !

  7. Every time I come in from a hot day in the sun, I always collapse, and say "Thank God for air conditioning!" It must be even more true there. I don't blame your fellas for staying in where it's nice and cool. And Watson's even in the spotlight, just to make sure you notice him. (As IF you wouldn't!)

    Happy weekend!

  8. Ah, packages to Japan, we just mailed one too, may have to take out a small business loan to mail the next one. The boys look good. Take care of those brain cells, as we get older we need everyone we can find.

    1. Yes the first package is a heart attack.
      You will learn. I have been mailing packages to Japan for at lest 15 years.
      You learn how to pack, what to pack and to fill every space.
      It is all relative to other costs.

  9. thehamish is such a cute cabana boy! He totally deserves chkikin and I'm sure he got it :-)
    Watson has a good idea. As it's so hot outside, staying inside and cool is good!
    Happy birthday to your granddaughter Mia! She is such a pretty girl. She looks very happy with the saguaro lollipop :-) I hope you are doing well. Happy weekend!

    1. How are your kitties when it is hot.
      I bet they find the best cool spots to nap in.

  10. I have been having a catch up on your blog, it seems like ages since I caught up with the square ones. I do like their summer cuts.
    I'm glad you have finally discovered why you are waking up with headaches etc. Here's hoping the treatment works and before we know it you'll be running around like a 2 year old - well almost.


    1. I am so happy to be feeling much better already. We shall see.
      Forget running around, being able to walk will be just fine for me.

  11. Hello Parsnip, your granddaughter must have a great time with the dresses. Such a cute picture with the lollypop. The dogs look great taking it easy with the heat. Hope you feel much better with the treatment.
    Take care.
    Regards from Belgium

    1. She an her friends all like to dress up.
      I am starting to feel so much better !
      Thank You.

  12. It's so good to see the Cabana boys on duty!

    1. Yes they are very helpful !
      woohooo let me catch my breath here

  13. Wonderful shot of sleepy doggy in the circle of sunlight! And I LOVE that lollipop. Am with you on fairy/ princess dresses not being about brands. Enjoy the weekend :o)

    1. Not to say I don't like Disney but to much is just too much.

  14. Happy Birthday to the adorable one with the cactus lollipop. Did you make it? If so, you should share the talent by telling us how to do it. Love the pillow and the sunshine on Watson.

    1. Don't I wish I knew how to make these agava syrup lollipops.
      Selling them to tourists and families what a deal.

  15. Lovely photos and all three looking good - thanks to tall person I suspect.. I particularly like the one of Hamish on the cushion. Lord of all he surveys.