Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday in Japan and Wales

If you have read this blog for any time you know my love of 
Japanese Mascots.
One of my favorite is Barii-san from Imabari City.
Mascots or yuru-kyare are the cute symbols of cities, 
towns, districts and even buildings.
Imabari City is in the Ehime Prefecture. This area prides themselves on 
their chicken dishes. So Barri-san is a baby chicken
who wears the Kurushima Bridge on his head 
and holds a toy boat.

 He is just so cute.

I have him sitting in a one cup sake with his image on it.
This makes me smile every time I look at him.
Now that Wales part.
I was asked by blog friend, John of "Going Gently" 
if I would design his Wedding Invitation.  
Be sure to check out the side bar for his blog it is a hoot !

Oh my goodness of course I said yes !
 Then had to figure out how not to mess this up big time.
Because at that time I was having  trouble with my eyes.
The doctors (many tests with huge machines) looking for an
aneurism and finding several  micro mini strokes instead. 

I gave them several ideas and they picked my favorite.
A flower drawn in colored pencil.  
Living in the desert as I look through magazines I rip out photos of different flowers.
So I have no idea what type of flower this is.
and of course I did change the colors some what.
Wedding Invitation

 Smaller note cards 
I loved doing this for John and Chris.
They were married on 6 March 2015.
So I thought it would be OK to post a photo of the card now.
 They are a terrific people and a couple.
Plus they have a Scotty !
yert !

And of course here is your mid-week pretty.

Watson just started to move but here is a photo of them before they 
rolled on the carpet and messed up their beautiful haircuts.

Happy Wednesday everyone. 
Tucson is overcast today with the possibility of rain.
I know everyone is tired of snow and rain. 
But when you live in a desert as I do, any rain is we get is wonderful.
yert !

happy. . . parsnip
music. . .  Don't Leave,  Ane Burn


  1. He's cute...but the Square Ones are still cuter!

    1. He is very cute but your right the Square Ones are cuter !

  2. I like what you did with the invitation, Parsnip.

    The Square Ones, of course, look like such characters.

    1. Oh Thank You. It is hard to do something that important for friends.
      You do not want to mess up their important day.

  3. Beautiful cards Gayle! Such a nice job indeed. Those square ones with their spring hairdo's are wonderful too. X

    1. Thank you, They did not want a "traditional " type card.

  4. Love the wedding invitation. Great work!

    1. Thank You.
      I really liked it. I am obsessed by Prisma colors. a waxy type of colors.
      So bright. I use them a lot.

  5. Great disign for the wedding invitation. The square ones look great with their hair done. Take care and I hope you will get some rain. It Always makes the earth smell so good.

    1. They wanted something country like, simple not traditional.

  6. Barri-san is just so cute! I love that he is wearing the bridge on his head. What a great design :-)
    The wedding invitation you made is wonderful! What gorgeous colors. I know everyone who got the card was very impressed. Congratulations to John and Chris on their marriage!

  7. Snow's gone away here. Don't begrudge you getting some rain in the desert.

    1. As the snow melts now are you flooding?
      Gosh I hope not.

  8. Happy Wednesday to you too and the wedding invitation is lovely!

  9. I love the wedding invitation Gayle - I am sure John and Chris were thrilled with it. I do agree about John's blog - it gives me a laugh every day and I am sure he is loved by everyone in his village because of his caring attitude.

  10. I didn't know they got married, that's just so great. Your square dogs are beautiful! Thanks so much for keeping us in your heart. Especially the doctors. You don't see much of them, but when it comes time to take care of a patient, they certainly are there. The liver transplant team at UCLA are fantastic.

  11. What a beautiful card! Such lovely colours :)