Friday, March 27, 2015

Square Dog Friday and Cephalopod Coffeehouse.

Best day of the week is here
Square Dog Friday !
So lets woof it.
But as it is 27 March that means it is time for 
The Cephalopod Coffeehouse.
Again The Square Dogs have allowed me to use
part of their blog to post my book review.
No arbitration needed this time. The space was allowed
and the extra chkikin' strips were devoured.
 i thehamish is doing work work work hard work
laundry day
oh woe 
woe is me
i am workin' hard

 lookin' at all the toys needed to be washed
 too much washin' to do

 all ready

 makin' it go now hittin' the button

 waitin' for the washin' to be done
Watson is sitting on the blankies that are next

 now into the dryin'
oh woe is thehamish waitin' waiting' waitin'
woe is me
no more woe
yert !

Cephalopod Coffeehouse

The Japanese Pub Cookbook
Mark Robinson

Where to start ?
Izakaya best word ever when living in Japan.
Visions of small plates of fabulous fresh food served with beer and sake.
More like an  English pub or a Spanish Tapas Bar than an American Bar.
I adore them.
This book shows how the izakaya are the cornerstone of Japanese cuisine.
From comfort foods to the innovative dishes of a very diverse pub culture.
Full of information on on izakaya history, recipes, ingredients, spices, 
sake, beer, cocktails and even a "how to on ordering" part.
A history book, guidebook and cookbook all tied together.
Author Mark Robinson takes you eight different pubs. 
Some that have longs histories and a few newer ones.
The author is very familiar with each of them and shows the difference,
from the super tiny to the newer "style" izakayas.
All were chosen for their variety, quality and ambiance.

Brilliant photos by Masashi Kuma.
makes you wish you were sitting there eating and not just reading this book.

After drooling over the photos of the dishes of food, 
the 60 recipes are printed after each of the divided sections.
The only problem (if it is one) I love my Japanese Potato Salad better.
It is from my Daughter and is so outstanding,
 that my Japanese DIL asked her for the recipe.
Included is the Mashed potato salad recipe which is also very good.
The Ume-shiso rolled chicken is beyond tasty.
Scrambled Eggs with Sea Urchin and Lobster Sauce, 
Grilled Rice Balls with Vegetable Miso even Green Beans with Sesame Sauce
So many of my favorites.
I sometimes just pull the book out and just leaf through it. 
Brings back wonderful family memories.

I am not very pleased today by my photos.
I was in a rush by many doggie needs today
and used my camera which really is not as good as my phone.
But loading the camera photos is easier that the phone photos so....
I messed up. But believe me the photos in the book are swoon worthy !

And just because I can here is you pretty to start the weekend.
A sunset to remind us,  run run run fast 
and get ready,  the summer monsoons are coming.

Family, food and good times.
Have a great weekend.
Go Arizona Wildcats !
 We advanced to the  Elite Eight !
And a rematch with No. 1 seed Wisconsin. It is going to be a battle.
Wisconsin turned the tables last year and beat the Wildcats in overtime.
Yea haww  Go Wildcats !

happiness. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing In The Street,  Martha and the Vandellas


  1. Good for Mark!

    The boys must find the spinning of the washing and drying machines to be fascinating... and eager to go after their toys!

    1. It is a wonderful book. A great look into an interesting culture of food.
      The Boys do love the toys.

  2. My mouth is watering from all those photos of food!

    What a good idea to wash the square ones toys - I often wash blankets but never thought of toys - so thanks square ones.

    1. I only opps ! they only wash the good ones.
      Sometimes I do put new squeaking in a favorite one.

  3. Yummm... The Japanese place we went to in Montreal last month was advertised as an izakaya but the atmosphere wasn't quite right - too noisy. Food was good but it felt like a singles bar.

    1. I can't believe I am saying this but just down the street from us is a very nice izakaya. in TUCSON !
      Quiet not to noisy and I saw someone sitting at a table reading a book and had a few small dishes and a beer in front of him.
      Just like at the one I visit at my Sons neighborhood in Osaka.

    2. There was a great one in New York when I lived there at St. Mark's Place. Of course, that was over 15 years ago at this point. It may be long gone.

  4. I have a toy to wash - for a baby not a dog! :) Have a good weekend.

  5. I love that first picture of thehamish. It looks like he's laughing.

    The food in those pictures really looks good, too. I haven't had much in the way of Japanese food before... just sushi, tempura, and sukiyaki. Maybe it's time to expand my culinary horizons a bit.

    Happy weekend!

    1. It depends on the restaurant but I also love everything you have mentioned.
      Good food is just that. Sitting down and taking your time to enjoy your meal.

  6. Hamish is doing the laundry?

    Beautiful sunset!

    1. I really am not sure how much he is helping.
      He was checking out what was in the washer and when the drying was done he took the brown owl out and ran with it.

  7. Square dogs are generous and hard working. Franklin is sitting on the steps to the deck, keeping an eye on any critters that wander into or near the yard. He warns them away with his vicious (timid) bark.


    1. Of course he is taking care of you and your home.
      He is such a Gud Dug !

  8. Hahaha this is fun,seeing the dogs doing the laundry.
    The book looks great with these jummie pictures of the dishes.

    1. They try to help and usually just get in the way.

  9. How cute square dogs are helping the laundry :-) The book sounds wonderful. I love those beautiful pictures. They made me drool, too! Love ume-shiso rolled chicken, it's so yummy! There was Japanese restaurant called Izakaya in Atlanta and I've been there once or twice, but sadly it's closed now. I think izakaya is one of must-go places in Japan :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I'll bet my daughter would love this cookbook, must look for it. Love your dogs doing the laundry, need my cat to get involved in this activity.

    1. I thought cats only helped with the clothes from the dryer.

  11. Oh... the dog pictures...
    Wait, did you talk about a book?
    dog pictures...
    I'm waiting for my cat to climb into the oven.

  12. Too cute. The laundry for the toys seemed exciting. We have no toys that can withstand a washing not to mention a week. Although there is a winner in the toy category and I'll have to write about it soon before it's too late and the sun sets on it like in your glorious photo.

    1. They also take the stuffing out but I put some back and add a new squeaky after washing.

  13. Such cute dogs. I love your pictures if you think they aren't good.

  14. Looks like the doggies really help with your washing and drying! They are too cute!

  15. Wash day looks like a fun day at your house. The book looks edible.

  16. Wow, spectacular sunset and happy dogs with their clean toys!! The pictures in the Japanese book are also beautiful. I love the one that looks as if taken from outside looking in. :)