Monday, March 16, 2015

parley view parsnip. . . you can't fool Mother Nature

Mother Nature, why oh why must you break my heart !
I have been holding my breath that my second Century Plant would not bloom.
On Friday I saw the hint of a stalk. 
I tried to pretend I didn't see it.
But by Sunday it had grown 2 feet.

Well here is the starting of the stem.
When I moved into this house there were two huge Century Plants in my backyard.
A few years later one bloomed. Very beautiful but after they bloom they die.
I can't find a photo with out the left plant with the stem.
But you can figure out how beautiful it was to have 
two living sculptures.
Mother nature is mean very mean to me today.
 This is how tall the bloom will grow.
The only thing  wonderful is the amount of animals that will
feed on the blooms and the pods birds to javalinas.

 Now that the last one is starting to send up the stem.
I will post it growth once a week. When it blooms it is wonderful.
But then it dies.
  I love spring but this is one plant blooming that I am so sad about.


And as always here is your pretty to start the week.
The Square Ones went to for their Herbal Body Wraps
Or if we must... the groomers.
They are very posh Square Ones.

Watson had to be cut really short. He was so tangled.
He has a super fine and soft undercoat the tangles horribly.
 But having the hair cut so short shows off how beautiful
his eyes look with all the white around them.
Even if that means he is getting so old, he is beautiful.
But of course the crazed one, even if he get messy,
he is able to get his Scotty cut.

scotty. . . parsnip
music. . .Believe,  Mumford and Sons


  1. Our babies are always beautiful. And I love watching plants and such grow.

  2. That's a big plant! (And I always love seeing the Square Ones!)

  3. That'll end up being an even bigger plant than it already is, but at least it serves a purpose for animals.

  4. Oh my goodness, that bloom is humongous! It looks spectacular in front of big sky and mountains. How sad it dies after blooming. I hope the remaining one will stay long with you.
    The Square Ones are looking great! Watson has really beautiful, gentle eyes :-)
    Happy Monday and gave a wonderful new week!

  5. Oh, very handsome dog!
    That plant looks as if it must grow almost visibly!

  6. Great photos, Parsnip.

    PS: You can copy and past the Godzilla, if you fancy.

  7. I have seen your comments on several blogs that I read, and have finally come to visit you! The plant is amazing, I didn't know anything about them. Can't you take a cutting or something so that you can grow another one? The dogs are gorgeous. I have a mini schnauzer whose face is cut in a similar way to the scotties…..eyebrows and beard. I live about 20 miles north of London ( Harpenden), and it is a dull day today, about 5c.

  8. Sorry to read the plant will die in the end of blooming that is nature for you. The dog look great after the grooming.
    Have a nice day Parsnip.

  9. I didn't know that about century plants, how sad, they're such beautiful plants. The boys look very handsome with their haircuts.

  10. The ssquare ones - beautiful as ever and I must say looking much better in health.

    That plant is amazing. Looking forward to its weekly progress report.

  11. Holy cow, I didn't know about that plant. It's huge!!

    Your doggles are so cute.