Monday, December 29, 2014

parley view parsnip... new tradations.

People, families and traditions are always evolving.
Where is it written in stone, that we have to celebrate a certain way.
A huge dinner on Christmas Day or 500 hundred presents under the tree ?
Running ragged buying presents for people who will possibly dislike the gift ?
Just because we should or it is a tradition.
Or even running around buying, cooking and driving ourselves crazy even for people
we like and love.
For the last few years I enjoyed what few Holiday traditions I liked.
A tree, a few decorations and of course Christmas Cards.
One of the best parts of the X walking out one morning on our family,
is we got the chance to say how we would like to celebrate the holidays.
We started by having something different for Christmas dinner.
Why do we need another Turkey dinner, we just had one.
In America we just had Thanksgiving in November.
Plus why do we really need all that food ?
If your having 30 plus people and 4 tables of family to feed that is different.
But as a small adult family with no little ones, we don't need all that.
Since moving to Tucson, Daughter and Son decided to cook on Christmas Eve.
Then sit down to a nice quiet enjoyable dinner. 
On Christmas Day we have a brunch open presents
then warm up the leftovers for dinner. So easy no fuss and muss.
Well this year we changed it even more.
This year we went very simple.
So for Christmas Eve Dinner we decided on a Japanese Hot Pot.
 We didn't have the right pot so we used my electric pan.
Daughter beautifully cut mushrooms, leeks, turnip, cabbage, carrots and tofu.
Potatoes, chicken and a miso based soup was then added and cooked.
We ate family style where one picks out what they would like and put
into their small bowl.
And if you think this weird, Japanese Son made Tacos for Christmas Dinner !

For Christmas Day we had brunch.
Deviled Eggs, Stuffed Mushrooms, fruit, Monkey Bread, cheese plate and crackers.
Easy fun and very delicious.
Daughter always makes her fruit and vegetables look so wonderful.
She tried to make Monkey Bread but I didn't have the right pan.
Looks different but tasted great.
Later Christmas Day for dinner we made Panini's
using what (little) was left from brunch.
 So we changed it all up had a wonderful quiet no fuss or muss Holiday.
Just what I needed.
We enjoyed the weeks leading up to Christmas and the day very much.
Traditions evolve and we made it work for our very small family.
And just because I can
in case you missed the best part of our Christmas.
Here is your pretty to start the week.

The Square Ones under the tree.
Dreaming of "chkikin" strips.
Since they are such gud dugs Santa was very very gud to them !

cheers. . . parsnip
music. . . In The Bleak Midwinter,  Annie Lennox


  1. I am all for having what you like at Christmas. for some years our family had a particularly super special salad! All the best for 2015, to you and the Square Ones.

  2. Yummy spread for Christmas brunch and chikin' strips too? Wow. Who needs a white Christmas when there's love all around?

  3. Good for you, for doing things the way you want. That's what we do, we have our own traditions that we started long long time ago when we started dating and we love them.

    No turkey though, I never make that for xmas and I don't celebrate thanksgiving in November, so no turkey 30 days before either.

    But we do the gifts and we love it. I love and have great fun hunting down deals and finding neat things for people that I love. Then we play with our toys like little kids. We love it. Would not change it for anything.

    So keep on doing it your way, Parsnip. Life's too short not to just have fun the way that works best for you.

    1. Oh I enjoy buying gifts but I don't wait for the last second.
      Plus all my friends don't need anything, so it is usually a plant and some really great coffee from my friend.
      Family is different and I have a lot of fun looking for their gifts.
      I must say dinner was wonderful.

    2. So glad that dinner was wonderful. That's always fun to hear and I
      loved seeing your table. How fun. Keep up the great post, Parsnip.

      Cheers and boogie boogie.

  4. Just how it should be, Parsnip, good for you and yours, it all sounds and looks lovely.

    1. We enjoyed the day had some wonderful food and gifts.

  5. Poeple, families and traditions do keep evolving indeed. I love your tradition, small and warm Christmas with your loved ones. Great idea to cook on Chrismas Eve and just warm up leftovers for Christmas dinner. Your hot pot looks delicious! Your daughter cut the mushrooms really beautifully :-) We are talking about having hot pot but haven't done yet so far.
    Watson and thehamish are looking so cute under the tree! Have a wonderful day xoxo

  6. If I don't get the chance
    Happy new year to you

  7. oh gosh it looks wonderful! and those cute boys too!

    hugs, bee
    Happy New Year!

  8. Looks great and a appetising.