Sunday, November 23, 2014

ummmmmmmmmm Oh My

Oh My !

Oh My.
Having sex and and making an  Anchor baby really pays off big time for illegals.
The fact they broke the law and committed fraud the second they set foot on US soil, 
it is not their fault. No responsibility for their actions.
If caught, tears and more tears, you can't break up the (illegal) family.
When one happy illegal in Nevada was asked how it felt about Obama's speech,  he said good. Now his parents would get amnesty but his mother will be crying because her relatives didn't have their anchor babies yet and were not able to get a pass.
Oh Yeah....
The illegals  are getting rewarded for  sex.
Remember I talked about this in my health care post.
 While the few taxpayers left foot the bill.
el Presidente Obama made some notable omissions in his speech.
Obama :  Overall the number of people crossing our border illegally
is at its lowest level since 1970.
Except for a "brief spike"
In fact they have been on the rise since 2011.
In 2011, 16,000 children alone were found crossing the border.
In 2012 24,000 children
38,000 children in 2013
In the past budget year 68,361 children were apprehended.
This doesn't even factor in the adults.

The part about this would help separate the "law  abiding" illegals
so we could deport the violent criminals.
Yeah about that...
In Arizona, el Presidente Obama courts knockdown an Arizona law that allowed the courts to hold illegals who committed crimes from theft, murder and rape
to be held without bail.
Seems this is to harsh and they have rights.
Do you really expect any illegal who has committed these horrific crimes
would stick around for their trial ? Off to Mexico to come back in a few months.

In New Mexico the first court hearings for the illegals who crossed the border in the last serge, was held. Over 70% did not show up to receive their court date.
They have melted into the illegal communities where their illegal families already live.
And remember the teens who said, we want to go to school ?  It seems their first homework assignment was to steal a car go on a joy ride to another state, get in an accident, steal another car from a cripple veteran get int another accident before been caught.
Yea homework !
And you all wonder why a few Americans bad bad bad Americans were protesting !
Oh My
How about all that compassion going towards the homeless,  the poor of Appalachia,
returning Veterans, Seniors on Medi care, the poor of any big city... Like LA or Detroit or the handicapped. Hey what about fixing our broken infrastructure first.
Cesar Chavez is rolling over in his grave today.

Yept, I think this will be a good day to rob a bank.

Oh My
Found at my grocery store.
Downy had now put Spanish first above English.
There are quiet a few Spanish first products in the stores.
I am writing a letter to each one.
And yes, that is el Presidente  Obama
drone hovering above my home.

Oh last thought.
At a Toronto Maple Leafs Game their fans finished the US anthem after technical difficulties .
In Tucson, first the Hispanics would not speak enough English to know or finish the song.
They would sing in its place
Lindo y Querido
Beautiful, Beloved Mexico



  1. I was just asking my friend about the fact that we have to say taco, burrito, jalapeno and chihuahua but all our English words are translated on forms and advertisements. My friend told me that burrito means donkey and that was the end of that discussion. LOL

    1. Well I guess that could be but the little tiny Burros from Mexico are the sweetest ever.
      I always wanted one.
      If you read Yahoo news there is an Hispanic writer who wrote about two Hispanic workers at Whole Foods who were told not to speak Spanish to each other when working at the store. The store is in New Mexico. That is still in the US last time I looked at a map.
      They were suing I think for their right to speak Spanish while at work.
      The writers solution was we American should learn Spanish ! ! ? ! Not that the workers need to speak English in America.

      Then Eva Longoria gave a speech. Her take on Xenophobia. The fact that we want everyone to speak English, especially in the US ?
      We Americans should learn other languages, like Spanish, OK .......
      No where in the speech did she once say that Hispanics living in the US should learn English.

      Hey Eve between my three children they speak several languages. Some better than others, Son and Daughter speak Japanese. Other son speaks some French, German and Japanese.
      Hello Xenophobia anyone ?

      When I shop at the Korean market I always greet them in Korean but immediately they start speaking English. Eva Respect goes both ways.

  2. That's not exactly respectful to not even bother to learn an anthem.

    1. You bet 'chach.
      I am now learning the Anthem of Canada.

  3. dear sarge would be rolling over about now too honey. it's just awful what is happening. and i am still concerned about the christians in syria that he won't give a visa too that are being beheaded for being christian.

    hugs, bee


  4. In the matter of immigration, I think Putin has it right. He says when immigrants go to Russia, they have to speak Russian and obey Russian laws. The U.S. doesn't even have an official language and those who are here illegally are rewarded for breaking the law.

    1. You betcha'
      We have students graduating from High School with little understanding of English.
      One such person was running for office (democrat) in a small town on the Arizona Border. She graduated from high school several years ago and was running on a platform of bring together the both sides of this town, Oh and more jobs !
      But she could not put together enough words in English to make a sentence.
      Hello ?

  5. As a legal immigrant here, I simply feel sad about this :-(
    I'm also very worried that there would be more crimes.

    1. I also feel so sad.
      But I am so happy you are here !

  6. Love the picture, share your sentiments and realize there's probably nothing we can do. No other major country automatically grants citizenship to a child born there. I've been told that it has to do with the 14th amendment to the Constitution, which obviously needs changing. Yes we're a nation of immigrants, but we shouldn't be a nation of idiots. The Brits invited Saxons in to help fight for them and lost their nation, think we'll fare any better. I speak 2 languages ( Spanish being one of them) and bits and pieces of others. If you enter Mexico illegally you'll be arrested, how strange.

    1. For about 20 years I have made an effort to erase as many spanish words as I can from my vocabulary.
      In fact I am losing my ability to speak spanish and as of today that is just fine with me.
      Tucson is fill over filled with Spanish words. But if I can say the word in English I will.
      I never, said the polite wonderful words like please and thank you, hello, goodbye any greeting ...
      even ordering food I will translate them and say them in English

      Respect and courtesy goes both ways.

  7. It must be very difficult and I do sympathise.

    1. It seems the more you break the laws I have to obey the more they get.

  8. I remember when my younger daughters dad left me. I had 5 in all to care for. I went to wefare services for help and was told if I had 1 more, they would help me. It's really sad.

    Our country is slowly and methodically being destroyed. And not because of these poor people.

    1. Not just because of these poor people but the expectations of all the free stuff they get for an anchor baby.
      Where I use to live in Southern California, the Hispanic population is now so much larger than all the other groups put together.
      The overwhelming overpopulation of welfare babies, infrastructure crumbling, gangs, illiteracy, violence against women and children, drug cartels and the political power group using the illegals.... Southern California is now a third world country.

    2. Shelly: Sorry you had to go through that.

      Parsnip: Sorry to comment off topic but you got me thinking and I'm going to try the tin bread in old tomato cans that I have. I'm out right now but once I restock and make more tomato sauce, I'll give it a go.

      First though, I'm going to do research on the safety of baking in a can. See what I can dig up.

    3. I looked that up. Seems the newer coffee cans are the problem. The research I read say tomato cans the ones that about the size of coffee ? seem to be a better choice.
      You can make them in flower pots too ! which look really cute.
      But I want to make the coffee can ones.

    4. Are you married to it being a coffee can only? I don't buy the real big tomato cans, medium but I've heard those might not be safe either. Be careful, Parsnip. And much luck in your baking adventure.

  9. When a country only enforces some of the laws it is tyranny. This country has never had a POTUS that has taken so many illegal power grabs. What is happening is a Constitutional crisis. What to do about it? Changing the 14th amendment is a start. It ought to be put to a vote. Let the people decide. The House needs to withhold $ for Obama's illegal plans....