Friday, November 28, 2014

Square Dog Friday. . . waiting for the other shoe to drop.

awwwwww best day of the week !
And I have more to be thankful for this week than others.
Last Friday family went to a early last minute dinner
at Takamatsu. I rarely go out to dinner on Fridays because of all the crowds.
But we all met and had a wonderful dinner with much laughter and story telling.
When son and I got home The Square Ones were waiting at the door tails wagging as usual but Watson was crying more than usual.
I just assume it was his dementia acting up and he got frightened.
Bad Mum !
Chopping up chicken to add to the dry food for their dinner I put it down 
and Watson wouldn't eat. He rarely eats breakfast but he usually eats dinner.
He just laid down for the rest of the evening and didn't move.
That is when I saw he was dragging his back legs.  Dragging the top of his paw 
before putting his foot down. He wouldn't even use his right leg.
This looked just like Daughters dog Waldie did when his disk went out, 
before each of his 3 surgeries. 
We made him comfortable and waited to see how he was the next morning.
He was very restless all night.
The next morning Daughter came over and we drove to the Emergency Vet.
The Doctor gave us some good news bad news, that she didn't think a disk slipped but
later on that still could be a possibility. 
What she was leaning towards was a Stroke.
Only it has a more important name with more letters.
During his checkup all the doctors and assistants came over to see him.
First, they couldn't believe he was 16  he was in such good condition  !
Second, he was so very sweet and super handsome.
Third, they rarely get to see a Scotty
So they were very surprised to see Watson.
Fourth, they were happy to see no massive problems for right now.
         When the Doctor came into the room to talk, here was Watson walking.
Not dragging his feet anymore but walking slow with the right one still held up.
They all laughed when we were surprised and answered, 
"Well they all want to go home so they will themselves to walk".
Pictures from last Saturday.
Not sure if thehamish is concerned or envious of all the attention Watson was getting.
My sweet baboo !
His regular vet thinks he has a disk problem, even with not showing
any signs during the examination. 
Two doctors two different evaluations.
So we are watching him for two week checking out his back paws.
Today he seems fine, walking and bouncing around.
But I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.
I know in my brain he is 16 almost 17,
but my heart doesn't know that.
I have noticed for the last few months he was having a hard time jumping up 
on the sofa and his chair.
I just assumed his arthritis was acting up.
Bad Bad Mum.
ummmm i thehamish is maybe not feeling so gud too.
I resting in Adam's bed today i thehamish is needin' some rest.
oh woe
oh woe is me.
 oh woe is i thehamish
so very woe
so woe
yert !

 Here is your pretty to start the weekend
This is especially for "The Happy Wisk".
I think this was found in the Home Base of "Land Of Political Correct"
Berkley, California. 
What a hoot !

 I just made for the first time some unpolitical correct 
Gingerbread in a non-political loaf pan and it was so good.
What a delicious bread.
Must make more soon.
And there goes my hips !
gingerbread. . . parsnip
music. . .  Happy,  Phaarrell William


  1. Ah Parsnip, I truly hope Watson is making good progress on his legs and that he has a good appetite. He is such a trooper. Dogs just get more and more precious with age. We love them so much, and they touch your heart when time catches them up, as alas it must us all.
    Please give him a gentle rub from me and the Floss. He looks very comfy under the duvet. - Lily x

    1. Watson is the bigger Brindled Scotty
      thehamish is the Westie/Scotty mix. and a hoot !
      I will give them both some tummy rubs for you and the Fabulous Flossy !

  2. Poor Watson! Poor Hamish! So cute!

    Hugs and chocolate!

    1. awww, sending lots of love back to your little ones

  3. Replies
    1. We are so lucky to have him and yes, even the crazed thehamish.

  4. Poor baby. Hope everyone is back to their usual selves soon! xoxo

    1. Watson is doing so much better but I wonder when it will happen again.

  5. Oh poor Watson! I'm so sorry he got issues with his legs. It's tough to find the best treatment when two doctors give different diagnoses. But I'm so glad he seems to be doing fine now. I hope he continues to do well. What sweet photos of Watson and thehamish. They are such precious dugs.
    Love that genderless gingerbread :-) So cute!

    1. You would not know he was having any problem a week ago.
      He is bouncing around like nothing ever happened.
      I thought the gingerbread person was so funny.

  6. Poor guy.... I hope he continues to bless you for some time to come.

  7. You have me worried too now Gayle - I do hope it all turns out well for those square ones.
    Laughed at the genderless gingerbread idea.

    1. There is not much I can do but watch him and no more jumping up on the bed and sofa.

  8. oh your dear little babies are so adorable, i hope for no pain and lots of good time sweetheart! hugs to you all!

    smiles, bee


  9. Those two really look out for each other, don't they?

    I hope they're both doing much better as soon as possible. I'll be praying for all of you.

    1. Watson has always looks after thehamish. He is a very good brother.
      So I an never sure if thehamish is really that concerned or envious of the attention Watson is getting.

  10. Hope Watson gets better. 16. Wow!

  11. Sorry for Watson. Hope he gets better soon. Two cute dogs!

  12. Oh you lovely square dogs, take care. What a great age Watson is, obviously such a well cared for pooch. In your heart you know what lies ahead. I've cried over the loss of much loved dogs my whole life - so much total love given that the loss of it always means heartache. But I am wishing Watson and thehamish a contented old age and nothing but GUD.

  13. Watson sounds like a lucky dog :)

  14. Glad your boy came through alright. 16 years old - wow!

  15. Nearly 17, that has to be tough. He is lucky to have you.