Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Oh My, Oh Dear two more quick posts and I stop .... maybe.

Oh My.
OK, can any one tell me why anyone needs to 
"to woo Hispanics"
How about the Hispanics wooing us.
The paper goes on to say "the nation's fastest-growing population"
The anchor babies are paying off big time.
11 million plus illegals.
Not counting the last spike.
What about wooing me a taxpayer ?
A start would be to let me pay no taxes like the illegals for the 5 to 10 years,
20 years or more would be better.
Only the illegals would pay our taxes.
That would go a long way to make me happy.
el presidente Obama can you do that for me ?
Today Southern California has more Hispanics that all the other groups together.
How ? ummmmm anchor babies having more anchor babies.
The infrastructure in Southern California is breaking down.
Remember the old water pipes breaking in LA and millions and millions of gallons 
of water just rushing down streets, when the state is rationing water ?
Jerry "all illegal immigrants at welcome in California" Brown just gave 
3 million dollars of state money to pay attorneys to go to court for illegal juveniles.
The state has no water but money to pay attorneys !
Never a word about the legal green cards families or workers trying
to build a life for their families.
Oh My.
Just need to get this out of my system
before I explode.


  1. I sure hope government spend taxpayers' money wisely!

  2. Like you, the whole mess makes my head ache. I had my yearly checkup today with basic and standard tests. The expense for all will be out of my pocket due to a sky high deductible which helps me to marginally afford a basic major medical health insurance policy in the first place.....Yert! Yet, all around me I see multitudes peeling benefits off the system while the rest of us go to work, pay high taxes and cover the bills. I am getting too old and tired for this crap. Okay, I'm done. Thanks for letting me vent. X Hugs to all.

    1. Before I went on Medi Care...
      Because the divorce left me and the children with out insurance I had to find us all insurance.
      I have to get new insurance with all my health issues, I was paying 1500.00 a month and that was several years ago.
      If I didn't apply for social security and medi Care they would raise my policy to 2000.00 a month.
      So you see why I have such a problem with government supported anchor babies and their families.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, dear Parsnip!
    Yes, though I'm happy to be an immigrant welcomed into America, I sure miss European/ Canadian/Australian style health care which is funded by taxes when you are working and doesn't hit you in the gut when you are sick!
    Buster says woof to the square guys!
    We await a winter storm here!

  4. I wish we had European/Canadian/Australian style healthcare. Just signing up for ours is a PITA.

    I heard that the Hispanics population nearly equals the Caucasian population in the US now. I wonder how long before they surpass us?

    On one hand I'm happy for the Mexican couple who manage the housekeeping department at one local hotel. We got to know them when we stayed there while waiting to move into our current residence. They're decent, hardworking people not looking for handouts.

    On the other hand, I'm disappointed that I won't be able to get my neighbors and their troublesome kids deported.

  5. Make sure you speak Spanish.... it's taking over from English.

  6. Our politicians are ripping this country to shreds. Try to think happy thoughts.

    Happy Thanksgiving!