Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wednesday In Japan...

I fell in love with the Japanese Pay Phone about one hour into my first trip to Japan.
Our flight was so delayed that we missed our ride into Tokyo.
While my son figure out how to get us on the train, there I was falling in love with these fabulous green pay phones.
Most of all I was trying to figure out how I could rip one off the wall and stuff it in my luggage with out being thrown into jail on my first hour in Japan.
Since that first visit to Tokyo, I try to get a photo of a green phone somewhere on each new visit.
Unfortunately my computer and not the hamish, destroyed several years of photos. So I had to start over again.

Don't you think this would look just great in my home ?

This photo was taken a fabulous market in Osaka. Five floors of wonderful, that my son and daughter-in law shop at.
I use this photo for my blog related angryparsnip photo.

And here is my granddaughter koguma-chan at the same phone.
As you can see she is taking after her grandmumzilla !

phoning. . . parsnip
music. . . Pick Up The Phone, Dragonette
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  1. It's a pretty shade of green. These days we hardly ever see pay phones, Im sure it must be getting that way in Japan.

  2. oh my gosh i remember those! i had completely forgotten the phones!

    hugs, bee


  3. Could she be cuter? I think not!
    I took a photo of a pay phone in China :)
    It's the little things that you notice along the way I think.

  4. Oh wow, cuteness overload here! I can't blame you for wanting to take one of those green phones home with you. And your granddaughter koguma-chan couldn't be any more adorable!!

  5. Your granddaughter is adorable.

    The pay phone is cute, too.

  6. That is one weird looking payphone!

  7. I guess with green as my favorite color, I'm with you it's a cool phone!

  8. the green phone is beautiful but not as lovely as your grand daughter. i like the name Grandmumzilla!

  9. Ah, your granddaughter is a wee cutie!

  10. I'm still searching for one on and off. There has to be a junk shop somewhere in Osaka with a green phone for sale.