Thursday, February 16, 2012

Square Dog Friday...

Just back from our herbal body wraps at the groomers.
We look Fabulous !
for about 60 seconds...

Valentine Toys Review
I shall review the two toys to the best of my ability,
so help me paws.
and a chicken strip.

Watson.... What a lovely blue color, looks great with my brindled coloring

hamish.... toy, toytoytoytoytoytoytoytoy !

bluebluebluebluebluetoytoytoyblue yert !

Wonderful green rubber squeaky toy that looks much better than
the material phone toy.
Thank You, nice tall person can I play now ?

hummmmm new squeaky must get destroy now !

hamish... must find gud greensqueak

murfffffffffmust destroysqueaknowyert !

Exciting green toy has escaped and is hiding...

mine !

minemineminemineminemine !

Nice tall person you know I love you but I need to talk to you about the hamish...
have you looked at the aftermath of the the hamish ?
stuffing everywhere, toy parts everywhere and furniture pushed everywhere ?


i such gud hamish gud dug

yert !

the clean up ......
Watson's review

Dog phone
The dog phone toy aesthete was aimed at the nice tall person
and not for the dog.
chew ... gummy, slobbery material
squeak ... poor, not loud
design ... poor
The toy was easily destroyed in 1.0 nano second
and the squeak was very easy to pull out.
I give this toy a 1 out of 10
only 1 point because nice tall person bought it for us.
The green hippo
chew ... good, it is green rubber
squeak ... fair, needs to be louder
design. ... fair
The green toy was rubber and had a good chew factor but it was easily torn in half.
The stuffing was fun to pull out but way to easy to get get out.
The squeak was moderate but was to easy to find and pull out.
The design was quite fun but we ripped it apart in 4.6 nano seconds.
I give this toy a 2 out of 10
because it was fun, green and rubber
but was destroyed too easy.

heart. . . parsnip
music. . . Get On Your Feet, Gloria Estafan

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  1. My entire house looks like that last photo :)
    Seriously on the body wraps? I would love one right now.

    1. wahahahahahah... mine too !
      The Boys were pulling out the toys, so before I cleaned up I brought out the new ones.
      They really love to chew till they find the squeak and hold it down while pulling the stuffing out. They are just wild vicious animals.
      I let them have some fun then sweep it all up.
      I started 'The Herbal Body Wraps" term when I lived in Laguna Beach at the Square Ones California groomers. Hey it was Southern California !

  2. Has anyone ever told you that those two dogs are spoiled rotten?

    1. Yes, they are spoiled but in a good way....
      All that my friends say to me is "when they die they all want to come back as my dogs"
      We all spoil our dogs... at lest I don't dress them up, carry them in purses and dye their fur...

  3. oboy you boyz look fabulous!!! i LOVE square dog fridays, look forward to them all week to see what those sweeties are up to...

    yerttoymineyert! auntie bee

    1. I love when they come back from the groomers they are all fluffy.
      It is hard for me to really brush their coat like I should so they need to be groomed. Plus with Hamish been at hospital so much lately, he really needed to be fluffed up !

      They send woofs and a yert back to you <3

  4. I think Chew Toy Review is the most glorious thing you have done on the Internets. Seriouse LOL.

    1. Hey, thanks
      I am thinking of starting a blog just for them filled with reviews and their musings on life.... like the book that I am writing but Kirbey's book first !

  5. Some hilarious pictures there, especially the second from the top. Love that dog's eyes.

    1. the is so easy just point and click. If you think I exaggerate about the way he acts, I tone it down somewhat.
      Watson is the most beautiful dog but he really doesn't take great photos. That one is really nice I love it too.

  6. Keep spoiling them, they make me laugh so much!

    I occasionally feel a little sorry for the real Titus, however. He has a pair of old socks tied together as his sole house toy. Outside, he is allowed to chew sticks if it will be helpful with the garden tidying. And I suppose getting thrown in the burn to wash the mud off is a little like a herbal wrap...

    1. Thanks, I shall !
      Don't feel sorry about your Titus. He has two young friends to play with, that is the best toy of all.
      the hamish, loves to play ball and would play it all day if he could.
      Watson loves tug but I can really no longer play that much tug anymore, don't have the strong hands anymore.

      And just so you know, their favorite toy is two socks knotted together.

      When I had a Border terrier she only got baths, never when to the groomers.
      But the Square Ones get so tangled that they have to go.

  7. The aftermath of the Hamish, huh? I love that!

    1. Yes, you laugh but there is always a trail of stuff that is made by and falls off of him.
      There is an aftermath, always !

  8. Great review! Enjoyed it. My older dog used to destroy all her stuffed toys in minutes too. But she had fun doing it!

    1. This is the 2nd review and Watson has enjoyed it very much. the hamish just want to kill it and eat the toy no matter what.
      They do have fun ripping it apart.

  9. You boys are spoilt rotten.
    What about warm herbal wraps for Mum?

    1. Yes please. I just got out of my Hot Tub and it was lovely...
      Much needed lovely !

  10. Your dogs are wonderful! When I was a kid, we had a Jack Russell and he would destroy toys in no time at all :)

    1. ohhhhhhhhhh, Jack Russells love to destroy their toys. A friend of mine had a rough coated one and I thought her so beautiful but a hand full.

  11. Fond as I am of the Hamish, I just adore Watson's cool.