Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday In Japan...

Conveyor Belt Sushi !
Food, entertainment and so much fun !
There are many conveyor belt sushi restaurants but this chain is my favorite

Happy, happy, very happy mascots in front of Kurasushi,
greeting a very happy, happy, happy Me walking into restaurant.
I adore these guys.
Did I mention how happy I was ?

First have a cup of Matcha, powered green tea,
there is a hot water faucet at the table next to the condiments.

Then the happiness starts !
Small plates of sushi are placed on the conveyor belt that winds around the restaurant and moves past your booth. You pick what you want the selection from the steady stream of tasty small dishes that pass by. Only rule you touch the dish you must take it. And unlike in America this rule is followed, no exceptions.
There is a chip on the bottom of these dishes and after a certain amount of time the dish are thrown away.
whahahaha, like that really can happen especially if I am there.

The cost of your sushi is determined by the size and number of the dishes.
At this resturant you place empty dishes in a slot and a total is taken as you eat.

... after so many dishes you can play a game and win a "capsule prize"

We won several prizes that day.

I was very good at Sumo.
You place your special orders from a menu on the screen.
The sign below shows after you place a special order, it will be placed on the belt on a red dish that will alert your screen as it get near.
How cool is this !
I am in LOVE ! what could be better, great sushi, dishes that beep and prizes.
Heaven !

Yea, Hanshin Tigers favorite baseball team ... many of the capsules had team phone straps and charms in them.

I so miss Osaka.

sushi. . . parsnip
music. . . Walk On The Ocean, Toad The Wet Sprocket

Photos by daughter, mollybot, I was too busy choosing and eating and winning at Sumo wrestling.
Thank You, sweetie darling !
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  1. aahhh! I've been to one of these- in Hikone! Fun games & tasty sushi.

    1. I think they are super fun... but get crowed . I like to go a bit early.

  2. The anime-manga look always strikes me as really, really odd...

    1. Spend a few day in Japan they have a mascot for everything.... and you will get use to it.

  3. That food looks absolutely scrumptious and so appetising.

  4. oh how i wish i liked sushi, really i do... but sadly i don't. but i like little square black dogs! yert!

    smiles, bee

    1. Well at lest you tried sushi and not like some people who say they are picky eaters and won't even try... good for you !
      The Square One Llike you too !

  5. What a riot. Sounds better than Chuck E. Cheese!

    1. OMG ! so much better than Chuck E, Cheese.... the food is tasty, healthy and not drowning in oil.
      The little game comes on the screen in your booth... last a minuet no screaming kids running around playing huge noisy games. It can get noisy but once you sit down your in your own booth it is sushi heaven.
      It is a family place.

  6. Ye gads that looks good, and fun, I want to go right now.

  7. What «Louis» is looking for is conveyor belt cheesecake...

    1. Yes, conveyor cheesecake with some of your great coffee !

  8. Hello Gayle:
    We have never been to a Sushi restaurant....amazing, we know, but we never have. Perhaps we need to be introduced by an experienced client, such as you, as it all seems rather bewildering to an outsider. And, how cleverly arranged it all is for the special orders to be taken and the calculation of the bill. All so incredible!

    1. I'd love the experience of a sushi bar. Fat chance in deepest Somerset;)

  9. I can be a bit indecisive when it comes to dining in a restaurant. I'd probably be chasing that conveyer belt all around the place while trying to make up my mind!