Friday, February 10, 2012

square dog friday....

Another Friday filled with Square Dogs
and Umbrellas.
Today is also
National Umbrella Day.
Yea !
So to all you out there in blog land who are anywhere but in Tucson (76/43 today sunny blue skies) I have seen the weather reports so get those umbrellas out and celebrate the day.
Now on to the important stuff,
The Square Dogs....

Oh dear....

I would much rather play tug.
It is the thinking dogs game of enjoyment.
The timing, the strategy of waiting to feel the weakness in the opponent.
The release and pull, so a quick tug and the sock goes to me.
Then a quick shake and the victory is mine.
Mine !

balllllll !

drop gudball

yert !

Early morning sunshine on the Palo Verde.
As you can see the Tangelo and Sweet Orange in front have not recovered from the deadly freeze that blasted down from Canada last year.
They both should be covered in leaves so dense you can't see through.
With branches so full of fruit that they touch the ground.
The tree surgeons come this month to see if there is any improvement and some hope of saving them.
I have already lost three other trees and have already cut down one.
My little citrus grove is getting smaller by the day.
I am very sad.

Now your pretty for the weekend.
8 am looking east towards the Rincon Mountains.
sunrise . . . parsnip
music . . . Wake Up, One Republic


  1. I am going to need an umbrella as I'm going up to Seattle tomorrow! My daughter told me nobody uses an umbrella up there and I should just bring a raincoat - ha ha, why would this Phoenix girl have a raincoat?

  2. boy howdy my umbrella got a good workout this morning!

    yert to the square boyz.... love those fridays!

    smiles, bee

  3. Blogger must be misbehaving... I'm not seeing any pics today...

    It's Umbrella Day?

  4. I can't see the picture, but had great fun reading your captions and trying to imagine the photos that go with them!

    Sad about your citrus grove too, because I know how much you love it. X

  5. If a square black dog says ball, then ball it is - neither of them will take no for an answer. You are putty in their paws.