Friday, February 10, 2012

square dog friday, part 2

blogger is deleting some of these photos too !
I give up !

here are the photos for the 1st square dog friday post....
when I posted this morning and checked they were there....
I guess blogger and lovely %$#%@*(&#$$$$$ comcast had a fight and I lost...
if you feel like it the post below does mention that today is National Umbrella Day and some other stuff... Just my very clever writing...

Oh dear

I would much rather play tug.
It is the thinking dogs game of enjoyment.
The timing, the strategy of waiting to feel the weakness in the opponent.
The release and pull, so a quick tug and the sock goes to me.
Then a quick shake and the victory is mine.


drop gudball

yert !

Early morning sunshine on Palo Verde.
As you can see the Tangelo and Sweet Orange in front have not recovered from the deadly freeze that
blasted down from Canada last year.
They both should be covered in leaves so dense, you can't see through.
With branches so full of fruit that thay touched the ground.
The tree surgeons come this month to see if there is any improvement and some hope of saving them.
I have already lost three other trees and have already cut down one.
My little citrus grove is getting smaller by the day.
I am very sad.

Now your pretty for the weekend.
8 am looking east towards the Rincon Mountains.
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  1. I thought it was just my computer this morning - not seeing the photos. Glad I popped back in, those faces are so sweet.

  2. They definitely are sweet!

    I find myself wondering if they're ever inclined to go into the pool....

  3. Lovely sequence of photos! made me laugh...

    And I am sorry about your citrus. They may come back in the end. I have one which is in a pot, and I call it the Survivor.

  4. So sweet those two adorable little dogs and thanks for the sunset picture too! Or is that sunrise?

  5. Yeah, I looked at this blog Friday, and assumed it was something on my end. Anyway, your one dog is quite the ham.

    1. The boys look well and it looks Spring like.