Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday In Japan...

My Wednesday post about my life in Japan...
Favorite recipe from Japanese son, made by talented daughter, mollybot.
Southwest Cassoulet.
Daughter came over last Sunday and whipped this fabulous dinner up for us.
What made it even better was that it was last Sunday it was cold weather for a November in Tucson, with early morning snow on the mountain tops and a sunny but rather cool afternoon.
The cassoulet had white beans, onion, garlic, red wine, kale , sage and soy chorizo. We like soy chorizo better than pork chorizo , not as fatty but just as tasty. Melissa's or Trader Jo's brand is great. Garlic bread crumbs on top then pop in the over.
This taste so good and your home will smell wonderful. Just the thing for a cold day.
Click on daughter's blog, CSAmazing, on my right side column for recipe.

Update !
Hamish is still wearing The Cone Of Shame.
It comes off tomorrow and he really wants it OFF NOW ! he is on mass quantities of eye drops for the next two weeks, then next recheck.
Eye look clear and he can see now.

Partners in crime. Hamish, Waldie and Watson.

Waldie has extreme separation anxiety.
I have never seen a dog scream when left alone like he does for as many hours you are gone, he never stops.
They are using a crate, cozy blankets, a recording of their voices reading a book but nothing so far has worked. They even bought a "Thundershirt" for him. You wrap him snugly in the vest and it is suppose to help the dog feel secure. It works about 90% of the time. guess who is in the 10% that is doesn't help that much ?
So they dropped him off for a play day with The Boys hoping that would be less stressful on him and he could get use to being away from them. Well there was no screaming but we had lots of crying. I swear there were tears !
Of course Watson took one look at all the hysteria and took off for parts unknown. Hamish hung around and slept next to Walide who was always right next to me but it was a hard day. I want him to visit at lest once a week, sooner or later (please let it be sooner) he has to get use to being left alone and that The Ladies will come back for him !
snugly. . . parsnip
music. . . Mad World, Michael Andrews/Gary Jules

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  1. hamish is the smart one! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. Empress Bee...
    Or maybe Watson, he knew when to fold them !

  3. Sounds like one neurotic dog - what a pity they can't speak and tell us what is wrong.

    That dinner looks amazing - that is what I like about Japanese cooking - it always looks like a work of art as well as tasting great.

  4. Gosh, it does seem as if poor Waldie needs extra TLC --a bit tiring all the time even if he is cute.
    Bster and I are glad Hamish is doing better!

  5. Oh dear, we have the same problem with our dog Frankie, luckily he quiets down when we have actually gone. We don't really know what the problem is, but we think he just wants to be included in everything - maybe Waldie is the same.
    Soy chorizo? I'll have to try to track some down in the UK. I miss chorizo...

  6. Weaver...
    It is not a Japanese dish but we got the recipe from Japanese son who got it, I think, from his Japanese professor at the University of Arizona. When he went to study and then live in Japan the recipe went with him.
    Now that he lives in Nishinomiya, Japan it is a taste of home.

    They only know some of the bad stuff he lived with in the four year before they adopted him. It must be very bad. So I think in his mind he has a good life now and doesn't want to have it walk out the door ?

    I wish he would calm down after they left but they filmed him one afternoon when they went out and he cried, barked and moaned till they walked back in.
    Soy Chorzo is so good. I like pork but pork chorizo is always way to greasy for me. Half of it must be fat. That is why we all love the soy one. I would think you could find it in the UK but you might have to put google to work. There must be a way to order something similar from Spain ?
    Good Hunting !

  7. Waldie looks adorable. I hope he can adjust...

  8. William...
    He is very sweet, he just can't be left alone or without his mums. I hope he feels more secure soon. He is a great little dog.

  9. Lovely dinner, and one son's heart has just melted at Waldie in his Thundershirt.

  10. The cassoulet looks so good. My heart goes out to poor little Waldie.
    Glad to hear Hamish is doing well.

  11. That cassoulet looks marvelous!

    «Louis» is pleased that Hamish is progressing satisfactorily!

  12. The recipe looks great, I've never tried the soy chorizo. I like the picture of the three doggies in V formation!

  13. Titus...
    He is a sweet pup and loves to curl up right next to you. He would adore your son !
    I know the Thundershirt is to help dog with his anxiety problems but he looks so cute in his.

    This is my favorite dish Japanese son makes. It is so good.
    I taught all my children to cook as soon as they could stand on a step stool and all are fabulous
    They all learned to clean, do laundry and set up a budget. I wasn't sending them out in the world without knowing how to survive.
    Waldie is a cutie and Hamish is doing great !

    Louis la Vache...
    It is so good and really very simple.
    Hamish has just bounced back. You wouldn't know he was ever blind.

    Diane Az...
    Ohhhhh try it you might like it, like I said it is not so oily.
    I looked out the door and they were in the V formation ? maybe contemplating flying south for the winter ?

    I know I keep telling him... you have it made now. Cheer up !
    No more beatings and cages. Life is good !
    You have two mums that adore you !

  14. I liked you header.....
    best wishes
    a welsh scottie owner

  15. So glad Hamish will be out of TCOS soon - poor darling.
    Cassoulet looks yummy - just the thing for a winters day.
    Waldie sounds quite a responsibility. Hope he settles soon.

  16. I need to quit reading blogs or I will get fat. Between you, Laoch, Eryl,Kim's Maggie, there is no end to good cooking to be done. And seriously, these foods are delicious.

  17. Dr. Chris....
    Thanks so much !
    I an not quite the little old lady who lives with 30 cats but.... I love my Scotties.
    I will be stopping by your blog, we Scottie owner have to stick together.

    He is one happy puppy ! he hit the jackpot !
    They are in it for the long run but for such a sweet pup his problems are massive. I don't understand why/how people can be so cruel.

    I really don't need to cook anymore when I have willing cooks who want to.
    Carole, let me tell you 6 months of illness. I am so overweight...back to Jenny's for me.
    At lest reading doesn't make one fat but whith my luck it could happen.