Friday, November 25, 2011

chestnuts and radishes, oh my...

Chestnuts !
Daughter and I know about Japanese Chestnuts.
They are roasted and sold in front of the Japanese markets we used to go to in California.
When you buy a bag and you will get a small plastic disk you put on your thumb to crack the shell. Japanese Chestnuts do not have the x cut in them.
Daughter and I tried our hand at cutting the x in some Italian Chestnuts we bought at the market. I don't know if we did it right. The shell puffed and curled so pretty but as we have never seen Chestnuts roasted this way, we are not sure if this is the way they are suppose to look ?
They tasted lovely and I thought them beautiful.

I pickle some radishes yesterday, tops and all.

What a most beautiful vegetable.

I did a quick pickle that only takes an hour. All the sharp bitterness was gone leaving crunchy goodness behind.

Have a lovely weekend.
crunching . . . parsnip
music. . . Holding Back The Years, Simply Red
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  1. That sounds so good, both the chestnuts and the radishes.
    xoxo Kim

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm getting me in the mood for dinner - salmon tonight!!

  3. It shows you how much attention I pay to what radishes look like before they're cut up... that's a radish, huh?

  4. Oh yes indeed, those radishes are sooo beautiful. As for chestnuts, I've never found them to taste like much. I love the idea of roasted chestnuts but been somewhat disappointed. I like the inedible ones that are also called conkers. Do you have those in Tucson?

  5. Numinosity Beads...
    They were both so easy and fun to do. I must admit I like the way the Japanese roast the chestnuts better but that could have been my fault or the store bought chestnuts.

    Well think of it as pay back time from when you were talking about your Christmas Cake baking. I was drooling all over my keyboard.

    Just think of hem as little red bombs or listening devices for one of your novels.

    Are they not one of the most beautiful vegetables and already decked out for Christmas.
    As for the Chestnuts, Daughter and I would buy a bag each and take them to the movie theater. So much fun and I guess so wrong.
    I like buying them from the stand in front of the Mitsuwa Market. I miss that time so much.

    Empress Bee...
    and so do I !

  6. Parsnip, your response to William was priceless!

    You could make money doing food photography for magazines, menus, etc. You really make it look good.

  7. Norma...
    Thank you for the kind comment, much appreciated.
    I will tell you a secret, it is an old trick... just put one object on a white piece of paper and WaaLaa instant pretty.
    I just use a point and click and a white sheet of paper by a window.

  8. I've never heard of pickled radishes before.
    You do have some innovative recipes which would tempt even the most languid appetite.