Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday In Japan.... and update

My Wednesday post about my life in Japan.
Bikes, bikes, bikes everywhere.

A chain of very tasty Curry Restaurants, with more bikes in front.

Everyone rides bikes in Japan.
You can see the train tracks down the street. This is the stop my son takes for his job. Curry House is in back of this photo.

View from my Kitchen Window.
After I posted Mondays photo of the rain and the cold weather from Canada (thanks a lot Canada !) the clouds lifted and the snow appeared. It was gone by the afternoon. These foothills are lower but on Mt. Lemmon (photo below) the snow last longer.

Monday morning snow on the Catalina Mountains, view from my studio.
We are now back to more normal November weather.

Hamish is feeling better, sitting in the sun by the Kitchen Table.
On Thursday we will find out how his eyes are and hopefully the cone of shame comes off. 6 days after the operation I can tell he can see and his eyes look less bloody and the squinting is gone.
Good Job, Hamish !

happy. . . parsnip
music. . . Back To Her, Five Way Friday
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  1. I would not do well in Japan. I never learned to ride a bike.

    Glad Hamish is doing better. Will look forward to a Friday report.

    Glad your weather is behaving.

  2. oh hamish honey pie i am so proud of you to be such a big boy and get all well!

    smiles, auntie bee

  3. We Canadians say you're welcome, and we'll send lots more of that lovely weather at your convenience.

    Hamish looks good. I look forward to good news.

  4. William, I think she was being sarcastic.

    Parsnip--thanks for the Hamish updates. He has a lot of people praying for him. I, for one, know what it's like to go through a serious illness with a beloved non-human family member.

    Carole, I'm no good on a bike either!

  5. Carole...
    That is OK, that is what the great Japanese bus and train system is for.
    I do know how to ride a bike but the fact that I can barely walk now.... I think I will have to get one of the 3 wheeled personal motorize walkers.
    The weather is more like our wonderful Fall weather. So very happy.

    Empress Bee...
    Everyday I tell Hamish his Auntie Bee likes him and calls him Sweetie and Honey Pie.
    I am thinking his new nickname should be Lemon though.

    Yeah........ don't think that will work, winter weather in Tucson means a sweater, hat and gloves.
    Boots are only worn to be stylish.
    So a big No Thanks and you can keep all the cold weather you all want so much.
    We have plenty of nice Canadian people who like to stay warmer down here in Tucson during the winter. Send them down instead. On second though some rain would be nice, none of that icy stuff now ! Be nice !

    I think of you and your sweet baby boy Sam every time I write about Hamish.
    They know how to tug at our hearts. Unfortunately but Watson and Hamish will have to be my last friends. I will have to live vicariously through my daughters.

  6. «Lovely views, even with the unseasonal snow...

    «Louis» is quite pleased to read that Hamish is making good progress!

  7. Wow, those bikes remind me of Amsterdam. I didn't realise so many people cycled in Japan. What a lovely view from your kitchen window - I am envious!

  8. How wonderful to have those mountains just outside your window. Good luck to Hamish when he gets the all clear.

  9. Oh dear, I guess I missed some Hamish news while I was away. Glad he is on the mend anyway. Your view took my breath away!

  10. What kind of food does CoCo curry house have? Is it Indian?

  11. Gorgeous views of the mountains!

    Tracking back to find the reason for Hamish's eye surgery...