Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Alive, sort of. . .

Update. . .
Call me Tanuki !
The Japanese Raccoon Dog.
Hamish made it through surgery with flying colors.
He is now installed on a fluffy blanket sleeping by my computer desk.
This photo was taken under my work table.
He is on mass quantities of drugs
wearing the "Cone Of Shame" for at lest a week.
We did find another problem that is common in Scotties and Schnauzers but easily controlled.
They all loved him at the Hospital and really didn't want him to leave.
Even with all the pain he was very sweet and they loved taking care of him.
He is a trooper.

nurse. . . parsnip
music. . . In The Blink Of A Eye, Cafe Carlyle Sessions

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  1. awww honey pie. feel better soon, ok?

    smiles, bee

  2. Empress Bee...
    He is very confused and I think he still can't see that well. He will walk a bit then stop and not move. He has hit the clear cone several time on the chair and door so he is a bit freaked by it. Plus I know he doesn't feel well and wants to be by me.
    I feel bad because I am sure he doesn't know why he is in all this pain. He is laying his little head on my foot and it breaks my heart.

    He needed a Southern Lady to call him "awwwww honey pie" Thanks !

  3. Hello Gayle:
    We are absolutely delighted to learn the good news about Hamish. We trust that he will continue to make an excellent recovery.

  4. Awww, Hamish! I know, it's annoying being like that for awhile...

  5. It is heartbreaking when pets are ill but I'm sure your presence will sooth him.
    I hear on Monday if I'm ready for the same procedure.

  6. «Louis» is quite happy to read that Hamish came through the surgery OK and he hopes that Hamish recovers rapidly!

  7. So glad that Hamish is doing well. Those cones are so hard on them--although necessary. I hope the surgery will improve his vision. My dog Maggie had to give up flyball last year because she could not longer see the jumps in the barn. The vet says it's not cataracts though, just general deterioration of the lens. Nice to think that things will improve for Hamish.

  8. Jane and Lance...
    Oh Thank you both. He is so quiet and doesn't move at all. Which is so unlike him.
    The plastic cone bothers him so much that he will not move because he keep bumping it on the ground and walls.

    It is so annoying, he dislikes it so much.

    I e-mailed you.... and yes when they are in pain they can't understand why. it is really sad.

    Hopefully he will be healing and will be able to get rid of the cone next Thursday.

    Yes, many happy thoughts

    When they lose their sight it is so sad.... he would look up at me and I knew he could see me. Broke my heart.
    I am hoping this will help but he will be on some form of meds now for the rest of his life.

  9. So glad you are taking care of Hamish in such good fashion. He will be up and about in no time and without the cone of shame to haunt his cute little face.

  10. Oh, dear! But he is in very, very good hands. I hope he makes a full recovery soon.

  11. Good work Nurse Parsnip!

    Gentle pats for Hamish.....

  12. Imagine how happy he'll be when he finds he can see properly again! In the meantime I hope he manages to get lots of rest and doggy treats. The clear cone is rather freaky!