Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday in Japan...

Wednesday Japanese post is being hijacked by a small 29 pound Square One.
For a very cute slice of everyday life in Japan click on Kogums-chan's blog on my sidebar. It shows a very small and definitely cute Costco cart girl making her "diaper money"

Well here is the culprit, awwwwwwww so sweet but really a Darth Varder in a furry coat !
On Thursday at 7 am he will be at the hospital for his lens replacement surgery because of diabetic induced cataracts in both eyes.
Waiting for morning meds

Under my big work desk.

Next to my computer/printer desk.

Morning pills.
When Hamish came to live with Watson and me he became my shadow.
I can't walk 2 feet with out him jumping up and following me. When I walk anywhere he is right next to my feet or between them sometimes even a lick on the ankle as I walk. He has sent me flying into walls and even a French Door once chipping a tooth.
While very endearing, after 7 years it gets a bit tiring. He is always there looking up at me. I don't flatter myself thinking it is all love, I think he is just checking me out for when I will be ready to eat. I am just a walking Steak or Pork Chop !
I have noticed he doesn't follow me around as much in the last 3 weeks. As I move from computer/printer to work table he is near but doesn't move in till he hears me leaving the room. It makes me so sad to see him stumbling, missteps, and walking along walls. I have put lots of old comfy blankets all over our home, adding to all the fluffy pillows and soft beds they already have strategically placed in our home. I try not to leave anything out or move anything to a new place because he will walk into it. He can't see anything right in front of him, it is like looking through thick frosted glass.
I see him now looking up at me and it breaks my heart because I know he can't see me.
I will update his surgery on my Friday post.

Ending on a happier note, clouds from my studio window.

They remind me of the waves on the Pacific Ocean.

worried. . . parsnip
music. . . Both Sides Now, Susan Boyle
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  1. Hopefully the procedure works. He's a great fellow... even if he's an occasional Darth Vader.

    Great sky shots!

  2. Hello Gayle:
    We are so sad for you and for Hamish and really do hope that all will be well for him on Thursday. We are certain that it will be for this operation, however serious it is, will be routine to the surgeon carrying it out. We shall much look forward to hearing good news on Friday.

    Take great care and try not to worry.

  3. Dear Parsnip
    Buster and I are thing of you and your little pals.
    Such a hard time for you all.
    Keep us posted please.
    Virtual hugs and pats all round.

  4. Best of luck for Hamish and for you. Keep us updated.

  5. I hope Hamish gets better. The one I hate about owning pets is the speed at which they age.

  6. I am sure even with the sight loss he feels quite safe with you, but I do hope the surgery works. He will be in my thoughts. Fingers crossed.

  7. Thank You everyone for your kind comments. He is a cheeky little devil but we love him.

    Will post any news on Friday
    He will have shaved eyebrows and the "cone of shame" when he comes home, so I think I will pop in "UP" and we can watch it together on the TV.

    cheers, gayle

  8. «Louis» hopes the square one has a very speedy recovery!

    The clouds, indeed, have a very Pacific look about them!

  9. I am thinking og Hamish and you too - I do hope everything goes according to plan and he is soon following you about again. I wait for your Friday update.

  10. Like everybody else I wish only for the best for you and Hamish. He must know that he is much loved.

  11. Poor Hamish. At least I am reading backwards, so I know the surgery worked :)