Thursday, September 24, 2009


Fall, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

It is the start of Fall in Tucson. Fabulous !

Fall in Tucson is very different from other areas. . . Leaves don't
drop from the trees leaving carpets of red, orange and brown. Fields
of corn and pumpkins don't magical appear just down the road inviting
you in for a hay ride. . .
Don't get me wrong we do have some of these things just not such
prevalent clues a-bit more understated. Most of our Fall color is
from the fruit that has set on Citrus trees that are slowly changing
from green to orange and yellow.

What we also have is a magical change in the air. The days get
cooler and after such hot, dry, monsoonal wet, then hot again
weather, the change in the air is the hint to Fall. From the hot,
sharp, in your face heat of summer air filled with dust, sage and
ozone, the mornings are now clear, the sky a brilliant blue and air
so soft that it envelops you like a whisper.

In the spirit of Fall, I am posting a photo of one of my ceramic
wreaths that I used to make in the Fall when I lived in Laguna Beach

magical . . . parsnip
music. . . Enchantment . . . Corinne Bailey Rae


  1. What a beautiful description of your fall. And the leaves illustrate it perfectly. Nothing OTT:)

  2. Oh.... here it is hot hot hot. But today I noticed it had cooled enough to take Louie for his Sunday walk.