Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Boys

The Boys, originally uploaded by angryparsnip.

The Boys just came back from their " Herbal Body Wrap " or in boring
everyday terms the groomers and are looking good but not for long !
Hey they are Bad Bad Little Square Black Dogs and this is Tucson !
Yikes !

Hamish on the left and Watson on the right.

Laughing. . . parsnip
Music . . . Hello, Kitty Girl . . . ost The Last Exile


  1. PI. . .
    They are BAD. . . but I love them !

  2. They are really cute! Louie went to the groomer this week. I spend more on his fur than my hair!

  3. Kanani. . .
    No lie, I cut my own hair, even when I did go to the salon "The Boys" always were more expensive than mine !

  4. Hi...I saw Kanani's comment about the boys and had to sneak a peek! I thought at first they are Scotties but the more I look, the more confused I became. We have a mini-schnauzer with uncropped ears but I can't tell. Whatever, they sure are cuties!

  5. Amazing Grace. . . .

    Watson on the right is a Brindle Scottie... Hamish is a Westie/Scottie mix. They just came back from the groomers so they look very sleek. . .

  6. I can attest that they are incredibly cute and amusing. One of them appears to be Angry Parsnip's guardian angel --Hamish is on her case every step she makes! Watson is a bit older, and he's very mellow. But gosh... they have so many toys and they really do use them all!
    I feel so pampered after being at the house. Ahhh.....
    Oh, Las Vegas Airport Terminal C is hell. They have these old monitors and they don't hold that much room. So our connecting flight wasn't listed! So I had to ask, and found out it was all the way in Terminal B. It's a gazillion miles away.
    Anyway, if you do go through there, make sure you get one of those carts to pick you up. And ugh.... the people are all very weird and kind of drunk.