Monday, November 21, 2016

........ yesh . . .

It is Monday and I finished everyone cards but mine.
So today I must finish it so I can run to the printers on Tuesday.

yesh where is this runnin' you are speakin' of

and does i thehamish come for chkikin'
chkikin' chkikin' is gud for i thehamish
Early morning rain in November ? Never !
But we will take it.
This is why weather can be really nice in Tucson.

 is i thehamish smellin' the rain comin'

Broke down and bought a new coffee pot.
This is hard because I need a certain size.
Did way to much looking.

 ack, the little express pot is so chibi 
I love it !

Plus when having a latte or expresso one needs a cookie.
These are very nice small and not very sweet.


Did they really think that these would last that long ?

 Oliver the Dragon Cattie !
Merida Cattie is so soft, smooth like silk.
Her brother Oliver is just the opposite.
He is a Dragon Cattie ! ! !

 This is so true !
I swear thehamish always watches us.
I have a photo of Adam picking up the poo from the grass 
and thehamish is pooing right behind him.


And of course just because I can here is your pretty for the start of the week.

 where are the catties

 no catties here

awwwww i thehamish is lookin' for catties
needin' friends

If your are flaming liberal you love this map.
Michael forgot to put New Mexico in there.
Long and narrow between California and Texas. Overrun by the liberal
PC correct East and West Coast crowd chanting into the night.

cattie. . . parsnip
music. . . Do You Remember,  Ane Brun


  1. Love thehamish with his head in the magical cattie pod. His wonderful haircut makes me realize that thePip is waaaaaaay overdue for a spa treatment. A girl should look her best and spiffy for the holidays! X

    1. As he gets older I now get him groomed every 4 weeks.
      Since I cut and color my hair I feel that I can spend more money on him.

  2. Mmmmm...that biscotti looks good!

    I hear California, Oregon and Washington want to join Canada!

    1. Canada I think doesn't want them.
      I remember friends from California who moved up to Oregon or Washington, where not liked by the people.
      They paid top price for housing and made it a hard for the locals to rent let alone buy.
      They were just to California.

  3. Does the Ham get to ride in the car? I forgot to tell you those little Poki stick cookies are sold at Wal Mart in the Asian food section.

    1. Poki sticks are all over, When I need some Cost Plus always has some stocked.
      I do not shop at Wal Mart. It makes me ill. Whatever bug spray they use of the clothes when you first walk in sends me into an asthma attack. I can't breathe, I start sweating and coughing. Plus I am somewhat claustrophobic and there store is just really awful for me.
      le sigh

  4. Hi, Gayle!

    Yessum, I'm flaming liberal, and I can always take a little good-natured kidding from genuine friends on the other side of the aisle. When thehamish is old enough to vote, I'm gonna bribe him with chkikin' to get his help in electing Michelle or Chelsea, whichever of them happens to be running that year. :) I hope those cats soon stop acting catty toward thehamish. He just wants a couple of feline friends. I can't get over the dramatic scenes mother nature stages outside your window. Nice coffee machine! Mrs. Shady and I have a Bunn and we both consume a gallon of coffee per day.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, your son, your kitties and thehamish, dear friend Gayle!

  5. I am a Conservative Democrat. OMG !
    You can be anything you want. That is your right as an American as it is mine.
    I did not vote for Hillary or Trump. Dispise both of them. they are cut from the same cloth.
    I wrote someone in.
    But I despise all the liberals who come from both coasts and talk down to us southwesterners. They do not know of what they preach.
    Now I really like you and hope that comes across. In your blog. Unlike several of my "friends" who do not understand me and have told me so. I am Satan ! Of course they all are transplants from the east coast. le sigh.
    No Michelle,
    When California was going belly-up and people were losing jobs and homes, she took several trips costing millions while I had to sell my home. Not Good Not Good at all.
    As for Chelsea,
    Hillary said all Bernie supporters are losers living in their parents basement. Unlike Chelsea who lives in a 10 million apartment. That must be nice really nice.
    My Daughter and Son are living at below poverty level and still need to pay taxes every year.
    Hillary and Bill are the 1 %

    The cats are getting somewhat better with thehamish but when they remember he is near, out comes the hissing ! le sigh.

    I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving ours will be very quiet. Son I cooking and I am so Thankful for that.

    1. I do not lump people together and brand them. I take it case by case and evaluate each person individually. Every person I meet is automatically a friend until proven otherwise. I strive to accept people and love them unconditionally. I expect the same in return. I have friends all across the political spectrum. I like you, too, Gayle, and I am thankful to have you as a friend. :)

    2. Well Shady, you and all my blog friend are special because you may not always agree with me but we all listen.
      It is just that I see how many of the "here have some money" programs just do not work.
      I try to be the best person I can be and I expect other to act the same. To bad here in Arizona and California they don't. There is little respect across the board.
      I am very Thankful I have wonderful friends like you.

  6. Love the map! Our family in California think there is no place but California and feel oh so sorry for us living in the south. Hamish looks as stylish as ever, I expect to someday have you post a picture of him with kitties curled up next to him.

    1. I know what you mean, when I lived all my years in California, I must say it gets under your skin.
      I love the 60's and 70's but then big developers came and all over and the places I lived and loved got eaten up.

  7. Hamish certainly seems to be sniffing rain.

    Here we're having snow!

  8. Loved the last cookie in the container.

  9. There's so much to love about this post--the lovely scenery, cutie Hamish, your adorable cups on display above your new coffee maker--that I don't know where to start!

    Funny map. According to it, I'm in Florida now! :)

    1. How funny is that map, I am pushed wayup where Montana is/was.
      I loved your post today. So beautiful.

  10. I love your collection of coffee mugs!

    1. Every trip I buy a Totoro mug. So many happy memories.

  11. Hi thehamish, you are looking so handsome as always!
    I love both cranberry and pistachio. Cranberry pistachio biscotti sounds yummy! It must go really well with coffee :-)

    1. Tamago, I hate to tell you this but Oliver lets me pet his furry tummy. Yea !
      But Merida does not !

  12. Parsnip, I am now deep in the heart of Santa's workshop, and have enjoyed taking a little break to visit here. Those weather views are I am listening to the howling wind (just like yesterday's) and am debating when to venture outdoors.

    Thanks for that biscotti tip! Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. xo

    1. I was swamped with work, and I spent the day making my card and I don't like it, unless when printed it looks better ! ! !
      So I am drawing another one today. ARGH ! ! ! hands and brain are not working together.

      I love the biscotti. Nice and crunchy and not very sweet.
      cheers, parsnip

  13. Aaaawww gud dug thehamish, we'll be your friend, never mind the catties, who are so snooty. Perhaps one day when you look in the magical catty pod it will be filled to the brim with chkikin - wouldn't that be lovely?
    Very smart coffee maker, parsnip - I hope the coffee tastes as good as the machine looks !

    1. He is such a gud dug who lots at the catties and just sits there while they do not want to play or cuddle.
      I found a dog that would be a perfect playmate but miss out by 1 hour ARRGGGH !

  14. New Mexico's in there, east of Arizona and north of (!!!) Nevada.

    1. Oh I know Richard squished it on but my brain fizzled again and I lost the part where I wrote
      New Mexico "should be drawn " long and narrow. . . . . . . . . . . . .
      I could tell you stories about New Mexico there are the compleat sister state to California