Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday in Japan. . . Kobe to Takamatsu

Japanese family spent a few days in  Takamatsu
They went by ferry from Kobe, takes about four hours.
Visited friend and walked around the city.
And sent photos with everything I miss from Japan.
Takamatsu is know for it's Udon, wonderful tender chewy undon and Broiled Chicken.
Son sent me a few photos from their trip.

 With all the favorite things I miss.
 First of all darling Mia.


 They need her to be their mascot for udon.
I mean really who would not want to eat a wonderful dish of these noodles
after seeing that face !
 Oh My Goodness Udon with chicken, fish cake and vegetables.
 Tofu, tempura and a ton of tenkasu. (tempura bits)
Yes please !

 Broiled chicken.

 Granddaughter love this mascot. She thinks it looks like her.
I think I bought her that dress. It is my favorite colors.
 Local maps.

 Train and bus stations.

 Parks and open spaces

 Walking down the street and passing darling coffee shops with plants all over.

 Picking out lunch or dinner from restaurant window.

 Dragons everywhere.

 Really great vending machines.  Not like the crummy ones here in America.

 Views like this on one side of my bus stop when on the other side of the road is the city.

And of just because I can here is your pretty for mid-week.

ummmmmmmmmm whot' about me i  thehamish
i thehamsh is gud dug 
nice tall person who feeds us you rememberin' me right
woe woe is i thehamish
woe is me 

Oh sweetie darlin' you know how much I love you and would never leave you out !

udon. . . parsnip
music. . . Back Of My Mind,  Christopher Cross.


  1. Son is wonderful for sending you those lovely photos and theHamish is so cute with his ball collection. A
    dorable Mia and lots of amazing things to be thankful for. Hope you have a nice day tomorrow. Sending you blessings and sunshine galore! It's cold here in Riverside County. Brrr.

    1. I think we may be getting your cold weather in a few days.
      Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  2. Your granddaughter is adorable. Missing my daughter, she'll be working on Thanksgiving. Poor, poor Hamish, give him a hug for me. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

  3. Wow, Parsnip. Love these photos and how cute is your granddaughter? My gosh, growing up so fast. Too fast. Too fast.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, dear Gayle!

    I love the pictures of Japan and that sweet, sweet Mia. What a beauty.

    Love to that gud, gud dog...I will not forget thehamish.

  5. lovely photographs of sweet little girl enjoying herself. And also sweet little dog looking at you adoringly.
    You ask how I make muy fruit cakes. I beat 8 ounces of butter with 8 ounces of caster sugar and then add four beaten eggs and eight ounces of plain flour. To this I add whatever fruit I fancy. So far the ones I have made have had sultanas (8 ounces and then glace fruits - pineapple, ginger, cherries (red, green and gold),angelica and pecans (four ounces of each). I bake it in a fairly slow oven for about three hours - sticking a skewer in after two and a half hours and then every half hour until it is cooked. While it is still warm I pour over it a very small bottle of rum and then when it is completely cold i take it out of the tin, wrap it in cling film and foil and store it until Christmas. I decorate the top with lines of glace fruits and glaze with melted apricot jam.

    1. Thank You so much.
      I wonder if I could make a sauce with rum but cook it so the alcohol burns off so I could eat it.

  6. So many very "Japanese" images here. Although I don't like udon noodles, I like the look of some of the other food. And what a lovely little girl your granddaughter is!

  7. Hello Parsnip, Your granddaughter Mia is adorable enjoying here noodles. Beautyful captures of Japan and of cours Hemish with his toys is great fun.

  8. I made a trip down to Takamatsu right after Xmas '96. Unfortunately, my main memory is getting disastrously ill. My train ride home - too much of it standing - is a painful memory.

    The garden, though, is one of Japan's finest. Well worth the trip.

    1. Gosh I am so sorry your got sick.
      I have not been to this city but have traveled quite a bit around this area.

  9. It looks like a beautiful place!

    Of course Hamish had to appear. He needs extra love and attention now.

  10. Mia and the Hamish are both adorable!

  11. Never been to Japan, but hubby has been twice. Love their culture. Mia is adorable and what a 'Ham.'

    1. Yes you have described thehamish very nicely.

  12. How charming to have a waterfall in the street.