Friday, April 24, 2015

Square Dog Friday. . . Danger Danger Alert Will Robinson

I am so surprised it is Square Dog Friday again.
We all know the drill so lets woof it.
Danger Danger Alert thehamish strikes again.
thrhamish has been to his regular vet about 2 weeks ago.
His liver test came out fine so I thought Yes, we got a pass that test.
Well not for long !
All of a sudden in the last few days he went down hill fast.
Son and I rushed him to the ER of the Veterinary Specialty Center Wednesday morning.
I thought he went into a diabetic attack. Couldn't move, drinking too much water,
throwing up and looking withdrawn.
It was the longest 35 minuet drive ever. 
I walked in and said I think Hamish is going into diabetic shock. 
Two aides were out to the car before I could blink and Son handed Hamish over 
and they rushed him back to ER.
Two of his doctors practice here and all his files are here along with Watson.
This is a Specialty Hospital.  So they know what is going on with his health.
We were told they trying to stabilized him, IV fluids and pulled some blood tests.
We went  to breakfast and coffee and waited till they knew more.
Turns out his diabetic numbers were at 400 !  liver, bladder and pancreas numbers
were either  to high or too low.
When one organ goes out of whack it is like dominoes and everything starts to fail.
Turns out he has Pancreases.  
It is very bad especially because of his other problems.  
They have him drugged with IV's so he can rest.  
He is in ICU  right now.
He will be at hospital for several days.
They have visiting hours and I went to see him.
He is so not thehamish. 
They have a very nice visiting room with a small lovely garden.
Very quiet.
He walked slowly to the door to leave.  It was very sad.
I took him outside instead to the little garden and sniff the breezes.
I always thought Watson would be the one to leave me first 
but this last year I have been thinking thehamish  might leave first.
It is so very sad he is only 12, much to young to leave me.

Just because I can here is your pretty for the weekend.
When all this was happening with thehamish it was on Daughters Birthday.
Children and our pets always get sick at 2 am
usually on a Friday or Saturday morning.

We were back home by noon so we when ahead with a pool party and 
a homemade sushi dinner. We ate outside as the evening was so lovely.
It was very nice and helped out with our concerns for a few moments.
There is not much we can do when he is at hospital but wait and wait.
le sigh

 Warm lovely day.

 I usually open the pool on Daughters Birthday.
Days are warm but evening cool so the heater is on.

Birthday dinner.
From my plate in front.
Salmon, fried calamari, sweet crab, spicy crab, 
Middle sushi rice, seaweed, lettuce for wraps, thinly sliced veggies 
and Japanese Potato Salad. Plus all sorts of sauces.
We made hand wraps which is easier than rolls. 
Best dinner ever.
Daughters partner made a wonderful Ice Cream Cake.
Daughter started this tradition after moving to Tucson. Very delicious.
I forgot to take a photo but Daughter said she would send me one.
It was a nice evening.

sushi . . parsnip
music. . .Big Love,  John Hackett/Moodi Drury


  1. Pancreatitis is a nasty one
    Fingers crossed eh? X

  2. Poor darling Hamish. You know Parsnip, the worst thing about having dogs is that we grow to love them so much and we know that their life span is so much shorter than ours. It tears at our heart strings. I am sitting here thinking of him. I do hope he pulls through. Next time you go to see him give him a hug from me. (a gentle one)

  3. Please get better, thehamish.


  4. I will definitely be praying for the Hamish. I can't imagine the world without him.

  5. So sorry to read Hamish is so ill.
    Good you could fill your mind with other things like a wonderful meal for your daughters birthday.
    Hope to read soon things are getting better for Hamish.
    Take care,

  6. Healing wishes to your little pup.

    Happy Birthday wishes to your non-fur baby.

  7. Yert yert yert! So upsetting! Bless his baby boy heart, I am so sorry honey.

    Big giant hugs,

  8. Oh no,no, heart hurts so much to hear this news. Such a gug dug. Please give wee Hamish a few gentle hugs from Buzzy, thePip, and me when you see him next. Holding you close in my thoughts right now. X.

  9. Thank You everyone.
    I just can't answer all your wonderful comments !

    cheers, gayle

  10. How horrible! So sorry for you and for Hamish, that you both have to go through this.

    Your daughter's birthday dinner looks beautiful, and I'm glad you had it planned. I know it took your mind off your baby for a little while anyway.

  11. I'm so sorry that thehamish is not doing well, that's heartbreaking. Fingers crossed and warm thoughts.
    Your daughter's birthday dinner looks so delicious. Our pool is not open yet, no heater.

  12. I will put Hamish on my prayer list. Glad you had a party to occupy your mind.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  13. If this is it Parsnip, I send you the biggest hug ever; Thehamish one too if he's up to it. xxx

  14. I do hope he gets better soon. That is so difficult. I am glad that you managed to put it aside a little for your daughter's birthday. Thank you for the photos.

  15. I'm so sorry about thehamish. You and the boys are in my prayers, Parsnip.

  16. I 'm glad you had some relief from all the anxiety. You must pace yourself and look after yourself so you can be there for all your loved ones.