Friday, April 10, 2015

Square Dog Friday and Mock Squid Soup.

Here we are again, it is the best day of the week
Square Dog Friday.
I really don't know were the week went it is all a blur.
 But Friday can never come fast enough for The Square Ones. 
Hahahahahaha  like every day is not Square Dog Friday for them.

Unfortunately I have been dragged kicking and screaming to arbitration
again, by The Square Ones.
If I want to keep joining in The Cephalopod Coffeehouse and the Film Society
on their Friday posts, arbitration is called for.
I needed to go to table and work out the details of this new predicament.
We went and guess who won ?
Again !


 yesh we are tough really tough mean bad gud square dugs
we havin' lawyer on speedin' dial hahaha woof ha ha
more chikikn strip the homemade gud ones
Scotties Unite ! thehamish and I need compensation.
We are very handsome, cute and sweet but not dumb.
Never never never cross a Scotty.
Never !
 Here is thehamish pretending he is the princess and the pea.
 Love when I take some photos of The Square Ones and their black hair turns red.
 Watson is getting older (16) but I adore all the white hair
around his beautiful eyes.

And now for Mock Squid Soup A Film Society.
Last month each member picked a movie to review.
This month we were to pick one of the reviewed movies
and re- review (?)  the movie.
I have never seen this movie by one of my favorite directors
Alfred Hitchcock.

Of course being an artist,  the first thing I did was look at the movie posters.
Especially the European ones.
I think a great movie poster sets the mood or interest in the movie.
But like book covers they are almost becoming a thing of the past.
This one from Poland is my favorite.
This poster also reminds me of the great Saul Bass
because of the strong design.
He was one of the most exciting designers of the 60's through the 90's.
 Brigit's terrific review made me finally watch this movie.
See the above link.
Many films and TV movies have taken this plot and rehashed it.
Many not as successful. 
 I decided to do a little research on Alfred Hitchcock's life and  found out 
he had a fear of being accused of a crime he did not commit (?) 
This seem to be a theme with many of his movies and
 this problem is really at the heart of this movie.
Two strangers meet on a train and start talking. One of them puts forth the idea
of an exchange murder leaving each of them with with air tight alibis.
Perfect if you a amoral crazy person.
Casting Robert Walker as Bruno the man who wants his father dead
was beyond perfect.
Farley Granger plays Guy the tennis player wants a divorce from his cheating wife 
so he can marry his fiancee.  Enough said.
This movie is a thriller and keeps you on edge with the idea of this crime
being almost plausible.
For me one of the "characters" is the direction of Hitchcock. 
Tightly shot in black and white it lends itself to strong shadows and light.
Shadows of bars flit across faces, eyes appear from the dark under hats.

As with all Hitchcock movie there are several outstanding visual pieces.
The one scene that is the highlight of the move for me is at the tennis match.
You see Guy looking for Burno in the stands.
Everyone heads is moving back and forth following the play but one. 
Burno's ! His head in some shadow is staring straight at Guy !
Hello heartbeat, where are you !

My take away is, watch out who you start up a conversation with.
Especially if he puts forth a tenable but horrific idea.
Run, run away very fast.


And just because I can here is your pretty to start the weekend.
One last look at the 
Check out my Monday post for more information.
My sweet baaboos !

chicken. . . parsnip
music. . .  Rumor Has It,  Adele


  1. Thank you for picking my movie:) Isn't that scene great! I love that one and there is humour in that scene. I also love it when he pops the balloon. There are so many images that are wonderful. Of course the Carousel scene is spectacular. Love your doggies:) Oh I am OCD with my name-have been since I was little it is B I R git:) You should hear what I have been called but I always correct-hope you are not offended by my correction:) Glad you liked this film

    1. No not offended at all. I am glad you pointed it out.
      Everyone spells my name wrong.
      Gayle, not Gail, Gale, Gall Grill Gay blah blah blah
      And my last name was Lelo 4 letters you should see how they mangled that.
      Every since I had several micro mini strokes, that every one my age gets, but they have really affected me.
      Better be happy I didn't add a few extra letters like I usually do or throw in a capital letter. I can mangle any ones name with the best of them.
      It takes me so long to write my blog and I re-checked it many times but sometimes if a word looks right I it pass over.
      Next time I will get it right !
      If I write something at lest 20 times my mind can remember.

      I really enjoyed the movie. So many great scenes. Thank you for reviewing it first.
      cheers, parsnip

  2. Strangers On A Train is an amazing film- it's been awhile since I last saw it.

    The Scotties are looking quite dignified.

    Even in that last shot!

  3. Those gud dugs are very handsome. You take such wonderful photos! I stumbled across 'Strangers on a Train' on a local movie channel during a lazy Sunday afternoon a few months ago. Got lost in the film for two lovely hours. Did you spot Mr. Hitchcock in his (always very brief) cameo appearance? That's half the fun...looking for Alfred. Snow last night and this morning but temps are expected to be in the 60's by Monday. Whoo! Wishing you a wonderful weekend Gayle. X

    1. It really is a very good movie and yes I spotted him.
      I remember reading somewhere that his daughter plays the sister

  4. Replies
    1. They have had it a long time. it is always in their basket of toys.
      They are iffy about it. Poor squeaky I think

  5. I love, love, love where you wrote, Scotties unite. That is funny.

    Happy Square Dog Friday. Best day of the week, eh?

    1. They are very united about treats.

    2. Ours are when it comes to getting into trouble together.

  6. I liked that flick, too - something about the old black and white flicks really adds to the atmosphere of the movie.

    Hi, Doggies! Have a good weekend.

  7. That's a great movie review! It sounds very exciting. What you wrote about the scene at tennis match made me really want to watch the movie! Didn't know Alfred Hitchcock had fear of being accused for a crime he wasn't responsible for. I wonder if making the movie with such theme helped him overcome the fear.
    Love the photo of thehamish pretending to be a princess :-) And thank you for the last look at Scotbunalopes....until we'll see them next Easter :-)

    1. I don't think so. So many of his films have that danger.

  8. Brigit chose well. Hitchcock is always engaging. I love the tennis in this one. It's interesting to know of Hitch's phobia. Explains a lot!

    1. It was fun to research before seeing this movie.

  9. those square boys have brightened my morning considerable! sorry to be a day late though, my bad. again. i have been a bad blog buddy. yert!

    smiles, bee

    1. Never !
      You have been super busy the last month.
      Been enjoying your latest posts !

  10. I'm here as the legal representative of the Square Ones. They demand that Square Dog Friday be EXCLUSIVELY devoted to them. The other stuff will have to be relegated to another day!

    1. butbutbutbut but they are always first !
      and it is only 2 day a month.
      I could post it on Saturday I guess ?

  11. Great blog again on the Square ones. It was a good Friday as I understand.
    Have a nice weekend parsnip,

    1. I am sure you will be out and about taking your photo if your weather permits.
      I'm working on taxes and my garden.

  12. I’m not against the police, I'm just afraid of them.

    --Alfred Hitchcock.

    Hitchcock once said that his father punished him as a child by sending him to a local police station with a note asking that he be locked up for all of five minutes.

    I wonder if the bigger fear Hitchcock was trying to express wasn't one that we've all been subjected to, the inability to control what other people think of us, of leaving the wrong impression.

    1. Oh gosh, yes.
      It is an interesting film in the way it parrots today.
      Guy who rather a soft(?) character is rather polite (?) in the fact he really doesn't say NO !
      He just tries to turn away. While Burno is a strong overwhelming character who pushes his plan forth.
      I think he has researched Guy. His wanting to climb the ladder of success.
      As I understand he was to be jailed till his family picked him up. Either way it is horrific.
      As usual you write a better comment than I do.
      I am thinking of dropping the movie and book review. I am an artist pretending to be a writer.

  13. That was a really good Hitchcock movie. What a cool poster. It really reflects the tension and sort of, oddness that was that movie.

    The boys are gorgeous as usual!

    1. I think that poster says so much about the movie.

  14. This was my pick,too! One of my favorite things to do when blogging about movies is to look at alternative made, foreign, what have you....

    Poland always seems to have some dandies. Good call on the Saul Bass influence....

    1. I miss the art of the movie posters, especially the European ones. Poland and Scandinavian ones especially.
      Even the art coming from these regions today is so exciting.
      Saul Bass just the best.

  15. Dare I mention (Square ones dont read this) that you have almost given yourself more than you have given them today - no - it won't do. In compensation tell the Square Ones to watch out for a card to them which is on its way - hope they like it.

    1. If I keep up with the Movie and Book reviews I will move them to Saturday.
      But I am not a writer and I write like I talk.
      I am sure many readers cringe when they read my posts.

  16. Catching up after a busy weekend. I love the movie poster. I never thought to look up old movie posters. I think I just discovered my newest pin board on Pinterest. Love your review and, of course, the scotties. They are so cute!

    1. Movie posters today are not as exciting as in years ago.

  17. O your doggies are such sweet bunnies!

    ♥ Franka

    1. They are good boys an so much fun even at their age.

  18. The Square boys make excellent bunnies - did they like it?!
    Buster approves!
    Movie posters really are art in their own right.
    Cheers from a warming up New York.

  19. Yay for your Friday posts! I can read them on Monday.

  20. What a super post. You put me to shame. I remember the movie and interesting reading about Hitchcock. Apparently he had a predilection for blondes and most of his heroines were blonde and beautiful. Made smashing films though.
    The boys look great in their hats.