Monday, April 6, 2015

parley view parsnip. . . 5 April, 2015, first sighting !

 Many many years ago there was the Montana Jackalope. 
A cross breed of Jackrabbits and Antelope.
My family has always loved researching and looking for Jackalopes.
In fact oldest Son and Daughter took a road trip  to Douglas, Wyoming 
to see the town made famous because of the Jackalopes.

The above postcard has the history of the unique subspecies, 
The Arizona Jackalope.
Alert Alert Alert Alert Alert Breaking News !
 There has been found another extremely rare sub-subspecies
in Tucson, Arizona.

And here today is one of the first sightings.
So lucky, lucky, lucky you are to view one of the first documented sighting.
5 April, 2015
 Here they are in their natural habitat.
Air conditioned home with many pillows for napping enjoyment 
and mass amounts chkikin' strips.

 unnmmmm i thehamish wants to knows
Watson we gettin' some chkikin' strips for this right ?
i am not sittin' here for no chkikin'
no chkikin' no sittin'

 Well thehamish, Mum, the nice tall person who feeds, us said we would
be getting our treats.
So be good, sit up straight and smile.
This is just one of her weird camera thing Mum does.
You just have to remember the chicken strips.

 okkays okayies i thehamish is bein' good lookie i smilin'
now wereis' the chkikin'
does i get it now
 Good job, thehamish.
Now you and I, Watson will be getting the treat.
Chicken strips.

. ................. .

Here is your pretty to start the new week.
Another view of the century plant which is growing by leaps and bounds.

I am waiting for contact from outer space any day now !
yert !

bunnies. . . parsnip
music. . . Islands In the Sun,  Ringo Starr


  1. Those are the Western Scottbits...

  2. That cactus defies description! I rather like the idea of a Scotjackalope - I would like to see them with tartan ears.

    1. Yea ! what a great idea.
      The tartan ears sounds perfect.

  3. Oh my goodness, they're adorable!

    Hugs and chocolate!

  4. LOL LOL oh my goodness, Scotbunalope! I've never seen them before but they are much cuter than Jackalope! Now people will flock to Tucson to see them. I'm impressed that their habitat is pretty modern. Air conditioned and pillows and all :-)
    Looks like you had fun Easter. I bet square dogs got lots of chkikin' strips! Your space alien plant keeps growing like crazy! Please let us know if you get contact from the outer space!

    1. Yes the Scotbunalopes have evolved... Big time.

  5. Oh my. Can't decide what to comment on first! Well, of course it must be the square ones! Adorable in their Easter ears. Whenever I've attempted to costume Buzz or thePip they behave as if I'm trying to kill them. Such sad faces they give me. *sigh* The Square ones are much better sports! Of course, the chkikin strips may be playing a very large factor here. lol. Perhaps I should ask for the recipe.

    And now the plant. Oye! I'm stunned! Who knew a Century plant could grow to such amazing heights! Love it. X

  6. Oh, they are so cute, great pictures! And I also love your century plant, it's getting so tall!

  7. The century plant is getting big, I'm enjoying watching it grow.
    The scotbunalopes sure are cute, we need a few more of them around. They brighten up the world.


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  9. Scotbunalopes are the result of radiated dog treats? Too cute. Did you know there's a restaurant near La Quinta on Hwy 111 called Jackalope Ranch. We went there for Easter Brunch about five years ago.

    1. Gosh I should have known that. We had a condo near La Quinta, which I love.
      I will look up the Jackalope Ranch.

    2. The restaurant has gorgeous architecture. It's actually in Indio across from the Shield's Date Garden.

  10. reminds me of the basselope from Bloom County.

  11. I wonder if the outer space guys would answer more readily to a Century Plantalope.

  12. This is hilarious!!!! Great captures and the century plant wow!
    Have a good day Parsnip

    1. I swear you can see the wheels working in thehamish's head.

  13. They are so cute! How do you get them to wear the ears?

    1. Something they will toss off but mostly they will wear stuff for a few minutes.
      Plus I never over do the posing.

  14. Oh boy... they really do look so adorable!