Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Space Aliens in Tucson

When friend Debbie is here, she packs up my walker,
 tosses it in her electric car and we go on walk about. 
While we check out all the great things to do in Tucson,
there is always shopping, lots of shopping and eating.
Tucson is a foodie town and has fabulous restaurants.
We are working our way through them one great dish at a time.
Or many great dishes at a time ?
While we are out and about, I always keep my eyes open for 
Space Aliens that have visited Tucson eons ago and left their mark.
What you outsiders think are just cactus... well I know better !
Just check these little space cuties out !
I like all their alien space names better than their plain
 English names.
Spruce Cone
or Opuntia Papyracantha
Better right ?
 Red Barrel 
or Ferocactus Gracilis
So exciting.
 Lady Slipper
or Pedilanthus Macrocaepus
Best name ever.

 I know this is an Agava but this one is a very hard to find and I have no idea 
what it's space name is.
Barrel Cactus
or Ferocactus Wislizeni
Ack,  fabulous name !
This barrel has a lovely growth of smaller barrels growing off to one side.
Aliens, Space Aliens !
(Twilight Zone music )


Here is your mid-week pretty.
John from the blog Going Gently, is always talking about Scotch Eggs.
I haven't had one since I was in the UK about what seems like 500 years ago.
There is a English Pub not to far from where I live.
This is how they serve their Scotch Eggs when we had dinner there.
They were very tasty.
Beer optional.
alien. . . parsnip
music. . . Good,  Ezra


  1. Fantastic and super fun to see these pictures.

    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. John will be salivating if he has seen that last picture. And yes - I am sure you are right about space aliens looking at those photographs.

  3. Your cactus pics are beautiful. Those eggs look yummy, too.

  4. I have just wet myself in excitement

    1. I was going to mention you but I see you've made your own mess John.

      That Red Barrel is unbelievable!

  5. Some of those cacti certainly do look otherworldly.

  6. Beautyful cacti. Some do indeed look alien. So nice how plants adept themselfs in harsh conditions. The eggs look delicieuse.

  7. Those are such fascinating creatures! (I want to call them creatures rather than plants!) The space alien names totally fit them better.
    Oh the scotch eggs look super delicious! When I was child, my mom used to make meatloaf with boiled egg inside. I always enjoyed it :-)

  8. The cacti are beautiful...but my vote goes to the eggs!

  9. I'm in Tucson frequently, but passing quickly through on I-10. I should probably stop one day to look around but I'm always anxious to get to my destination. Cool looking plants though.

    Tossing It Out

  10. I'm with you definitely alien origin, amazing! Haha you'll be tempting John over there :)