Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I remember my family always celebrated Epiphany. 
In America Epiphany is the 6th of January.
The day celebrate the Wise Men visit to the Christ Child.
Around New Year I take the Christmas Tree and decoration down.
Pack them away for another year.
But the lights outside are left on till the day after the 6th.
To help guide the Wise Men to find their way.
I also leave the Creche out till then.


Amazingly these two Creches survived the fire.
I had several others that were destroyed.
They are very special to me.

Scotty !
 I usually do not like all the "Keep Calm" items.
The first one is just great.
But as I say this, the Scotty in this magnet
looks just like thehamish with his little white goatee.
I am such a pushover.

scotty. . . parsnip
music. . . Dancing In The Darkness,  Jerry K

Friend from California will be staying for a week or so
I will be hit or miss on posting and visiting.
Will catch up when she zooms back.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes I am the crazy Lady who lives down the street.

  2. The Scottie seems to be becoming much more popular over here these days Gayle. Last week I saw three in our little market town - all we wearing plaid jackets and looked very perky. I immediately thought of your two.

  3. Tell me more about that big lump of metal in the case

    1. It is glass and I cali it Reclining Lady.
      I will post on it.

  4. I love all of your displays. But Sweetman would go ape in your house.

  5. The Keep Calm in this case works just right!

  6. Yes! John beat me to it...what is the interesting item in the large glass case? Love your decorating style Gail and the Creche is so beautiful. If I were there you would be slapping my hands away from picking each piece up, running my fingers over the smooth surfaces and then taking a wee sniff...they look a little kissed by fire. Reminds me of the few things I managed to salvage out of my own house fire. Especially the scent. Survivors indeed. X

    1. Nope, I have nothing that you could not pick up. I understand the smooth surface feeling you are talking about.
      And yes, the smell is different.

  7. Oh poop...I always do this. Apology Gayle. :-)

  8. Happy happy belated birthday! Glad you had great day! The princess cake looks very cute. I don't think I've had that kind of cake before.
    Your Creches are beautiful. How special they survived the fire.
    LOL about your "pushover" comment. I can totally understand, though. The Scottie does look like thehamish :-)

    1. I had a very wonderful day. My family and best friend spoiled me rotten.

  9. A belated happy birthday, love your creches.

    1. Thank You. I liked your decorations too.

  10. I think I wished you Happy Birthday but if I didn't then Happy belated birthday again. It's so special being born around the epiphany!

  11. What lovely Creches! I love Epiphany. The Wise Men are so cool. Rich powerful guys searching for truth. They were genuine wise men because they recognized Truth when they saw Him lying in a manger.

  12. I thought I commented already! Nuts! Something went wrong....

    Your creches are beautiful. So are the Square Ones!

  13. Love the creches. I love that you leave the lights on until Jan. 6th. Very cool.

  14. What a nice custom! And of course, what a nice doggie!