Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday in Japan... everyday things

Everyday Things.
I am thinking of making a list of my most favorite things about Japan.
This list would include everyday things, items that make our live so much better
but we really don't think about them.
 I have so many favorites but this is very close to number one.
Hand towels!

About the size of a wash cloth, everyone carries one in their bag or pocket in Japan.
Useful in many ways but the main one is to dry your hands after washing them.
In an island nation wasteful paper towels is not an option.
What elevates this common everyday useful item to a fun, playful, interesting and exciting
item is color and design.
From plain to any number of  mascots from cities, product and places.
Here is a tenth of the ones I use.

From the little green polka-dot one from the dollar store to the Studio Ghibli characters,
Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Laputa. The red and white cat one is Super Station Master Tama.

The Platypus mascot from  Iccoa train pass.  I love this mascot so much that every time
I am in Osaka I want to I want to rip the posters off of the train stations.

The little Tako (octopus) Family is from the  Tako Ferry  that no longer runs
between  Akashi Hyogo Port to Awaji Island.
The little  Takoyaki  with the pink Tako on his head is from the Osaka Tower.
Which has the best Takyoyaki stand underneath it.

Of course Totoro !
I have many many many Totoro  to keep me happy.
One is never enough.

Laputa, Castle In The Sky
Drying  your hands has never been so much fun and eco-friendly.
I always carry one in my bag.

Just because I can  here is you mid-week pretty.

More cloud photos from the last few weeks.


These clouds are truly Castles In The Sky.

tako. . .  parsnip
music. . . Cloud Age Symphony,  Okino Shuntaro
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  1. What - no brave little dog towels?

    1. That is so funny, Scotties can be found out lots of items in Japan but for some reason I have never found a towel with one on it.

  2. I thought for sure you were going to write that you were listening to the 'Castle in the Sky' soundtrack, which is, of course, gorgeous.

    p, I cannot for the life of me find 'Railways.' I'd love to watch it, and so would my husband after I told him about it. Can you point me in the right direction?

    (Favorite towel (I think) Taco.)

    1. Railways came out in 2010 (has a sequel out) and did very good in the theaters . But It is hard to find even on my Asian movie computer sites.
      Son is a huge Railway fan and takes trips just to ride the trains. He knows this movie and is looking for me. But so far all the rental places only has it in Japanese. Even the Japanese Asian Amazon site.
      We will keep a look out for it.
      Bummer so sorry.

  3. Your cloud formations are brilliant Parsnip.
    I love the idea of those little hand towels.

  4. Replies
    1. Totoro kinda looks like a rabbit but it is a forest spirit that comes from the imagination Hayao Miyazki. Totoro is kinda made up of Tanukis (Raccoon Dog) Cats and Owls.

    2. "Totoro", which is a Japanese-small-child's mis- pronunciation of the word "troll".

    3. I just read that which makes sense since the book they read is about (Tororu) trolls. But trolls in my mind are usually awful that can never quite say that Totoro is misnamed for one.
      I love Totoro.

  5. Another fascinating insight into Japanese culture....always fascinating Parsnip!

  6. Amazing clouds!

    I see kitties feature prominently!

    1. Lots of cats.... I must post about Station Master Tama... something you might enjoy.

  7. off to empty washing machine where hand towels are stacked!

    1. And ready for use !
      How are the chickens ?

    2. Chickens - 3/4 are in moult so only Bev is laying the eggs - a blue one every day. Will post some pictures for you - need to do a Friday post each week on the gals eh?

  8. Your cloud photos are gorgeous, Gayle!

  9. I enjoy the little towel collection. Reminds me of my holiday towels or golf towels. Very cute.

    1. Thanks so much. I love the little towels.

  10. WOW - you DO get some marvelous skies!

  11. ハンカチには色々とおしゃれなものがいっぱいあるけど、ハンドタオルもおしゃれなものも多くありますね。