Monday, September 16, 2013

parley view parsnip... the eyes have it !

 Thank You all for the wonderful wishes on my laser zapping eye surgery.

Here is what happened on Friday.

After having drops in both eyes there was another exam.
Lots of bright lights, too many bright lights.
Then more numbing drops.
Then more drops.
And last but not lest more drops.

Doctor straps on a headset and protective glasses, Hello Sci-Fi,  then tells me it will hurt for a second because the laser is hot. But he will stop it so I can regroup.
I think screaming is frowned upon.

He starts, bright yellow and white lighting bolts, zap zap zap then the forth one is hot and rather painful. Stop and rest,  zap zap zap and the forth one heats up again stop and rest.
This is repeated several times and then we are done.
Maybe all total a minute ?
One very long minute.
A very long minute.
Remember the old saying about, poke a needle in my eye ?
Well, yes it was like that.

All I see it bright red in my left eye, from the light of the laser.
By the time I walk out the office door the red is gone.
This is replaced by the starting of a migraine on the throbbing left side of my head.
I tell my son ice pack and a migraine pill will be needed when I get home.
The first few blocks from the Doctors office the left side of my head is in pain.
Oh Goody !
Then it starts the get better mile by mile and by the time I get home, I live about 10 minuets away from the doctors,  my headache is gone !
Oh My Goodness !
My eye feels tender and bit blurry for reading but all is good.

Here is the eye !
I love the reflection of the sky in it.
Still tender and when I touch it, sorta feels like I had my eye zapped by a laser !
Oh wait !  my eye was zapped with a laser.
Of course the fact I whomped my eye with my hand, while trying to fix a blanket
that had two very sleepy gud dugs on it, I'm sure didn't help. 

In six weeks we will see how the repair takes.
So all and all it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be
and I am quite pleased.
I don't use this word lightly but I HATE having anyone and anything touch my eyes.
I am so glad this is over.
yert !

Daughter came over to cook me lunch of Bun thit nurong chay.
So good and for me a perfect dish.
Plus a treat of homemade "Butterfingers" candy.
I don't eat much candy and I am not a big fan of chocolate.

Yes, yes, I know I am the only woman in American who is not crazy for chocolate !

 But I like "Butterfingers" even though I scape their very bad chocolate off.
  I can't even remember the last time when I ate one.

But I don't eat them because they are made by Nestle and I do not support that company.
Just like I don't shop at WalMart or Home Depot, buy Russian Vodka
or eat at Chipotle Grill........
A big NO !

Back to "Butterfingers"
If you go on line you can find many recipes but the first one Daughter made was with three ingredients. Peanut butter, candy corn and chocolate.
Oh My Goodness, this tasted so good. The texture was was close but not as dry/crunchy
but so close in taste.
Next time daughter will try a different recipe that has corn flakes in it.  If you think that sounds weird just read the "Butterfingers" label. Surprise ! it has corn flakes in it !
Fabulous !


She made a few for me with less chocolate.
yum !

And just because I can here is you pretty to start the week.

I bought two cans of flowers. Just peel back the lid, water and put near a window

If I tried to grow these outside any number of critter would have eaten the first green shoots pushing through the soil.
But inside I got to see such lovely flowers blooming.

Have a great start to the week.
yert !

zapped. . . parsnip
music. . . Mack The Knife,  Bobby Darin
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  1. That is a pretty start to the week, my zapped little parsnip. I am glad you were able to enjoy some sweets on the heels of a needle (laser) in your eye. I, too, like that the sky is reflected in your eye in the photo. Perhaps now you will be the recipient of an enhanced perception like you wish? :)

    1. Gosh I never thought about the enhanced perception... but alas no. That gift is not mine.

      Hahahahahahaha for some weird reason as the doctor was zapping my eye Mack The Knife popped into my daft brain.

  2. Oh, that's such good news. Best wishes for more recovery, and love the pansy! The eye alone is just a little scary though... shades of 1984.

    1. hahahaha I thought that too but I took about 30 photos trying to get a good view of my eye and it was hard.
      Plus all the droopy skin and hanging eyelids my face looked like a map of the moon ! Not a very pretty site.

  3. Glad that zapping is over Parsnip - if it does the trick then it will have been worth it.
    That butterfingers looks exquisite but very high in calories, which I am trying hard to avoid.
    Love to you and the square ones.

    1. I think all is going well.
      I too don't have sweets or any "snack" foods around the house. But this was such a lovely afternoon for me. Lunch and desert made by daughter.
      I had two pieces and loved them. But that is all.
      I have lost 17 pounds and have quite a few to go. So no set backs for me.

  4. I am glad your surgery seemed to go well. Be careful with the eye.

  5. Quite an operation, and a bit of an ordeal.

    Chocolate at least makes things better...

  6. Lemon Bars make everything better !

  7. oh my, you poor dear! i am so happy it is over and hoping so hard that it works for you.


    hugs, bee

  8. I'm glad your surgery went so well. You described it perfectly.

    Years ago, when my mother had her first eye surgery (like in the early '70s, maybe) she had to be an inpatient for almost a week, and her head was kept immobilized the whole time in what looked like a torture machine. Thank goodness the procedure has improved so much.

    Love the pansies! I used to plant a bunch of them in late fall, but the critters have destroyed so many of my plants this summer, I'm not sure it's worth the bother this year.

  9. Hi Parsnip, I'm happy your eye surgery went well and the ordeal is over. I don't like anything touching my eyes either, especially needles. I love the pansies and view out the window, very pretty!

  10. Thank goodness you're okay Parsnip. So pleased you were able to walk home unaided too. I think most of us are squeamish about eyes. Who'd be an eye surgeon?!


  11. Gosh you are brave but it will be worth it if is successful.
    Glasses are such a bore but I was hopeless with lenses, false nails, fake eyelashes - anything faux.