Monday, September 9, 2013

parley view parsnip... what a weekend

Goodness what a week and weekend.
It all started on Tuesday when Watson had a quick trip to the vet (tumor) but all is OK
for now.
Then thehamish spends all Friday at the vet for a series of tests, one of them being for Cushings.
The second test came back negative so that one good sign but we still don't know
what is troubling him.
But then Friday night it was all me !

Sunset from my back yard, looking north towards the foothills of the Catalina Mountains.

I had a migraine for about four day and it was a very different.
The right eye hurt more than usual and had flashing lights, much like lighting strikes. It got worst and by Friday I put a call into my doctor.
Of course I read on the internet that I had a detached retina or a mini stroke.
YeeHaw !

Daughter and Son where concerned so we all went to the ER at 11pm Friday and didn't get out till 7AM Saturday morning.
Many test later, no stroke but the retina need and Ocular surgeon to check on it.
So off to another doctor it is now 8:30 AM Saturday.
We have been up all Friday and now into Saturday.

Some awful test with lots of lights pointing right into my eyes.
 I found out I have vitreous gell leaking, it rubbing and pulling on the retina.
The eye will repair it's self and the brain will slowly block out the flashes. I rather like the amoeba looking things floating across my vision. I can see through them and they
are very cool.
But hey we are not done yet...
As the Dr. is checking my left eye the one who is not giving me any trouble he sees a Lattice Degeneration on the top of the left retina.  I am having laser surgery on Friday
to repair the damage.
WooHoo !

But... not done yet !
In reading all the test I had done they found shadow that I have to go have a MRA done.
This just gets better and better.

Life is never quiet at my home.
yert !
And just because I can
Here is your pretty to start the week.

It has been lovely weather the last few days.
Cloudy off and on with some light showers.
When I got up this morning and saw the clouds (that look quite like winter clouds) and I was hoping there would be some rain and about 2 minutes later there was.
I am so very happy.

Have a terffice Monday everyone.

rainy. . . parsnip
music. . . Rainy Day,  Tatsuro Yamashita
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  1. All those tests are an ordeal in and of itself.

    Lovely shots, Parsnip!

    1. I had the test done at 8:30 on Saturday and my eyes still itch and feel dry.

  2. Oh Dear Parsnip! That is a lot of action, doctors, vets and tests. I truly hope that they get your eyes straightened out quickly and that you and the dogs heal soon. xoxo

    1. Oh Thank You... I really hate and I mean hate having Doctors do anything with my eyes.

  3. Thinking of you and those two good dugs and wishing you all speeding recovery and good health!

    1. Thank You so much. The Doctor I am going two has trained vets to do eye surgery and lens replacement. The same operation Hamish had done on his eyes. Who knew ?

  4. Beautiful shots...but I'm so sorry to hear the three of you have had to go through so much....

    1. Because of the rain clouds we have been having fabulous sunset

  5. Ugh. I hate having anyone fuss with my eyes. Good luck with it all.

  6. So sorry Parsnip! You poor thing - what a lot to go through in a few days but at least they've got to the bottom of what's going on. I'll keep my thoughts with you for the surgery. xx

    1. I don't have any problems that many others have had but it seem every other day something was really going wrong.

  7. Lattice that is some title it sounds like a programme on social migration practices. Hope you get it sorted, sending hugs from a wet windy Yorkshire.

  8. From the doggies to you, hope everyone gets better.
    The clouds still look nice.

  9. At least whatever's going on with your eyes hasn't affected your photographic skills. That's a beautiful shot there near the top of the post.

  10. Poor old you Parsnip - you have come out in sympathy with those square ones methinks.
    Take it easy my dear.

    1. I am a loss of words. It all happen in one week

  11. Ugh! I hope your eyes come through well and the healing process will be kind.

    1. I despise having my eyes touched yuck !
      Thanks for the kind words

  12. Wow, what a rough week. I had the same experience with the vitreous gel. Like having an electric storm in my peripheral vision. The first eye doc said my retina was detached, but thank goodness, he was wrong. It's been a decade or more since it happened, and it did eventually go away by itself. Every once in a while, I'll see a transient flash, but now that I know what it is, it doesn't bother me. Hopefully, the other retina will be an be an easy fix. Any time a doc mentions a "shadow", I get a little nervous, but I'm sending positive thoughts your way. You and your adorable pooches get well soon.

    1. The Boys are living the life of splendor. I am the one who running around crazy

  13. Oh parsnip! What a start to a weekend. Look after yourself and the Square Ones, and that sunset is surreal! What astonishing colours.

    1. Arizona has the best sunrises and sunsets. Just point and click

  14. Holy Moly!
    «Louis» is pulling for you!!!!!
    (He especially empathizes with you as he spent most of Monday at the Ophthalmologist undergoing similar tests...)
    Yes, YERT!

  15. oh my word! i am so sorry to be here late and even more sorry for all the problems in your world honey. will send you many virtual hugs all day long!!!

    hus, bee