Monday, February 25, 2013

parley view parsnip... week in review

A few photos from last week...

This is the most comfortable chair ever, from IKEA and has it be at lest 20+ years old.
My little lady Scottie Kirby, loved this chair and until she was so sick that she couldn't walk let alone jump up, this was her chair to curl up in.
Watson who was her companion has now taken over the chair.

Watson loves to read.

Blogging friend "Numinosity" an artist who lives in Bisbee, Arizona and Alaska, found this completely destroyed book on one of her travels.
 Even though it was ripped and taped she had to buy it and send it to The Square Ones.
Thank You ! we are so happy you thought of us.

The artist had to have Scotties because these drawing are excately
what they look like and the trouble they get into !
The sweet drawing on the left is what Watson looked liked when he was a tiny puppy
 that I held in my hand.

ummmmmmm this is defently thehamish.
When he was a puppy,  he was always running under sofa, beds and the coffee table.
As he grew up, I thought he would have brain damage from all the times he smacked his head, not remembering he couldn't run full speed and still fit under the furniture !
I truly think sometimes all his problems can be traced back to this.
yert !

Here are a few photos from Thursday, the day after our big snow storm.

thehamish looking noble next to the snow Scottie
that Watson made for him.

oh nooooooooes it is mealting

and here is what is left of the last little bit of snow.
oh woe is thehamish
he has a broken heart
yert !

Wonderful blogging friend Empress Bee, put up on her blog her low caliore remake
of a Southern dish of slow cooked green beans with ham.
She has all her low calorie re-makes on her side bar.
I always eat my green beans lightly cooked, almost raw.
But I had this dish once a very long time ago and remembered it was very tasty.
On the Wednesday when it snowed and very cold for Tucson,
I made this for dinner and it was so good.
I use a small piece of Canadian Bacon I had on hand in the freezer.
Yeahaw ! Thanks Bee this was so good

sad,  parsnip
music. . . How Can You Mend A Broken Heart,  The Bee Gees
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  1. Sir Poops and Hair Ball love to read, too. Beautiful view from your patio.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. So cute seeing the doggie reading the book!

  3. I can see why Watson would like that chair!

    And such a grand view!

  4. Your dogs are adorable. This is definitely one of the most unique style blogs I've come across. If you get a chance, check out my own budget travel blog. Thanks for your writing! :)

  5. I love the snow Scottie!

    What a stunning view you have of those snow covered mountains. Beautiful.

  6. glad you liked the beans, southerners cook them to death i know but that's how i like them!

    the doggies are so adorable! yert!

    hugs, bee

  7. Too cute. Love the book, the sculpture and the lovely photo of your view but green beans-eh. :)

  8. Wow, Watson is so snow talented - nice likeness!

  9. Scotties always have a knack of looking guilty do they not?

  10. I used to read that book to both my kids, they loved it! I'd forgotten it until you posted your photo :)