Monday, February 11, 2013

parley view parsnip... flowers and gud duggies

Yes, I broke down and bought a mixed bouquet of flowers at the grocery store.
I usually have a a vase of flowers on my kitchen counter.
The market near me does not have a good selection. The flower are put together with no idea what goes with what.. everything  mixed together with no understanding of flowers.
But I wanted some flowers so I bought a mixed bouquet and hoped for the best.
I should have know better.

I was not happy but after some of the flower died, I was left with the ones I liked.
I don't know what this flower is but cut down and set in a small glass cup by my kitchen sink
 I think it very pretty.

Winters storm blowing in, snow/rain falling in the foothills.

I think it is snow but it is raining at the house.

Friends dropped by with the most lovely white roses

And now for thehamish. After 6 weeks the ears are getting better.
We still have another week of treatment and then we get to cross fingers and hope for the best.

yesh ! it is me thehamish
they say i have bad ears but i think they are gud.
they hurt and i not feeling gud but i liken' my ears.
nice lady who baths us and cuts my hair left the hair on my gud ears reallylong now it is even longer
they feel like flags in the wind and thats gud
mum is laughin' at them but i am thinkin' they are pretty
plus never tell anyone but i gots more chkikin' strips

My gud old dug Watson sitting under my work table.
I luve him !

raining. . . parsnip
music. . .  Below My Feet,  Mumford and Sons
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  1. pretty flowers and pretty ears!

    smiles, bee


    1. hahahahaha.... but sometimes those pretty ears sorta don't hear when Mum is tell him to not be so naughty.

  2. Lovely flowers, and quite a view!

    The boys are looking eccentric!

    1. Yes !
      They rather like being called eccentric !

  3. Hello Gayle:
    It is equally difficult to find flowers here which are not being sold in some rather ghastly combination. A further problem is that they are never conditioned, often sold in the market out of water, and so seldom last more than a day or two.

    Hamish is clearly very perky!

    1. One market I go to has a lovely selection but I don't always go there.
      When my son was living with me he would usually pick up flowers for me. It was much appreciated.

  4. I love the flowers, the backyard and, of course, those cute ears.

  5. That flower is gorgeous but not as gorgeous as those ears!

  6. Nice view of the mountains. Hamish I'm glad your ears are improving. We love Watson too.

  7. You have a beautiful home, Gayle. And the Square Ones are beautiful, too!