Friday, April 20, 2012

Square Dog Friday...

Best day of the week,  according to somebody....
so lets woof it !

hey, youwatson whats ish this.
Well Hamish, I think nice tall person, mollybot is building something for Mum.

Personally I am hoping it is a corral to keep you in, Hamish.

whoooooo, nice gud place for me? all fore gud dug hamish ! woohoo!
hey! whot you say a corral ?

water drops on cactus pads

I hope these photo can magnify enough to show you the droplets.
I love the delicate water drop enveloping the very small but so sharp and stinging needles of this cactus.

So happy I'm inside resting in my basket.
I rather like the idea of a corral for The Hamish !

argh so much boareing!
i'm dieinghere, more gud dug hamish no stnking cactus
need chkikin' strip
yert !

cactus. . . parsnip
music. . . Runaway Baby,  Bruno Mars
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  1. Like tiny pearl drops.
    The cacti - not the boys:)

    1. I took the photo at noon so it was bright and the droplets glowed.

  2. The cacti are beautiful, but the Square Ones still manage to steal the show!

  3. Hmm, that looks intriguing. I wonder what it will be? Love the water drops on the cactus.
    I'm imagining Hamish's voice to be rather like Sean Connery's.

  4. yee haw friday!!! LOVE those square boys!

    watson, hamish would love to stay in the corral for a long time!

    hamish, guddogstayinhamishcorralgetchickenstripyertgudboyyert!

    smiles, bee

  5. Hello Gayle:
    How those two dogs of yours steal the limelight!! Wonderful. As too are your images of the water drops on the cactus plant.

    Kellemes hétvégét!

    1. They are hoping for more blog time as always

  6. Those two are priceless!

    I think the corrall will come in very handy!

    1. You would think it would be helpful but not so much.

  7. I hate to put any pressure on you, but Friday wouldn't be Friday without this now. Not boareing at all!

    And yes, wow to the water droplets and you did magnify enough.

    1. I though of letting them have this blog but then who would read my new one ? We know who gets the most attention around here.
      As for Hamish I write what I hear.

  8. A corral for the Hamish? I can't imagine anything being able to contain him for long!

    The droplets on the cactus are gorgeous, good capture.

  9. The pictures of the cactus’s are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Who ever took them did a great job. thanks for the beauty.