Sunday, April 15, 2012

parley view parsnip... what happened this weekend.

It is spring in Tucson.
Cactus are blooming !

I see this beautiful cactus every time I drive down my street.
I think this is a Leding's Hedgehog.

All my Prickly Pear has gone crazy this year.

This one pad has 26 blooms.

All the pads are loaded with blooms and new pads.

The blooms are so delicately beautiful, the petals are tissue paper thin.

Such beauty that can rival any rose.
Plus the needles that are modified leaves, are sharper than a roses thorns. 

Can you find the real bunny who came for carrots and tea ?

Hamish  keeps trying to mush his way into the basket when Watson is napping.
I try to keep him out but Sunday morning he wiggled in before I could stop him.

It is hard to say no when he nestles in so sweetly. 

Watson is such a sweet dog with a gentle soul.
I can never get a true photo of him but this one comes close.
I love this dog.

carrot. . . parsnip
music. . . Freeway of Love,  Aretha Fraklin
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  1. Hello Gayle:
    What a very exotic landscape surrounds your home. It looks so very different from anything that we are used to and the shapes of the Cacti are absolutely magical. With the advent of spring and the appearance of flowers on these succulents, the whole desert must seem to come alive!

    Watson's gentle soul shines out from those adorable eyes. Deep brown pools of love!!!

    1. I grew up in Tucson so this all feels like "home" to me. I love the wide open spaces, big sky filled with clouds and all the critters that live around me.
      That said I do miss my lush tropical garden I had in Laguna Beach.

      Watson is so sweet.

  2. Hamish is singing:
    'It's not the pale moon that excites me, that thrills and delights me - On no! It's just the nearness of you.':)

    1. I swear you can hear him singing this song... I will be singing it all day in my mind !
      When I read you comment I almost choked on my coffee... your so funny.

  3. oh gosh the desert is marvelous isn't it? i was lucky enough to live in southern arizona many many years ago and just loved it!

    hamish is a doll and so sweet to hamish. hamish is such fun melaybyhamishmegetinbaskettooyert!

    smiles, bee

    1. Watson knows you love him too but sometimes he just like some attention too as thehamish likes to hog it all.

  4. Same thing is happening up here. I took a shot of my friend's cactus flowers, they are insane. Perhaps I'll put it up later this week.
    The bunnies are hilarious :)

    1. Those cactus are in front of my home and bloom like crazy but this year they are so loaded with blooms !

  5. I wonder whether that rabbit (the one at the back) recognises the stone effigies of him/herself? I love those square black dogs too.

    1. I wonder that too.
      I think that when I put the bunnies out there I gave the feeling that all bunnies are welcome. But they mostly ignore them.

  6. Glad you had a laugh and hope you didn't spatter the computer:)

    1. I did have a good laugh ... you are so funny !

  7. I like cactus, and adore these beautiful bright flowers. Have to laugh at the little lads who look as if they are just about to topple out of that basket!

  8. I wonder if my cats would like a cactus of their own?

  9. Cacti are amazing plants, aren't they?

    I passed by a place with a garden yesterday that had a rabbit statue in it. I had to look twice to see it wasn't the real thing.

    And both of those two wonderful dogs have such character in their faces....

  10. Those bunnies crack me up. It is spring after all and they're looking for a date.