Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday in Japan

My Wednesday post about my life in Japan...
The beautiful Osaka Aquarium Kauyukan.
When entering, you take a escalator up eight floors and then wind your way down around the huge tank the fills most of the inside of the building. On the outside of the walkway there are habitats of the 15 regions that make up "The Ring Of Fire"

The building tile mosaic is spectacular.

Outstanding signage.

You enter the Aquarium through the Aqua Gate.
I was mesmerized as the Stingrays floated by.

The Whale Shark, beside being quite fabulous, is one of the mascot of the Aquarium. Yu Chan is so beautiful that I could have spent my whole time sitting there and just watched her swim. All the friends who swam under and around were so funny . This photo only showed one but the other side had about ten fish of various sizes and shapes hugging her and gliding along with every move.

The Beluga Wale sign.

Yu Chan.

The extremely popular puffer fish is also a mascot.

along with the Sun Fish.

Another fantastic hallway.

Yu Chan gliding towards me.

An Amusement Park is part of the complex.

Bought at the gift shop is a fabulous designed box of small bite sized cream puff cookies, filled with chocolate.

awwwwwww what a darling back of the box.

What a fun and well designed package.

Photos by mollybot and sleepytako.

swimming . . . parsnip
music. . . Sailing, Christopher Cross, Cafe Carlyle Sessions
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  1. Now that's an aquarium! Thanks for the pics!

  2. lovely! i have only been to two aquariums, the national one in baltimore and the one at disney world. both were amazing.

    smiles, bee

  3. I went to a splendid one in Vancouver - before I had a digital camera. Those are lovely shots.

  4. I love a well designed package, especially one filled with dessert :)
    My daughter always wants to visit the Aquarium in whatever city we happen to be visiting. I get sad and want them all to be free in the ocean. It's the same with zoos.

  5. That aquarium reminded me of the one we visited in Boston Ma. some years ago - you really felt as though you were among the fish.

  6. Wow, makes me want to get on a plane.