Friday, October 7, 2011

Guten Tag Waldi....

Watson and Hamish want to introduce their new cousin Waldi.
Daughter and friend adopted this beautiful four year old long hair Dachshund from the SPCA. This little guy was abused in his former life but is now living his new life in the lap of luxury. He has some major problems and there is a possibly of him losing one of his beautiful eyes but even with all his dreadful history, he is the sweetest little (13 pounds) pup ever.
The close-up is of a drawing she drew on the announcement card that was sent out. Waldi is named after the mascot from the 1972 Munich Olympic.

Nap time after playing with The Square Ones... who knew the poof pillow I bought four years ago would be such a perfect match.

From my back yard a small Barrel Cactus with a bloom that is almost the same size as the cactus is.
The flowers are so delicate compared to the prickly, stabbing, painful spikes of the cactus they sit on top of.
Don't you think the bloom looks like several of the hats that seem to be perched precariously on the heads of some of the guests at the wedding of Prince William and Kate ?

woof. . . parsnip
music. . . Open Promise, John Hackett

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  1. I commend your daughter and her friend.

  2. Awww, Waldi's cute!

    Cactus... not so cute!

  3. waldi is adorable and yes, the flowers look like those hats, only better! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  4. Yes, Waldi looks a star already!

  5. Had to laugh, at first glance I thought the brown pillow was a dog too. "Weird looking creature," I thought...... :)

  6. What a little sweetie Waldi is. Hope the eye can be saved. In any case he landed in the right home it seems. Even with cousins to play with! I like the flower too and your idea of it as a hat for the British royals.

  7. My heart is warmed with Waldi's rescue! Sweet sweet baby. :)

  8. Long haired Dacs are so appealing. Hope the boys are not jealous. Daughter has inherited your talent.

  9. Waldi's adorable!

    We had a daschund--a shorthaired one--who died years ago. She was incredibly smart.

  10. Waldi is beautiful. Well done to daughter and friend for wanting to turn his life around. I hope the eye can be saved!

    Does Waldi understand about cactii?

  11. Thank you everyone for your kind Waldi comments. I will post as doctors report come in. He is indeed one lucky dog because of health issues many people would have passed him over. Daughter really wanted to adopt an older dog that no one wanted.

    cheers, parsnip

  12. Bless - next to me now is Freida, an older bitch ......a bit like me eh? Loved this - xxxxxx

  13. Isn't he just the cutest thing?!

    I read of your trouble with birds crashing into your windows (over at Pat's). Have you considered taping the cut-out of a predatory bird on your window for a while? A hawk or something? :-) The City of Minneapolis has used those on their skyways downtown and it helped dramatically!